Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Wishing A Merry Christmas to all my lovely and warm Blog buddies.
May the Love, Peace, and Joy of Christmas be yours always.

In western contries, Christmas is a time for Families, Fun, and Festivities! A time of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time for Santa, stars, and singing carolers. A time for ornaments, gifts, and twinkling lights. Of sleigh rides, hot cocoa, and gingerbread cookies :) .

"Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one horse open sleigh"

Something worth Knowing about how this lovely bells get related to this christmas Eve :) I was just wondering to know and I googled out this... :)

"Believe it or not Jingle Bells, one of the most famous American Christmas songs, was originally written for Thanksgiving not Christmas! The author and the composer of Jingle Bells was a minister called James Pierpoint who composed the song in 1857 for children celebrating his Boston Sunday School Thanksgiving. The song was so popular that it was repeated at Christmas, and indeed Jingle Bells has been reprised ever since. The essence of a traditional Christmas is captured in the lyrics of Jingle Bells and the sound effects using the bells have become synonymous with the arrival of Father Christmas or Santa Claus as he is often known, to the delight of children of all ages from all over the world! "

And here is our all time favourite santa to bring lot many gifts
to you all. :D . Modern Santa working on Computer , May be that might help him to check if each gift he sends recieved by all children all over the world or not :)) .

Ever wondered if Santa is really there ? just go throught this , you may find this surprising ... Or get a DVD of Polar Express And have fun with Kids watching the movie, and bring back your faith for santa :) .

Christmas tree:Just this name bring out an image of sparkling lovely and nicely decorated tree. Ever since my childhood I loved watching it, Fortunately I had a christian friend,I remember I kept on asking here so many questions about their religion and festivals. that time I was quite young, and out of curiousity i tried to gather info about this wonderful festival of the world. Today we all have become so global that even we also celebrate each such festival with equal enthusiasm.the lovely posts all my blog buddies posted for this is a proof of that globlization :D . Here is something I searched out about this lovely Christmas trees too, This history I find much intresting to know. So here it is to share with you.

" The Druids in ancient England & Gual and the Romans in Europe both used evergreen branches to decorate their homes and public buildings to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Over the years, these traditions were adopted by Christians, who incorporated them as part of their Christmas holiday celebration.
Trees used specifically to celebrate Christmas are mentioned in the early 1600's in Germany and surrounding countries. The families would set up these trees in a prominent location of their home and decorate them with colored paper, small toys, food, and sometimes candles. As these people moved or immigrated to other countries, they brought this tradition with them.
Through the years many different things were used to decorate Christmas trees. As the world moved into the 1900's, many trees were decorated with strings of popcorn, homemade cards and pictures, cotton to look like snow, candy in all shapes and sizes, and occasionally, fancy store made glass balls and hand blown glass figurines. Candles were sometimes used, but often caused devastating fires, and many different types of candle holders were devised to try to prevent tree fires. Electric tree lights were first used just 3 years after Thomas Edison has his first mass public demonstration of electric lights back in 1879. The early Christmas tree lights were handmade and quite expensive.
Today, Christmas tree ornaments can be found in nearly every size, color, and shape imaginable, and they are used to decorate the millions of Christmas trees used throughout the world.

These are for all my lovely blog buddies and their family with lot of good wishes for this eve and upcoming New year. Take as many as you want :)) . Anything for you .

(P.S. - I regret if I keep any onf you wating for which I was about to do. well, things were not much well this end, and was much busy taking care of hubby dear,he is bit fine now, so I can now spare time for this.From the next Monday get ready to be back with your lovely entries... Vegetable of the next Week , starting from 1st Jan 2007 is -Tomato ... , till then have fun with family andd great holidays ahead... )

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Potato In Green Gravy

One more recipe from me , which is discovered by me, that too just few hours ago:)). I was in little hurry and as it not allowed to eat spicy food these days, I made this simple, quick and healthy recipe with lovely potatoes. For which me and hubby together named " Potato in Green Gravy" , if you have any other suggestion for naming it, you are most welcome, I know that how much enthu we all were to suggest some name at VKN 's Mydhaba, when he asked for some good suggestions for naming his third little baby boy... :D.

