Thursday, October 16, 2008

I - day 2008 Roundup

I tried to make it possible to post it earlier but for one or more reason can't do it. And there was a time when I thought its too late to publish, so convincing my mind to do it at least , I recalled - Better late than never.
With my head over the heels, I was tightly busy with all possible things you can imagine. I am thankful to all of you who cared to inquired about my well being , well I was not sick except one virus attack- rather I was just busy doing other things for my professional life. A warm big hug to all of you sweet hearts there.
without much talks here is the round up of Independence day 2008.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy 61st Independence day to my Indian Buddies...

Have a very Happy 61st Independence day to all my Indian buddies .

Take some time to respect the nation and culture we belongs to. From the bottom of my heart I salute those who took steps to bring freedom to India and helped it to preserve the rich culture we belongs to.

(image source- Unknown)

Here are some more entry for Theme - Independence day.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mango pulp - Theme of the week Saffron white n Orange

Although I am not a sweet lover, I always loved sweet mangoes, specially the one which we get in season , ripe and firm , not too sweet (yeah you heard it correct- not too sweet ) and full of flesh .

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vegetable of the Week -Bottle Gourd Round Up

Bottle gourd round up.
55+ delicious dishes…
12 such dishes which you might have never heard of it .
Above all do u know that bottle gourd can make a wonderful one dish dinners too?
We have 8 to cherish :) .
Good chance to start eating this humble veggie and for its lovers nice recipe to enjoy your love for bottle gourd :D .

Dear friends Pratibha and Jigyasa reminded me of how much Ramdevbaba emphasis on eating bottle gourd in all possible way. Check out what I recently came through, this article, it says bottle gourd's price has shot up from Rs 4 to Rs 15 a kg.

I couldn’t control my laugh after reading it . Before its prices start rising here too get some now, keep some stored and enjoy your favorite dishes from below…. And when you are done checking round up don’t forget to vote for you favorite entries in all 3 categories.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Theme of the Week is -

Once again I am back with Theme of the week - Independence day. With the sincere hope that it will bring peace and prosperity to India . May my beloved Martubhumi - India get all the things written in the national Song (not National Anthem) -"Vande Mataram" and God save her from all the man made and natural disasters.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Guru Purnima

गुरु ब्रह्मा गुरु विष्णु
देवो महेश्वरः
सक्षात परमब्रह्म
श्री गुरु देवो नमः

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bottle gourd Rajgara paratha Canapé .

This is one starter item made using Bottle gourd and rajgara flour. Rajgara flour is normally we use as staple food for the days when we observe fasts. At my mom’s place certain religious days like Shivaratri, Ramnavami and Janmashthami are the days for fast .

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bottle gourd with bean sprouts

This is one of the accidentally innovated recipe in my kitchen. One lazy day I found few mix sprouts and a quarter of bottle gourd resting in a corner of my fridge. And thinking to make a quick curry. I tried cooking them together as bottle gourd alone was not enough to serve us. Let me first share the recipe before I get on to other topics to bore you with :D . People say I am a chatterbox. (Believe me I am like that only with the people I like ). Fortunately blogger has introduced to many loving people, whom I feel exactly like me , and which really makes me feel better to share everything with them . Now a days blogging is not just a hobby , but a place where I can share many thing and feel relaxed by doing so : ) . Thank you all of you around here who really makes my day in many ways. Now back to recipe first.... I call it "bottlegourd with Beans " . Couldn't find any good name , if you have any nice name in mind for this dish , share it here and reserve this dish by your name :) .

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Haandvoh-Mom's recipe

Haandavoh is a popular Gujarati dish. Here the recipe of how my mom makes it.
Traditionally it is cooked from the same flour we use for Dhokla and allowed to ferment the same way. How ever the further steps are different for ingredients and cooking process which makes both of them too different in their final taste . Definitely both of them makes a very healthy dish

Monday, June 30, 2008

A post full of Hope

First I saw it on Meeta’s blog. Then it was on Nupur’s blog and I can’t resist cooking it. This simple and healthy dish is are testy too , which made me its fan in just first cooking.

