Saturday, December 9, 2006

Sonhari Bhindi(Golden Okra)

Few days ago I had this starter dish when we went out for dinner one night, and I liked it so much that I couldn’t forget it anytime. It was the right time now to prepare it to share with all of you here. This simple and crispy starter is easy to make, and one of the quickest and tasty dish I ever came across. :) .

Ingredients :
10-12 small sized Okra ,
1 Capsicum ,
1 Tomato,
1 Piece of cucumber.
1 tsp oil,
Salt as per taste,
Chat masala(as required)


Wash the Okra, Cut long strips of the outer green skin only.
Cut the lady's finger into two, to cut it easily..Cut the vegetable so as to leave behind the seeds.Cut capsicum in the same pattern; try to cut them in thin strips.
Cut tomato in to ling strips, and cucumber the same way .
Take some water in a bowl and mix in sugar with it. Dip each cucumber piece into it , and let it be the same way for 10 minutes, this will give ligt sweet taste to cucumber.

Now when all is done, put some oil on flat pan and roast it by spreading little oil on pan.
First roast capsicum, cook it until it is brown and crispy.
Do the same with Okra until it turns crispy and brown in color.
See that it remains crispy, but doesn't burn.

The same you can do by deep frying okra and capsicum , to avoid access of oil , I choose to roast it with little oil on flat pan.
Then serve in a plate with salt and chat masala sprinkled on it. Serve With hot soup as starter. I had it with veg clear soup. :) . Not much spicy and healthy too. :D.

I kept it calling by its real name -"Sonhari Bhindi", perhaps as okra turn golden in the process, it might be called this way :) . Just not taste , I like its Name too very much. :)) .


Vcuisine said...

As usual Pooja, Nice presentation. :) Something new for us. Viji

Anonymous said...

Bhindi Chaat sounds great!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely way to serve okra !! Whats ur next veggie of the week ???

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,

Thanks for sharing the receipe with us, its really something different dear....

Pooja said...

thank you all.
still havent decided veggie for next week as not feeling much well yet.I have got trouble with tonsil infection too. :(
but I am going to celebrate it in the coming week too for sure. All your suggestions for that are welcome.
let me see what I can get fresh here. will publish it , as soon as i decide for this. thanks for being there.

Anonymous said...

The bhindi starter made my mouth water,i love bhindi,but its hard to get in Oz except for the frozen packets frm India.Will surely try this.

Pooja said...

Sunila , welcome to my blog :) . thanks for dropping by here and for your nice words too . !:)

Anonymous said...

wow pooja:
this is a beautiful presentation and i loved the way u chopped the okras lenghthwise....nice nice

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,great bhindi recipe masala,eh?You are making my mouth water right now as I write this!!seems too good to pass.Will try this one for sure.

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