Here is my recipe for this quick meal with potato..
Ingredients :
Potatoes ,boiled and peeled
1 cup Coriander leaves,
2 green chilies ,
4-5 Garlic cloves,
3-4 Mint leaves,
Salt to taste,
Mustard seeds,
Cumin seeds ,
A pinch of Asafoetida,
7-8 curry leaves,
1/2 tsp Oil .

Boil potatoes until they are tender and soft. Peel them and cut into medium sized cubes. Keep it aside.
Now wash coriander leaves, roughly chop green chilies . In a grinder - mix coriander leaves, mint leaves, garlic cloves and green chillies together, add little water while grinding. Put this paste on side .
Now in a Kadhai take little oil and add mustard seeds, when they start spluttering add cumin seeds , curry leaves and asafoetida powder to it.Next add the smooth green paste to it. and let it cook for just a minute ,then add potatoes cut in to cubes to it. cook it for a while until the gravy is thick enough, add salt to it .

Potato in Green gravy is ready to serve. Serve hot in these cool days along with Papad, and chapati with little Ghee rolled over it. : )

Fifthday enteries for Potato -Vegetable of the Week

Rinku has sent us a delicious recipe of "Potato Bhaji" to share with us. Rinku was a new member for me last week, and now she is posting reglar recipes each week...:) so nice of you RInku. Thank you Rinku for sharing this with us.

Here are some of my recipes with Potato which i had already published before starting this week...

1. Aloo Methi ( Potato fenugreek curry )
2. Aloo Bhindi (Okra with Potato)
3. PaniPuri (Gol Gappa)
4. Aloo Paratha
5. Undhiyu
6. Nutritious Batata Poha ( Potato with beaten Rice-Nutritious way)

Truely speaking , from the depth of my heart I feel like I have still so many recipes left to try with potato, will soon announce Potato as veggie of the week again, may be the week following next week. Until then stay tuned. Will announce Vegetable of the next week tomorrow. :)

This week is indeed a great fun with lots of recipes to post here submitted by you all ... do let me know , how do u feel with this week's vegetable. I am eager to hear it from you all blog buddies there... :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Ragda Petis

Presenting here today something very famous and "chatpata" for all my blog buddies...
It is famous dish, Ragda Petis (or some call it Ragda patties too . ) is one of my all time favourite ... and as per what I know about most of my buddies here, they are also fond of this kinda food, here is the right time to share my recipe of it with you all loving people around :)

Ingredients For Ragda:
1 cup Dried white peas(Chole)
2 Tomatoes
2 Onion
2Tea spoon Green chili paste
1 Tea spoon Ginger Garlic paste
1/2 Tea spoon Turmeric Powder
1/4 Tea spoon Garam Masala powder
Salt to taste
2 Tablespoon oil
Ingredients for Patis:
4 Boiled potato
1 tsp cumin-coriander powder
2 Teaspoon Lemon Juice
1/2 cup Bread Crumps
Salt to taste
Oil for Frying
For garnishing:
Imli ki chatni
Finely chopped onion
Green Coriander leaves
Method :

For Patis,Boil potatoes in their skin, until soft. I cooked them in pressure cooker for 4-5 minutes .Cool, peel and smash the boiled potato.
add cumin powder ,aamchoor powder ,Green coriander ,Bread Crumps & Salt.
To make the patis, form little balls of it ,and make it little flat by hand, from this mixture .
Put some oil on frying pan and Fry this patis intil they turn golden.
For Ragda ,soak Dried white peas(Chhole) in warm water over night or for 6-7 hours.
After that cook the peas in pressure cooker till it get soft. Mash ¾ of the total peas lightly by mixer.
Chope tomatoes into finely.
Chop the onion finely.
Heat 2-3 tbsps of oil and add the onion.Fry till it turns light brown. Then add Green chili paste , Ginger Garlic paste and Turmeric Powder. Next add tomato and cook it until it forms fine gravy,.Now add boiled and mashed Dried white peas(Chhole) and water . Fry for 2-3 minutes , add Garam Masala powder, coriander leaves and Salt . Finely sprinkle Lemon Juice over it , Ragda is ready to serve with Petis.