Though I Couldn’t get pearl couscous and cranberries too :(, so I tried it with broken one and added some soaked golden Raisins in place of Cranberries. Added some red chili and 2-3 cloves to make it little spicy and it turn out to be perfect to my taste.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vegetable of the Week is -

Bottle Gourd.
Sadly no one guessed it correct and here I am to announce it.
Call it Dudhi(in Gujarati ) , dudhi bhopla(in Marathi ) , lauki( in Hindi) Sorakaya( in Telugu??? ) , or simply bottle gourd .
This light to digest veggie has many benefits to consume it . I am going to try making something this month which might help the haters of it to convert into its lover .

Thursday, June 12, 2008

VoW- JFI "Bell Pepper " Round up

First of all apology to all whom I kept waiting for this Round Up to appear. And a big thank you dear Indira , for providing me this opportunity to host JFI and allowing me to combine it with VoW. Blogging and specially these events and round ups are something I just love to do , knowing that LOVE of mine I made some resolutions myself to follow it silently ( you know now, why I am not blogging that much now ) and surprisingly I followed it too :z . Last week was one such time where again I set up a resolution for myself to complete a certain task first before I publish this round up. And my "eager to publish this" heart made me complete that task too even faster, so I am a happy girl now while publishing this to all of you :).

Thursday, June 5, 2008

One Post 2 Guests- for VoW-JFI Bell Peppers...

Mumbai girl Supriya Natu lives in Seattle with husband and 5 year old cute daughter. She sent me this on 27th to be a part of "VoW-JFI- Bell Peppers "

Here is her recipe of Quesadilla in her own words...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tawa Vegetables, clicking Beans n lentils & Mango Manthram :D

I loved "Tawa vegetables" in restaurants , and we had enough of that in Pune at a restaurant names"Atithya"( which literally mean the warm way to welcome guests). I loved the name ,service, cleanliness and food of that restaurant. Now ever since I moved out of NJ , I try those restaurant styled curries at home mainly. It is not easy to rush to nearest Indian restaurant now, as the nearest one is also not so near :)). But I must accept that it prompts me to try many innovative thing in my kitchen now. And over all my mind is working much on how to make such curries... and likely thoughts... to make it perfect with colors and tastes too. Here is something which I tried recently.
Tawa vegetable means vegetables cooked on flat styled pan (Tawa) adding some spices to it. They normally fry (shallow/deep ) each veggies and paneer.Then together cook it for a while adding all the spices and paneer cubes for a while. Tastes always too good, and who count the amount of fat you deposit when you eat out :)).

Friday, May 16, 2008

Capsicum Rice -A Guest Post

Our guest this month is Ujwal Prashanth Rao , who choose to share recipe of "Capsicum rice " to be a part of "VoW-JFI " this month . Here is the recipe in his own words.

1 cup chopped mixed bell peppers (I used red, yellow and green)
1.5 cups of cooked Basmati rice (Ensure that rice grains are well separated and not over cooked)
1 tbsp Oil
1 big Onion chopped
3 Garlic pods chopped fine
0.5 tsp red chilli powder, Garam masala powder/Kitchen King (Increase/decrease as per taste)
2 tsp Lemon juice
Few Coriander leaves chopped fine
Salt as per taste

Monday, May 12, 2008

Daal Bati

With so many food blog events going on , If you are making any dish at home I think it will suit to one or many of the ongoing events :) . Thats what exactly happened to me, while I was planning to make Daal bati.
The idea of making it started with movie" Jodha-Akbar" , it reminded me of how much we used to enjoy Daal bati dish in India at "Sanjha Chulha " restaurant ,which was famous for its Daal bati . Now here , no luck so far to have such delightful dish to enjoy ready made from some restaurant. So I thought to give it a try . And there was RCI-Rajasthan announced then , not only that , it perfectly suits to the idea behind this book makes me cook event of bhags :) .

This Daal Bati is one of some dishes which Maalika-E- Hindustand Jodha made for Jalaluddin Mohammed Akbar in movie " Jodha-Akbar".

