Monday, June 30, 2008

A post full of Hope

First I saw it on Meeta’s blog. Then it was on Nupur’s blog and I can’t resist cooking it. This simple and healthy dish is are testy too , which made me its fan in just first cooking.

Though I Couldn’t get pearl couscous and cranberries too :(, so I tried it with broken one and added some soaked golden Raisins in place of Cranberries. Added some red chili and 2-3 cloves to make it little spicy and it turn out to be perfect to my taste.
This is my little variation of the real recipe of Cinnamon scented pearl Couscous from Nupur’s One hot stove . As for Tried & Tested Event, Zlamushka has chosen dear Nupur’s blog to try recipes from, this goes to her as my entry for her event. Zlamushka, I tried and tested this dish and I this recipe simply superb. Thank you Nupur for posting this, it introduced me too yet another simple and healthy recipe :) . I wished if I can be free enough to be cook some other traditional Marathi recipes from your blog. As when it to try some Maharashtrian cuisine, one hot stove is my bible :).

Meera’s Sev batata puri is my entry for MBP Street food. Beloved Sia is the guest host of MBP this month . MBP is a monthly event started by Coffee of the spice cafĂ©.

Thank you Meera for the recipe. I searched a long to make the sev batata puri with the style we used to eat (i.e using flat puries, not the one which we use for Pani puri ). And your recipe was perfect. I made it today again. Once all chutneys are ready on had, its really quick dish to munch on :D.

Thank you Sia , for choosing wonderful theme for MBP, you bring back the memories of my childhood days .

Camera : Nikon 5200

A dish full of Gujarati khaman is my entry for Click for Bri this month . You are part of Our prayers dear Bri. We really wish you to get all well soon dear Briana.

Here is some more Pure yellow dishes I posted till date on My Creative Ideas....


edson_dias said...

Someday I'll invite myself for diner or to your place. :-) I'm hungry just looking at your pictures

Kalai said...

Delicious entries, Pooja! :)

Asha said...

Great post Pooja. Perfect yellow for Briana and those dishes look fabulous. Khus Khus looks good and that Masala puri is to die for! I want some right now!!:D
Summer is giving us lot work, isn't it? We are planning to fix the house one room at a time, busy busy Summer for us too.. Take care, see you later!:)

bee said...

everything looks soooo delicious. thanks for your entry, dear pooja.

Meera said...

Thanks for trying the sev batata puri...Can I come over for one or two puris??;-)
Lovely entry for click.
Love all your pictures.

Sagari said...

everything looks delecious pooja

Sunshinemom said...

If I could I would just drop over to get some bites! Lovely spread:)

Andhra Flavors said...

Great post Pooja. Pappy seeds looks good.

notyet100 said...


bhags said...

so many recipes and entries in one post.....that masala puri is mouth watering....loved the spread of yellow dishes

easycrafts said...

I was craving for some chats since morning and I can see some on ur blog..feel like having them right now

Bhawana said...

nice entry Pooja. m thinking of trying gharoda recipe. a little different from chilla, which we prepare. nice entry.

krystyna said...

Hi Pooja,
sooo long I didn't see you, and I missed you.
You are very creative, and I always learn something from you.
Do you have any information or suggestions,pics about pomegranate?

All the best for you!

Divya Vikram said...

The couscous looks too beautiful Pooja..should have tasted great too i guess..

LG said...

Lovely yellow pics! I loved all the dishes. Thanks for telling me about dhebra on Cooking Station. You have a award on TOM.

Nupur said...

If you can't find pearl couscous and would like to try some, let me know and I can send you some :) Thanks for trying the recipe, dear Pooja!
Your post is so full of delicious pictures that I can't take my eyes off it :D

Vcuisine said...

That's lovely Pooja. Hope you are having great time there. Take care. Viji

Alka said...

hey pooja,
This surely was a delight for food lovers,and yes i will be waiting for those khaman dhoklas recipe
I too like my sevpuri made with flat puris,puffed puris are strictly for panipuris.Arey woh chaat waala bhaiya aaya kyon nahin abhi tak.....i can't wait for him that long...hey poo,pass on some of these till then....lolz

zlamushka said...

Pooja, thank you very much for your lovely entry. Couscous is definitely my favorite, for a simple reason, it si so quick and healthy. And diverse, so one can never get tired... hope to see you around for July edition?

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

A very nice presentation of couscous.....well done , pooja !

Sonu said...

Hi Pooja,
Ahaaa...atli badhi tara tya jamva aavu k...??? :)))
Hope u remember me...I am Sonu(Sonal), always love ur Mahendi designs.
Keep it up.

Pooja said...

Edison _diaz,
welcome to my blog. glad that you liked the recipes around here :) .

Kalai ,
thank you buddy :)

Hope you will have nice time redecorating your home dear Asha :) .Summer is really busy busy here too :D.
Glad to be a part of your event dearie.
come soon dear, i will make the whole new dishes for you then :) .
sagari , sunshine mom, andhra flavor , notey100,,
glad you guys like it . thank you :)
thank you dear , i just love all of them too much . never realized i have these many yellow dishes cooked and posted here before I literally searched for it .
come on over here then... soon... :)
ghaaroda is a good option to use left over rice and quick too. do let me know if you try.

yeah , was much occupied with ongoing stuffs dear, couldn't get time to blog hop much. will see if i can share something with pomegranate with you .
Divya v,
That tastes good too . tasty and healthy dish it is. also easy to cook ;)
thank you dear. will post that soon on here .
thats is so kind of you . Wil llet you know if i dont get it in near future.
Its so nice ot hear from you after along while. hope things are ok that end.
atleast you have option to looks after chaatwalah there, here we poor sould making it at home :( ...
yeah i will around with this months T&T too . stay tuned...
thank you dear :)
come on over anytime :) and Yeah ,I do remember you :).

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