Keep patis in serving dish . Add ragda on patis. Then add imli ki chutny, Curd, chopped onion and green coriander.

Fourthday Entries for Potato-Vegetable of the Week.

We have four entries here on fourth day with Potato... :))
Before starting with that let me Congratulate Nidhi of Cooking Made Easy to reach 1st Position in chef's competition. Many many congratulations to you Nidhi from all of us... :)

First entry for today from Asha. Asha is sharing her delicious way to prepare “Pau bhaji” , for which she uses only potato and green peas. Paubhaji is my all time favorite too , Asha .:) Yours looks so Yummy …. , that no one can eat just one…. :)) Thank you Asha for sharing this with us.

Priya Of Akshayapatram is again with me as she promised, with her dazzling entry of “Puff” made with potato and green peas stuffing …. Pictures are breathe taking, have a look at it, and you will fall in love with it. : ) Thanks Priya

Laxmik of Veggie cuisine is sharing here her unique recipe of “Potato-Cauliflower –Lima beans curry “. It looks much delicious ,and simple to make too. : ) Thank you Laxmi for sharing this with us.

Vini is also with us , sharing her “Aloo Palak Masala” .She made a good combination of Baby Potato and spinach . Thank you Vini for participating here with your healthy recipe. :)

Asha and Nidhi (of cooking made easy), if you are reading this, then I just want to tell you that I am not albe to post comment on your blog. I can't get the reason , everytime it says incorrect password. If you or anyone here knows the reason behind this then , please do let me know that.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blogs I Visit

Aloo Matar (Potato Green Peas in tomato gravy)

When I announced Potato as vegetable of the week , I was much excited to prepare tangy & spicy dishes with that,, some how I got throat infection and anything much spicy is strictly No No from doc... :( , so I have to choose some less spicy yet tasty dishes with Potato now.

Aloo matar -One of the most favorite dish with Potato for almost all Indians. Easy to make and great in taste. As winter is in its full form, vegetable shops are full of fresh veggies here. It is perfect time to make Aloo Matar using fresh green peas, instead the frozen one. Frozen peas available here in all the season are also good in quality , still it is impossible to compare it with the fresh one. Just the look of the fresh green peas is enough to tempt me to prepare some dish of it. :)
Here is the way I make Aloo Matar at home .

2-3 Potatoes ,
1/2 cup Peas ,
1 small onion chopped ,
2 Green chilies
3 Tomatoes, chopped finely
2 tsp Coriander-cumin powder,
1/2 Turmeric powder

1/2 tsp Red chili powder ,
1 tbsp Oil ,
Salt To Taste ,
Coriander leaves to garnish

Method :

Peel the potatoes and cut them into medium sized cubes
Boil the potatoes and peas. Mash ¼ part of potato and keep it aside.
Grind onions, chilies with little water to fine paste.
Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and fry till they pop up. Add the ground paste and fry until it is done. Add tomatoes and let it cook until it forms thich gravy. Add the boiled potatoes, peas and one cup of water. Next add salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder & mix well. Cover and cook for few minutes.
Add the mashed potato and cook on slow flame until a thick gravy is formed, finally add Corainder-cumin powder to it and turn of the heat after 1 minute. Garnish with corainder leaves and serve hot with parathas. It goes well with Rice too.

Third day entries for Potato -Vegetable of the Week

First entry is from Swapna of "Tastes from my Kitchen" , she prepared something differet than normal curry with potato. She is presenting here "Potato Rice" . A nice and quick reipe to preapre with potato. Thank you Swapna for sharing this with us.

Second is from Usha , she made "Potato peas gravy" her delicious way by adding even urad dal to it just have a lok to know how she preapred it. :) . Thank you Usha for this nice recipe :) .