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lets celebrate completion of 2 brilliant year of JFI together....

It's been exactly 2 years since we had first round up of JFI .Completing 2 successful years on May 1st , Jihva for Ingredients is now landing on "My creative Ideas" for the month of May. Last year when Indira herself hosted it with the beautiful theme of "Mother earth" (JFI-Greens) for the 1st anniversary of JFI. This year Jigyasa and Pratibha did a wonderful job at Jihva for Love round up.
To celebrate the completion of dazzling 2 years of this food event, JFI and VoW is coming together this spring to invite you to cook colorful dishes with ”Bell Peppers “ .

(Bell pepper image courtesy -

Bell Peppers/Sweet peppers/Capsicum/ Shimla Mirch/Tondali Mirch – call it by any name it is always a good option to cook a healthy dish . And who don’t love the colors they have ? So put your thinking cap on and send in something nice soon .... :) .

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Jihva for Love

I never stepped into kitchen at my Mom’s place for the purpose of cooking. Neither did my mom ever force me for that. Instead Mom always thought and told me that if I can learn these programming stuffs , become an engineer, and handle my job such easily then cooking will not be a hard thing for me any day to learn. She taught me that cooking is an art and I can learn to make any variety of dishes just by knowing some basic things and then cook it according to my taste and style.

Not only that, Dad is a foodie too and he keeps on sharing his experience with cooking many times. Even when I was not active in kitchen I was keen on those tips of dad. And I remember many times I observed Mom on how she cooks while chit chatting with her specially in the evening times when I normally get back from job after a long tired day .... Before that when I was studying in schools and college I think I never gave it a slightest attention on how these cooking things are done and which dish needs what ingredients... ahhh.... those carefree days... :D.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The award for VoW-bitter gourd ....

Oh.... there you are.... ready to shower your wishes on winners and almost hand together for round of applause. Wait , we have some confusions …………

With 2 categories we have “TIE” and to choose one from those you can vote in the poll widget on the side bar.

And well, you can start cheering up for The Best Presented Recipe Award.
This goes to Kalai for Bitter gourd Tamarind Masala. I can hear cheerful sounds and clapping now :D

Enjoy the award Kalai.

We will present awards to winners of other 2 category as soon as we finish with poll. Vote them now.

Check out my entries for "click-Au naturel" and "MBP-One pot wonder" here.

Friday, April 18, 2008

VoW-Bitter gourd Round up and Voting starts from now....

Bitter gourd – you love it or you hate it. There is no other options for that. Yeah people like me could be exception who is slowly trying to consume it knowing the enormous benefits it has. Not only to control sugar level , it is very helpful to cure Cancer, Constipation and piles, blood-disorders, respiratory disorders, alcoholism, cholera and Numerous infections.

We have a saying in Gujarati – “Kadva Kaarela na Goon na hoy kadva” meaning Karela tastes bitter but it has many is having many qualities in it. I know back in India sometime mothers used to give Juice of it to child for fever. We never realize those values when we were in India , I am glad that I came to USA that made me aware of what a rich legacy of everything we had. Anything of today’s technology seems dull compared to deep knowledge of those things our people had. May it be counting the distance between starts, or deciding time by the length of shadow. We had people knew these things thousands of years ago even. I know some people who even today guess time by the position of sun on their head while working in farm in day time.

Ayurveda- is another thing which I started exploring very much after I came here. Even up to that extend that I feel like going back to India and do detailed study on that:D.

Well, coming to round up of Bitter gourd recipes , we have 60 great entries to enjoy bitter gourd now. With these entries this - liking and hating things -is also visible. As some choose to skip it this month while some choose to send more than 1 entries for the same. We have 10+ bloggers with more than 1 dish from them including --- Asha – 2, Srivalli - 5 , Mythreyee - 3 , Jayashree - 2 , Kajal – 6 , Meera - 3 ,Sandhya - 2 ,Kalai - 2 , Rina-2 and Trupti-2, Jan- 2. I must say they are all wonderful in cooking bitter gourd in wide range - from pickle to Pulao… :) . Thank you all for sending in your delicious recipes to cook bitter gourd with. It surely is a good chance for people like me to start eating it more and more to try each dish with.

