Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Sukhadee-My Second Entry to Jihva For Jaggery

My Second entry for FAHC to VKN of MyDhaba. :) .For
You Can Cook- authentic traditional home cooking recipes .

Sukhadee is a very popular Gujarati sweet dish. A quick dish to make and a nice dish for those who loes sweet taste ! Here is the way I make it.

1 cup whole wheat flour .
¾ cup jaggery (gur), cut into small pieces,
1/2 teaspoon cardamom (elaichi) powder
2 tsp crushed almond ,crushed .
5 tablespoons ghee

Melt the ghee in a frying pan and add the wheat flour, stirring continuously till it turns golden brown in colour.
Remove from the flame, and add the jaggery, cardamom powder and crushed almond. Stir well. When the jaggery melts and the mixture is still warm, pour it into the greased thali and spread it evenly.
Cut into pieces while still warm. Store in an air-tight container when cool.

Note :
Make sure to maintain the proportion of jaggery and wheat flour while you make it.
when the wheat flour will start turning golden brown , it will spread agood arome of it, it tis the time whne you have to turn off the heat. if you like you can cok it bit more too, but not less than that.
Adding crushed almond is optional , but adding this will make Sukhadee soft .
Do not add jaggery when the flame is on.

This is my second entry to Kay for Jihva for Jaggery .


Vcuisine said...

So simple Pooja. Feel like preparing now itself. Unfortuntely I am stuck in the office. Thanks for sharing. Viji

Anonymous said...

Oh Pooja! its looking gr8.....feel like wanna take a piece from the plate..taste it...

Heheheh! anyway it is new,let me sure try this.

Anonymous said...

Simple and delicious entry Pooja!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pooja..nice entry for JFI again..I have been wanting to learn this one since a long time(6 yrs) to be precise.thanks for sharing it,dear.:)

Pooja said...

Viji : thanks, have a try on this , when u get free, it doent take much time to prepare. My kinda recipe :D .

Usha : Pick up dear, as many as you want ! :)

Asha, Vini : thought to send thisone only for JFI , then got the idea of trying something new with jaggery and got the idea making methi kadhi . though couldnt resist preparing it for JFI. :)) . Vini, i am happy that you get this recipe atleast now. :)


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