Sangeeta preaprd Nice "Aloo Tikki" , and here it is to share with all of us. Thanks Sangeeta for your second entry this week . :)

Continue fun with potato... :D

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stuffed Potato

This is my entry for VKN's "Feed a Hungry Child" campaign . For
You Can Cook- authentic traditional home cooking recipes .

Stuffed Potato is one of the very regular dish we make at our home. The main difference between other stuffed dishes and this one is the stuffing material we use for this. Very rarely I use cooker to make main course dishes. This is one of that. Onions are also used the same way here as potato is being used. This dish is widely known as "Bharel batata - kanda " in Gujarati . :) . Lightly spiced and full of gravy ....

Ingredients :
3-4 Small sized potato (baby potato)
1-2 Small sized onion
¼ cup of peanuts
2 tsp oil .

For stuffing :
A handful of beaten rice (Poha)
1 tsp Gram Flour (besan)
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Red chili Powder
2 tsp Coriander –cumin Powder ( Dhaniya –Jeera Powder )
Salt to taste ,
Jaggery (if you like sweet taste or can omit this)
1 tsp Lemon Juice

Method :

Peel potato and onion. Wash it and cut into four slits , don’t cut thoroughly.

Take beaten rice in a plate , mix in all the ingredients for stuffing , mix it well.
Fill it inside the slits of potato and onion.
Heat oil in a pressure cooker and add asafetida once the oil is hot.

Take into consideration that oil should be enough to cover the whole base of vessel , otherwise while cooking it , vegetables will get burn.
Place the stuffed potatoes and onions into the pressure cooker pan along with peanuts.
Keep excess stuffing on the side , and add 1 cup of water. Add the remaining stuffing material on the layer of water.
Do not stir it , let the stuffing material make the layer on vegetable.
cook the vegetables for 2 whistles. Or until the water make thick gravy by mixing with the remaining stuffing material and vegetables are well cooked.

When cooker turns cool , open the lid and serve with equal amount of potato and gravy in dish.
Serve hot with phuklas. In summer days tastes best when accompanied with Butter milk. while In this season serve it hot and enjoy with roti , naan or rice. what ever you serve dont forget to add your love to it, coz that iswhat make it real tasteful... : ) !

Second day Entries for Potato - Vegetable of the Week .

Today is a day with number -"2" .Because there are so many same things happening today around this blog , that is twice in its nature.
First of all I have got 2 entries for Dum Aloo both looking so delicious and good with their own recipes.
We have 2 Priya(s) with us here , both with their unique dish with potato. Priya of Akshaypatram and Priya of Sugar & Spices. Also both of them are presenting their entries first time here.
A warm welcome to Priya and Meena for participating here with their first entries. : ) .
One more thing with this sequence is Seea is here with her 2 entries. Both of them mouth watering: P . …
We have total 8 entries today with potato as –Vegetable of the Week. And here they are to enjoy with potatoes : ) …

First entry is “Jhatpat Aloo” from Sangeeta of Ghar ka Khana , she prepared this quick simple and tasty dish with potato.

Second is Priya of Akshaypatram , she prepared “Oven Rosted Potatoes” for all of us. Have a look at this breath taking and healthy way to prepare Potatoes.

Next is Seema. She prepared delicious “Aloo Mirch” . I liked is so much Seema, that I am sure going to try this, as soon as I recover from my tonsil infections and all ,right now dos advised to avoid much spicy foods :( .

Seema also sent recipe for “Dum Aloo” which she prepared some time ago.