Bitter Gourd as Starter dish

Kakarakaya Pakoda by srivalli
Spicy Karela Nuts by srivalli
Kakarakaya vepudu by srivalli
Bitter gourd fritters by srivalli
Garlicky Lemony Bitter Gourd Crisps by Jai&Bee
Healthy Bitter gourd Fritters by Trupti
Bitter Gourd fries by Dhvya K
Pavakka Pakora by Mythreyee
Sorisa batta kalara bhajja by Shibani

Bitter gourd as Side dish

Bitter Gourd Crisps by Pravs
Kakara kaya Gojju ~ Bitter Gourd Medium Sauté by srivalli
Bitter gourd Stir fry by Divya
Baked bitter gourd Chips by Sia
Parikkai thayir pachadi by Jayasree
Bitter gourd Pickle by Ranjeetha
Kakarakaya Podi by Deepika
Kakarakaya Karam by Vijaya
Pavakka(bitter gourd)Pickle by Mythreyee
karela crispy lemony fry by Priyanka
Bitter Gourd Fry by Rama

Bitter Gourd as Main course (Gravy/Curry)

Karela Masala by Asha
Karela Stir fry by Asha
Baked Gutti Kakarakaya (Baked Stuffed Bittergourd)by Hima
Baby bitter gourd fry by Jayashree
Bitter Gourd curry by Cham
Pavakkai Kozhambu by Vineela
Dheeve Ummen by Nanditha
Bitter gourd Pitlai by Jayashree
Bitter Gourd Baskets in Thick Gravy by Lavi
Simple Karela (Bitter Gourd) Stir-Fry by Jan
Hagalkai gashi by Archy
Bitter gourd gojju by Rupa
Bitter gourd curry by Uma
Bitter gourd with Lentils by Kajal
Bitter gourd with Tomato-Onion Gravy by Kajal
Bitter gourd with Mango(Keri-Karela) by Kajal
Stuffed Bitter gourd by Kajal
Stuffed Bitter gourd with onions by Kajal
Bitter gourd- onion Curry by Kajal
Karela Masala by Jan
Uchche Posto Jhuri -- Bitter Gourd fried with Poppy seed paste by Sandeepa
Karela Ju bhajji by Medhaa
Bitter Gourd fry with Besan by Sandhya
Spicy Bitter Gourd curry by Sandhya
Karela Kanda nu shaak by Meera
Karela Dhokli nu shaak by Meera
Bharela karela curry by MS
Tetor Dal by Me
Kaaju Karela(cashew &bitter gourd) curry by Me
Bitter Gourd curry by Bhawana
Bitter gourd Rasam By Sushma
Shukto by Bhagyashri
Bitter gourd fry by Kalai
Bittergourd tamarind masala by Kalai
Bitter gourd stir fry by Reena
Tamatar karela by Reena

Bitter Gourd as Dinner dish/One dish Meal with Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd with eggs By Dhivya
Bitter Gourd peels Thepla by Meera
Bitter Gourd-Ragi Utappa by Trupti
Karela Pulao by Mythreyee

Do check it carefully and at the end of that don’t forget to vote for three categories as you did here.

Categories are
Most authentic recipe
, Best presented( by picture shown here) and Most creative recipe.

Please mention your votes in separate comment along with the category name( please note that my entries are excluded from this ). Those comments will be moderated for 1 week .The voting time is from today to 23rd April mid night. It's a good idea to value someone’s effort , so take little time and drop in your vote for your choice of entry .

Keep voting, keep rocking and keep cooking , And if you have some more time, help me with my click-confusion.

Note: As many of you might be knowing by now that Tastes of India is having little trouble showing up feeds of the posts (my last post , appeared just now :(( . ) .Wouldn't it be better to get feeds delivered in your email for that? Just put in your email address in the top of the sidebar to get email updates of My Creative Ideas.Also the same is available on An attempt to spread love by cooking.

So stay tuned and keep rocking gals... hugs to you all.

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