Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Second day entries for Okra- vegetable of the Week

First Entry for today is from Sangeeta, from Ghar Ka Khana. She came up with a totally new Idea - Okra bhujiya. Lovely pictures and nice presentations. Perhaps she was not aware of this event, but I cant restrict myself to tell her about vegetable of the week , after going throught her never seen idea. So nice of Sangeeta that , she willingly participated immediately after she come to know this. And here we have got a good dish to prepare with okra. :) .Thank you Sangeeta for your Participation .

Swapna Of Tastes of my Kitchen is again with us, in this third week of vegetable. She has prepared a nice Bhindi Rasam . Swapna is also showing us the way we can prepare Rasam Powder for this at home. :) .Thank you Swapna for your timely presentation and efforts to publish it in this week. :)

(Request : I will appreciate , if all of you who are participating here can send me a picture in email along with your recipe/URL. That will catch attention to your recipe. This Idea was suggested by Asha, as she said in Email - " it's more attractive for people to peek in if they can see what the dish looks like" , and indeed I find it helpful to catch attention of blog readers. Thank you Asha for your valuable suggestion :) )

Just Came to Know from her blog that Asha is celebrating her 20th wedding Anniversary tomorrow. (Here is a prize from me for your peaceful 20 years. :) A perfect award on your 20th anniversary . If you wish copy it into yours, will suit your years from 1986-2006 too :D . )

Here is something specially for you Asha. :)

Wishing congratulations to a wonderful couple , and many many good years together ahead .


Anonymous said...

Thank you Pooja! I got a comment on the Okra dish testerday.I know it's because of the photo.

I will check out these dishes,I love Okras.

Anonymous said...

Hai pooja

thanks for dropping a comment on my bhindi rasam.and sure this time i will attach the picture of the recipe....nice suggestion by asha...

Anonymous said...

Thank you darling Pooja! I will attach with my post.Your thoughtfulness is overwhelming me.Thanks for the lovely card too:))

seema said...

Pooja finally i am able to comment today.I just wanted to ask you 2 things pooja.I hope i am not late for this pooja,I made okra kurma yesterday and would like to pass it on for this week.One more doubt pooja.Where can i find your email id ?
Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Pooja!

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