Meena of Cooking Pleasure has prepared “Potato in yogurt sauce”. Something worth trying for all yogurt lovers. : )

You might have heard of famous Dum aloo, but what Dear Trupti prepared is not simple dum aloo but it is –“ Stuffed Dum Aloo”. From her busy schedule she got the time to send the recipe and pic of this dazzling Stuffed Dum Aloo. Here It is in her own words…

Stuffed Dum Aloo:


10- small baby red potatoes
1-small container whipping cream or a blend cream
1- large red onion, 5 cloves garlic- minced
2-tbsp Khuskhus, 2tbsp ground peanuts, 2 tbsp ground sesame seeds all grounded to a paste
1- small can of stewed tomatoes
2 tbsp- Punjabi Style Garam Masala
1- tsp Turmeric powder, 1-tsp Ginger,
Tandoori Paste or powder for that "color".
Salt to taste, Oil as needed

For the Stuffing:
1 cup frozen peas, 1 small onion, 1tbsp Coconut powder, 1tbsp Cardamom powder,Salt, Oil as needed.

To make the stuffing: Saute onions in some oil, add frozen peas and the coconut powder along with Cardamom powder. Adjust salt as needed. Cool and Keep aside.

For the aloos: Boil the potatoes and cool. Peel the potatoes and deep fry in oil till golden brown. Set aside to cool. Once cooled, take a knife and starting from the middle, start coring down the potato to reveal the flesh inside. Keep coring until there is enough space to stuff the pea mixture. Continue with the rest of the potatoes. The leftover potato mash can be mixed in with the pea mixture.

For the gravy: In a heavy bottomed pan, saute onions and garlic together. Add the Khuskhus,Peanut,Sesame paste along with the cream and let it cook for about 5 minutes. Add the can of stewed tomatoes and ginger. Add some tandoori paste or powder and Garam masala to give it that 'authentic' gravy color! and let the mixture cook for about 10-15 minutes. Adjust the seasonings as you would like by adding the salt,turmeric powder. Make sure you have plenty of gravy to soak up the potatoes. Also, the gravy shouldn't be too thin or too thick.

In the meantime, as the gravy is cooking, stuff the potato cavity with the peas mixture.

Once the gravy is cooked, add the stuffed potatoes and stir it just enough to coat the potatoes. Simmer for a little while so the flavors blend together. Serve hot with parathas and rice and of course, Raita or plain yogurt.

Thanks Trupti for this deliciuos stuffing Dum Aloo.

Next is a healthy and lovely recipe from Priya of Sugar and Spices . This is the first time Priya has participated here,she also get something worth reading about potatoes. Just have a look at the way she prepared “Aloo Palak “ and stay healthy with potatoes too …

Last but of course not the least our adorable Asha is here to show us the way to prepare tasty "Aloo Palya", the delicious way . : )

Thank you Asha , Meena , Priya, Sangeeta, Seema and Trupti for your timely entries and efforts for this . All of you a re really making this even successful and enjoyable. : )

My broadband was down(Oh darling,yeh hai India :)) ), so it make me wait until it get repaired . I regret if I make you waiting for this. Next I am going to post my recipe for today .

Monday, December 11, 2006

Aloo Ki Sukhi Bhaji.

This is called Suki Bhaji in Gujarati. One of the most favorite foods to carry along while traveling .It is mostly accompanied by thepla or paratha. My sister was traveling from my place today. So I prepared this for her to carry along. This was accompanied by round paratha. Also we had the same for our dinner menu tonight. It tastes best when accompanied with curd. :)


4 medium sized Potato boiled and peeled
Garlic crushed 1 tsp
Ginger a little bit only ,
2-3 Green chilies chopped finely,
1 tomato chopped finely,
1 onion chopped finely.
½ tsp turmeric powder,
Cumin seeds,
½ tsp sugar,
1 tsp lemon juice
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves to garnish.

Boil potatoes until they are totally soft, and peel them. Either cut them into small pieces or roughly mash it.
In a kadhai or pan heat 1 tsp oil, add cumin seeds, when they start spluttering, add chopped green chili and then add chopped onion. Let it cook for a while, and the add tomato. Cook this until tomato is cooked and form little gravy, the add crushed Ginger, Garlic paste turmeric powder to it, add salt and mix well. Finally add mashed potato and mix all the material well cook it for a while and add sugar to it again mix well and turn off the heat. Before sprinkle lemon juice on it, and mix again. Aloo ki Sukhi bhaji is ready.

