Sunday, December 3, 2006

My Own Made Henna designs -2

Being in India is Just great sometimes. To attend functions, meet nice people and celebrate each joy of us with the people we like to be with . Well, I think there is much more can be written about that , but today I am here to share the Mehandi designs I made recently.
I made these designs just 2 days ago . I am so much fond of making henna designs that sometimes I Catch anyone from around , and start filling her hand with my new ideas of mehandi Designing :)
Recently I had to attend a function and what can be better than to get a chance to make henna design on my own hand. I did it on my left hand (both sides) . Since many of my blog buddies are also intresten in this art, I am presenting here the designs I made . :) This is what I made on the back side of my hand . It Happened so that when I fineshed designing on the front side, the henna cone has started creating some problems with its smooth flow :( , but I was not the one to gave up so easily, so I also kept trying with care, and the a battle between my tries and flow of cone was continued till the ends :) .Finally I came to finish it :D. well, I hope if cone might have been smooth with its flow then I could have made better design. :)

This is what i made to my Sister's hand few days back. She is so nice to allow me to do so anytime I wish to do :) .

This is specially for all those buddies who had shown interest in this art of henna making. Hope you will enjoy this. See you all tomorrow with Okra - Vegetable of the Week . :) Stay tuned ...

(P.S. Some of my blog buddies have requested to show the process of making cone. As cone of good quality is noramlly easily available here these days , I don't prepare it at home. But for you Some other time I will try to show that process step by step to you, though I have never gone to any classes for learning this art of art of making cones or henna designing, but I know how to make it. )


Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,

These designs are so beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

The designs look very beautiful Pooja, I would be glad to lend my hand to you too :-). Other than the color the one other thing that hooks me to mehendi is the wonderful smell it has :-)

rooma said...

wah pooja ben..... too good.... you are sure one bondle of talent. :)

Pooja said...

Sangeeta : It feels so good when some one appreciate the effor to make such design , that too when my cone gave up supporting me :D . Thanks !

Priya: I you would have been somewhere around me dear , then surely by this time your turn might come :) .... I also loves its fragrance , and color too : )
Stay Tuned!

Rooma Ben : Hu haji etli moti to nathi ke tamare mane ben kahi ne bolavavi pade :P . thanks for your nice words ! Going to make corn soup with your recipe today :) .keep blogging !

Vcuisine said...

Pooja, you are really creative. The designs are very nice. Nice presentation. Feel like visiting Pune for this :). Have a good day. Viji

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Hi pooja..first time here..I liked all your mahandi designs..I too like mahandi a lot on your hand with is very beautiful.And you have got good collection of recipes.Thanks for sharing them all...I will visit again....happy blogging

Mehak said...

WOW...aap toh multi-talented hai...creative pooja....kya apt blog url hai...sahi...

Pooja said...

Viji : thanks for appreciating my Henna art : ) , Pune is waiting for you dear :D, do drop by here sometime , and I will feel all your hand with nice designs all over. 

Meena : Thanks for dropping by my blog ! keep on visiting, there are much more reciepes to come every week with different vegetables. : )

Mahek : thanks for your nice words for my talent :) .


Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,the henna designs are so beautiful!and to think that you never went to any classes for that!Do you also paint?If not,then why not start painting?You have so much art in you.Thanks for sharing your asrt with us,dear.

Hmm,veggie of the week is Okra...must see what I can come up with.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,

Wonderful,excellent dear. Oh !What a beautiful desings + the outcome was really fantastic.

I couldn't believe that you drew yourself this well with out any attending any classes.

Last but not least, i was suprised to see same design of gold ring on your fingure(twohearts tight up right?, which even i'm wearing.Actually it was my hubby'sgift for 1st anniversary(last year).

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Pooja, you are a great Henna artist:)) Looks fabulous. Must take lot of your time to do that, but it's worth it:)

Sorry that blogger gave you trouble. I will send 'Bhindi' recipe later.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,
such wonderful designs, it's tempting me, miss all those events here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,
such wonderful designs, it's tempting me, miss all those events here.

Trupti said...

This is beautiful work Pooja...I miss putting on Henna here....but maybe someday you can do my hand!


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja
I am visiting ur site for the past 2 days and i absolutely love ur mehendi designs.will be looking forward for more designs.


Anonymous said...

Pooja, i love mehandhi art. I have always tried it on my own hand. Great designs and thanks a lot. I shall try any one of these and send a pic to you.

Krithika said...

