Monday, December 11, 2006

Aloo Ki Sukhi Bhaji.

This is called Suki Bhaji in Gujarati. One of the most favorite foods to carry along while traveling .It is mostly accompanied by thepla or paratha. My sister was traveling from my place today. So I prepared this for her to carry along. This was accompanied by round paratha. Also we had the same for our dinner menu tonight. It tastes best when accompanied with curd. :)


4 medium sized Potato boiled and peeled
Garlic crushed 1 tsp
Ginger a little bit only ,
2-3 Green chilies chopped finely,
1 tomato chopped finely,
1 onion chopped finely.
½ tsp turmeric powder,
Cumin seeds,
½ tsp sugar,
1 tsp lemon juice
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves to garnish.

Boil potatoes until they are totally soft, and peel them. Either cut them into small pieces or roughly mash it.
In a kadhai or pan heat 1 tsp oil, add cumin seeds, when they start spluttering, add chopped green chili and then add chopped onion. Let it cook for a while, and the add tomato. Cook this until tomato is cooked and form little gravy, the add crushed Ginger, Garlic paste turmeric powder to it, add salt and mix well. Finally add mashed potato and mix all the material well cook it for a while and add sugar to it again mix well and turn off the heat. Before sprinkle lemon juice on it, and mix again. Aloo ki Sukhi bhaji is ready.

This quick and tasty dish is all time favorite at our home, so not just at the time of traveling; we had this other times also, especially when we run out of time to prepare meal. :D . I have often seen it to be made with little more oil added to it at the time of preparing and that too even tastes more delicious, as it’s always in my mind to minimize use of oil, I make it this way only. If it suits you can try it with little more oil too. : )


Mehak said...

ohh Hubby & Me absolutely love Aloo Bhaji...with you said when one is busy or tired to prepare a proper meal..this is the best n quick veg to prepare...

Vcuisine said...

Well said Pooja, Even it goes well with puris i think. have a good day. Viji

Anonymous said...

I love Suki Bhaji! especially with tikhi puris..I dont use onion though, I'll try your version. I am going to mail you myt potato recipe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,

Its was like a festival when visted your blog with lovely and colourful pictures of aloo receipes..
As Viji says, it goes well with poori too...

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy,in fact I made this yesterday with chapatis too!:))

Good one.

Anonymous said...

hi pooja

the pictures are so nice...looking so yummy....

Priya S&S said...

pooja I have posted my entry for this event.

Alu palak -

Anonymous said...

Looks great!
So you celebrate one vegetable each week? Great idea!

Pooja said...

Mahek : thanks for being there!
Trupti ,Viji ,Usha : yes, it goes very well with poori too , and that is what the most common way we had it in our childhood days, now just to avoid excess of Oil i make it with eother thepla, or parathas. :)

Asha : let me see your version too some time. and let me check if i can improve it more. :)

Priya : i am so glad to recieve entry from you . thanks for that.

Rp: yes, it is the 4th week with veggie. each week new vegetable i choose to celebrae with . you can aslo suggest something for that.
thanks for dropping by.


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