This quick and tasty dish is all time favorite at our home, so not just at the time of traveling; we had this other times also, especially when we run out of time to prepare meal. :D . I have often seen it to be made with little more oil added to it at the time of preparing and that too even tastes more delicious, as it’s always in my mind to minimize use of oil, I make it this way only. If it suits you can try it with little more oil too. : )

First day entries For Potato-Vegetable of the Week

First entry for today is from Rooma. Rooma is a doctor and is very good cook ( as per what I know from her blog : ) ) . She is here to tell us how to make aloo paratha quickly .
A quick recipe to prepare aloo paratha which she named –Jhatpat Aloo paratha. Have a look at this and enjoy it. Thanks Rooma for sharing this with us . : )

Viji is again here with me , along with her three dazzling recipes with potato. First one is Aloo Bonda. Check it out here .
The next one is delicious Baby Potato Fry . I am sure one can not resit herself to try it out. It even looks so tempting .

And the third one she send along with picture and recipe ,that is Aloo chhole. That too along with Naan… enough to make mouth water, isn’t it ? Here is the recipe for it in her own words …

Aloo Chole - North Indian
Baby Potato 10 nos
Channa 1 cup
For Gravy:Onion – medium 2
Tomato 1 big size
Mint leaves – 1 table spoon
Aloo CholeCashew nuts 10Grated ginger 1 tea spoonGreen Challis – 2
Pepper powder 1 tea spoon
Turmeric powder ½ tea spoonGarlic Powder – a pinch
Cardomon powder – ½ tea spoon
Chili powder – 2 tea spoon
Garam Masala powder – 1 tea spoon
Butter – 1 table spoonSalt to taste
Oil 2 table spoon


Boil the potatoes and peel them. Soak channa over night and cook it in pressure cooker for 7 to 10 minutes till it well done. Smash a little channa and keep it aside.

Gravy:Cut onion into thin slices and sauté in oil with a little mint leaves. Cool it and grind it into paste. Soak cashew for 6 hours and grind it into fine paste. Duskin the tomato and puree it in the mixie. Heat oil in a skillet, add onion paste first and sauté it. Then add all powders and ginger and garlic also. Fry for 2-3 minutes. Add tomato puree and fry for further 3 minutes. Then add potatoes and channa. Lastly add cashew paste and add 1 cup water to bring it into sauce consistency. Sim the stove for a while and pour the gravy in a flat vessel. Garnish with the slit green chilies and coriander.


This dish will consume less oil.
You can either grind the onion and just chop and fry it.
No need to add milk or curd.
Serve with Naan or parathas as shown.

Have fun with these recipes , yet many more to come . :)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Vegetable of the Next Week -Potato

I have choosen Potato as "Vegetable of the next week". I felt it bad when I hear it from any of you that you are not able to get some veggie or some veggie are not at all available in your area, keeping that in mind , I choose "Spincah-Fenugreek " before 1 week . For this week again it happened that Okra was not available in the area of some of my blog buddies, in its fresh form, which also disappointed me a little. Thinking about that I feel at least Potato is available everywhere ( I hope I am not wrong with that. :)) ) .

Starting from Monday I will be posting recipes with this lovely Vegetable. In our childhood days I remember it had been one the most favourite main course of mine,and I am sure the same might have happened with many of you or your children too. :) . Also this can be used in many different ways in our Indian dishes.

So don't wait much and let everybody know how do you use Potato in your favorite form at your home. :) You can send me an email at with the recipe detail or URL of that and if possible along with the picture of that . I will post it in each day's entry for this week.
Also do let me know how did u find Okra as vegetable of this week.

Note : I am going to update my blog buddy's list here within next 2 days , It would help me if all of the visitor here can drop me a comment with their respective blog URLs. I have find that some of the buddies are there whom I have still not added to my list, and when I wish to visit them , I have to search for them from my comment list, I would appreciate if you can just send me a single comment in favor of this as soon as you read this . :) So that it will be helpful to me to reach to your blog. If you do not have any blog then you can email me about yourself, I would love to know about you and will be in touch with you, also you can send me your entries for any week in email, I will post it here along with the details ... Thanks in advance.