Very impressive ! looks very professional.

Pooja said...


Vini :
Till today, I think I am not much good at painting, still, if you say, I will give it a try, and if it will come out well, may be I will show it here some time. When I Was in my school, I have seen my sisters doing henna designing and painting so well, that I thought I never can be like them. Its only after their marriage I Gave it a try, as I don’t had any option for designing my hand: P that time, and at I find that I also can do it nicely! May be by your encouraging word next I will try my hand on painting. : )) . Well, My sisters say I am good at poetry, and writing. (But I am much introvert to share my thoughts in the form of poetry to anyone till now.)
See if u really can participate with okra to spread your whirl of aroma here. : ) . I am also waiting to see what dish you will cook up with Okra . Thanks for being there in this idea too!

Usha :
Thanks dear ! I am too lazy from the start to attend any classes for anything. In my life I have not attended any classes other than my regular school classes(though I Was very regular and sincere wit those classes :D ) . So to go to any other classes is outta my imagination till date : )) .
The ring I am wearing is gmy engagement ring from hubby : ) , but I think there is little difference in yours and min, I have just one heart in it. May be if u wish I will send u a clear pic of that. I am glad tht we have something in common :P .

Asha :
Thanks for always being there with me. Yes, it took much time to design it, but finally it is worth. Well, don’t bother with blog problems, it happens sometimes, though I Never give up with that :)) . Have got your past entry for Bhindi –toamto sambhar. Thanks for participating.

Laxmi :
Even We are goin to migrate to US of A in some time. I know that I am gonna miss these all there. Perhaps that’s why I am living it fully here.

Trupti :
Believe me if I will be given choice to choose anyone to design mehandi, you will be the first one among all . : )

Swapna : I am creative , coz all of you are there to encourage me & appreciate my creativity. Thanks for believing that I am creative : )

Mythreyee : sure, try any one of this, and will wait to see your picture.

Krithika : thanks ! though I don’t do it professionally, just I do it coz I love to do it.

Thank you all for appreciating my work .

Anonymous said...

u and your sister have beautiful hands. !!!

Pooja said...

thanks dear Revathi .

Anonymous said...

WOW Pooja....I love your Mehandi designs, even I m very much into this art but not as good and creative as you are.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Pooja said...

Hi Nidhi,
would like to see your mehandi designs too sometime.
thanks for dropping by.
keep me updated with your chef's status.

Sumitha said...

I dont know whether your hand is more beautiful or the mehndi design:)

Pooja said...

Hi Sumitha,
I have never got such a nice comment , and that too for my hand ! thanks dear , you make me feel beautiful . will soon post some more design for you ! hope you will like it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,
Wow, Lovely designs! You are so creative.

My daughter (6 yrs old) is so much interested in getting meganthi put on her little hands. So I used a store bought cone and drew few patterns (by using some ideas from your site and 2 other sites) which made her feel so happy & smiley! : )

When I heard her compliments towards them, I felt happy & that she made my day. But still the one question I had is hers didn't show this much color (like yours) and is more of an orange shade. Any tips?! She kept the designs on her hands for about 4-5 hours patiently. Any suggestions to make them come out on bright (red) color would be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

Pooja said...

Hi there,
your comment appear to me as anonymous so i sont have option to address you , my request is to just indentify yourself to me, I will be more than pleased. I am happy to know that my design are helping you to make your daughter happy. let me know where do u stay , i mean in India or Abroad, that way i can guide you more for henna. and with the easiest way to improve its color.

Supree said...

Hi Pooja,
First of all, thanks for addressing my comments. I wanted to tell you something here. I didn't mean to hide my name or anything in that line. Since it's the first time I ever posting a comment on a blogspot, I wasn't sure what to select... as the first option was Blogger and for the second option I thought I should enter my web page which I don't have. That's the reason I picked option 3 that is Anonymous! : ) Hope you understand.

Anyway, to answer to your question, I live in US. Yes, your site & the design ideas I got from here absolutely made my daughter very Happy. : ) Once again your patterns are Superb. You are truely a gifted person. Regards, Supree.

Pooja said...

Hi Supree ,
thanks for your reply.
Since these days, readymade cone have all good ingredients that helps to get good color,I would like to suggest that after you remove the henna from hand, just take care to do not get in touch with suggestion is to put henna at some evening time , then keep it for 3-4 hours, and before sleeping remove it. this way hand will automatically be away from water or anything else. i think by that time of morning the color should be improved.
there are many other options too, to improve color.but i guess this will too much to write here. you can always drom me email for further queries . I will reply to that.
love to your daughter. :)

TBC said...