Hope you all will have great time this weekend with your family and loved ones. :) Have a great day ahead. !

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Sonhari Bhindi(Golden Okra)

Few days ago I had this starter dish when we went out for dinner one night, and I liked it so much that I couldn’t forget it anytime. It was the right time now to prepare it to share with all of you here. This simple and crispy starter is easy to make, and one of the quickest and tasty dish I ever came across. :) .

Ingredients :
10-12 small sized Okra ,
1 Capsicum ,
1 Tomato,
1 Piece of cucumber.
1 tsp oil,
Salt as per taste,
Chat masala(as required)


Wash the Okra, Cut long strips of the outer green skin only.
Cut the lady's finger into two, to cut it easily..Cut the vegetable so as to leave behind the seeds.Cut capsicum in the same pattern; try to cut them in thin strips.
Cut tomato in to ling strips, and cucumber the same way .
Take some water in a bowl and mix in sugar with it. Dip each cucumber piece into it , and let it be the same way for 10 minutes, this will give ligt sweet taste to cucumber.

Now when all is done, put some oil on flat pan and roast it by spreading little oil on pan.
First roast capsicum, cook it until it is brown and crispy.
Do the same with Okra until it turns crispy and brown in color.
See that it remains crispy, but doesn't burn.

The same you can do by deep frying okra and capsicum , to avoid access of oil , I choose to roast it with little oil on flat pan.
Then serve in a plate with salt and chat masala sprinkled on it. Serve With hot soup as starter. I had it with veg clear soup. :) . Not much spicy and healthy too. :D.

I kept it calling by its real name -"Sonhari Bhindi", perhaps as okra turn golden in the process, it might be called this way :) . Just not taste , I like its Name too very much. :)) .

Friday, December 8, 2006

Fourthday Entries for Okra-Vegetable of the Week

Trupti reached first to me today , with her elegant entry of Okra, for which she gave even a nice name -“ Bhinda Ravaiya “.
She posted it few days back , you can check the whole recipe here. Thank you trupti for being there and posting this even when you are stucked in heavy snow fall and busy doing cleanig and allstuffs for that.

Second isSeema , who is participating here for the first time with her delicious recipe of Okra Khurma. What a nice recipe with Okra. I liked it very much Seema, I think for next 1-2 weeks still okra will be actively cooked in my kitchen to try all these tasty recipes from all of you. :) .

Next is from Usha , all the way from jersey city, she emailed me recipe for "Ladies finger Moor Koozhambhu" , and picture too …
Here it is in her own words for all of us. :
Thick butter milk-1/2litre
Tumeric powder-1tsp
Salt- as per taste
Okra-1cup (chopin 1-2cms length)
For grinding:
Raw rice-1tsp
Ginger-a bit
Green chilly-2
For Seasioning:
Mustard seeds
broken urad dhal
Curry leaves
Dried red chilly-1
First grind the things given in the list,mix it with buttermilk.
Add salt and tumeric to the buttermilk.
Now add oil to the pan,seasion the ingredients and add buttermilk.
Keep in low flame, on the other side fry okra in seperate pan with little salt.
Fry till it is cooked 80%,then add to the broth.When the broth is above to raise,off the stove and garnish with corriander leaves.
(Information: instead of okra you can also add urad dhal vada in koozhambhu).

Thank you Usha for Sharing this with us. : )

Last but of course not the least, let us welcome a new entry from a new buddy !
A passionate cook - Rinku . She presend a totally new form of preparing okra here . She prepared “ “Green and crisp –Comfort Bhindi “ A nice Spicy Batter Fried Bhindi and that too with with a Lime-Tomato chutney. :P .
A warm welcome to Rinku. Thank you for your timely participation and efforts you took to publish this recipe.
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