Hi Pooja,
It'smy first time here. You have a great food blog & you are very creative!( just like the name of ur blog). Your henna designs look so good. Are you a pro?

Pooja said...

thanks for appreciating my art.:) .
Welcome to my blog world !
i do not make henna designing professionaly ,though all around me says i should :). Just like to make it occassionally on my hand and on some friends and people around too , do u need any help with pro henna designer?
hope you will keep visiting the blog for more designs and recipes...
take care,

remya said...

wow!!amazing pooja...really i dont have words to appreciate.great work!!!!! designs are fabulous... This is my first visist to ur place...u hav a beautiful food blog also.i love mehendi.i used to put before my marriage.nw no chance ,as im here.keep it up....

remya said...

wow!!amazing pooja...really i dont have words to appreciate.great work!!!!! designs are fabulous... This is my first visist to ur place...u hav a beautiful food blog also.i love mehendi.i used to put before my marriage.nw no chance ,as im here.keep it up....

Sonal said...

Hi Puja,
Ur mahendi design are absolutely fine. I love it...!!! I appreciate ur creative ideas as I love mahendi too.
I have come to know abt ur blog through spicecafe--Coffee. Ur blog is very helpful and different with mahendi designs...:-)
keep it up Puja.

Pooja said...

thank you . I will keep it posted it for all my mahendi design lovers :)

Thank you. iam glad that you liked all my mahendi designs :) . Keep coming , there is more in store for you . You don't have blog , right ? I tried to visit yours by clicking on your name here and it says you don't have blog. Keep in touch buddy :) , glad to hear from you .

Sonu said...

Hey Pooja,

it's very nice to hear ur reply. yeah...I don't have created any blog itself as I am new comer in blogger world. but I would love to learn to recipes from your blog as well as others. I really love ur mahendi desings and most important is u can create without any formal classes. tht's gud buddy. u r versatile person...!!! :-)
I sure keep visit to ur blog. just inform me if u publish new mahendi desing.
bye. tc.
Sonal (Sonu).

Jess said...

Hi Pooja,

Your designs sure are creative! =D ...I understand tt henna stains according to the body heat and chemistry, but m just curious on how you got tt wonderful red colour... kindly enlighten me! Thx loads =D

Pooja said...

Jess ,
Thank you for your appreciation.
I just checked your blog and there is nothing on there. I think you are doing henna design professionally ,Is that true ?
Just wondered how come you dont know some basics to bring out nice color of henna.
BTW, the key point in bringing out nice dark red/ maroon color is to keep it away from water once you remove the dried henna from your hand/legs .
I normally keep it on my/others hand until it gets completely dry . Then I suggest to remove that and just wipe your hand with dry towel . keep it away from water for next 24 hours or as much as possible. This the point when it helps to bring out the darker shade of it.

Use gloves on hand, if you got to so some work with that. and you are all done :) .
Hope this tip will help you in your professional work as well.

Jess said...

Hi Pooja,

Yes I am doing henna designs for people. I was in the process of setting up my blog when I chanced on yours. ;)

So far,all of my designs have turned out into a nice dark shade as I have been following the same thing for years. However it has only been dark maroon or brown, and has never turned out into that red colour that can be seen from your 3rd design on the Sunday, December 03, 2006 post.

So I was only curious about that red colour and was wondering whether you leave it on for a specific period of time or maybe add something in the henna mixture to obtain it =).

Thanks again and take care! ;)

Pooja said...

Jess ,
That is even more simple than you thought .
I just wait till I get the desired shade of color then , I just keep doing my usual stuffs as normal.
Normally when i remove henna it is in the red or even dark orange shade , which turn out to be darks with few hours. once you get it in red/ maroon shade you like, just stop keeping it away from water. As keeping it away from water allows it to turn into dark and darker shades.
Hope this is now fine with you :D.

Pooja said...

Phew.... forgot to add that the original oil of eucalyptus help to bring out the darker shade. Add just a drop of it to Henna while soaking it. That bring out nice maroon shade.I used to do it earlier. As I always liked Maroon shade better than dark brown or sometimes even close to black.
One more thing final henna color varies from person to person too.

Although all of these are done when I was in India. I had a good brand of Mahendi cone available there , which were normally running flawless and giving nice color for me at least. So I avoided the mess of creating Mahendi cones at home :D.

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