Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Methi Matar with Yogurt and Entries for second day of Vegetable of the Week & Meme

Methi matar malai – a very famous curry in Punjabi menu at restuarants. In a restaurant here when I ordered it , it tasted sweet, sometimes though it is not sweet at other places too. I don’t like the taste of cream to my curry, I like cream only with milk shakes or soups. So I have developed my own way of preparing curry with methi and matar ,as I like both – Methi and Matar(fenugreek and Green peas) very much.

I add yogurt to it, this way it will not taste bitter, and will do good with the real taste of methi. Here is my way to prepare it.

Ingredients :

1 cup fresh green peas
1 bunch fresh methi (fenugreek ) leaves , chopped and washed thoroughly,
1 onion, 3-4 garlic cloves, 1 inch ginger,
2-3 green chillies,
Red chilli powder,
Salt to taste,
1/2 cup yogurt,
1 tsp Cumin seeds
A pinch of asfoetida ,
1 tsp oil.


Make fine paste of green chillies, ginger, garlic and onion.
Boil the green peas and keep it aside.

In a kadhai heat 1 tsp oil, add cumin seeds and a pinch of asafetida to it. Wnext add the paste of onion and other ingredients to it. Cook it until the paste turns golden brown.

Add finely chopped and washed thoroughly methi leaves to it.

Let it cook until all the water from methi evaporates completely, and add boiled Green peas to it. Next add ½ cup sour yogurt to it. Let it cook for a while and add salt and red chilli powder to it .When all the extra water from yogurt evaporates turn off the heat . Serve it Hot with Roti or Paratha.

Enteries for Today With Vegetable of the Week -Green Peas .

First is from Kajal , sharing here with us this delicious recipe of Samosa :) . Check out here detailes recipe wiht step by step pictures here .

We have 2 recipes from Supriya , One is Stuffed aloo Tikki , check out for the full recipe Here
Here is another one simple and nice dish from Supriya -Cabbage Green Peas Palya .
Thank you Kajal and Supriya for your participation with delicios recipes here. :)

5 things you don't know about me !

Sra tagged me for this, and here are the secrets ......:)) ,

I did the job as a full time lecturer For MCA for about 4 years, which initially I choose as just to pass my time until I get other Job: D. But I really loved that once I started it. And I have many memories of that time to cherish. All my students of the first year of my teaching were older than me or of the same age of mine, but they never knew my real age : )) . And still don’t know : )) .

Funny side of me, I hate people who show off, and I just feel like to give them a hard punch on their face when I realise that they are just putting wrong effort in front of me to show off. If you have has seen movie “Jhankar beats”, I resemble to Rahul Bose in that movie : )) .

I love to know everything related to Aliens , funny Na! .Just that Imagination thrills me so much. I find it so interesting that when we got DVD of “Alien” Movie, with its all 4 parts , I saw 3 of it in a single day ! :D .

Deepak is not Gujarati, and we met only once before our Marriage.There is a long story about how I choose to marry Deepak,and I still feel that there is some telepathy between me and Deepak . More some other time.. :D .

I am not much demanding about having different dishes to eat, I can eat the same meal daily, I almost never complain about any food, as far as it is vegetarian and made with cleanliness , but when it comes to cooking , I find it too much boring to cook same dish every time . Even if I have the same ingredients, I love cooking it different way each time.

Now I tag Suma, Swapna ,Gattina, Vani and Vini for this.

Come on girls, reveal your secrets to us .... :) , Just kidding. this is fun although, take it up if you feel like.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Royal Green Peas Curry & entries for First day Of vegetable of the Week -Green Peas & Meme

Royal Green Peas Curry ! - I dont why they call it this way , perhaps because it contains thick cream to serve it with :D.
This is what I made last week and shared with you all as Tricolored Curry( I still like that name ! ) Here is the easy and quick recipe for it.
Ingredients :
1 cup fresh green peas.
1 cup tomato puree or 2-3 finely chpped tomato ,
1 medium sized onion,
1 tsp ginger garlic paste ,
2 green chillies,
1/4 tsp garam masala,
1 tsp coriander- cumin powder,
1/2 tsp turmeric powder ,
1/2 tsp red chilli powder,
1 tsp oil,
salt to taste.
coriander leaves to garnish,
thick milk cream to decorate and serve with .

Chop onion , chillies and ginger - garlic , putthem in Mixture bown and grind them to fine paste.
Boil the green peas until they are soft. drain the water and keep them aside. In a kadhai take tsp oil and when it gets little warm add the onion, ginger, garlic and chilli paste to it,stir it , and cook it until the good aroma of onion fill your kitchen , it may take at most 1 minute.
Add tomato puree to it, if using chopped tomato then let it cook until it makes thick grave and then adjust water as per the desired thickness of gravy. take care to choose ripe juicy tomatoes for this .
Add green peas to it and then add turmeric powder, red chili powder, garam masala and coriander -cumin powder to it. Stir it well and then add salt. when cooked , turn off the heat and Serve when not so hot. ! while serving spread thick cream on it, and garnish with coriander leaves.

If you wish you can avoid using cream to this. I dont like cream much,I ate it without cream and that too was tasting delicios. The dish shown above went directly to Hubby ,as he is fond of Milk and milk products... as per him, this was tasting divine :D. Do try any way you like,this is a quick and tasty dish !

Now here are some entries we have for the vegetable of the Week :) .
First is from Mythreyee of Try this recipe , sharing here her recipe to make Green Peas Pulao .

Next is our Coffee from My khazana of recipes, with her version of a potato peas curry , which she calls -Quick fix Potato curry .Nice and quick dish from Coffee.

Our beloved Trupti or should I say 'Trupti along with her Hubby' is here with a whole new style to make -Ragda Patties , for which she baked patties instead of frying them , what a healthy way to enjoy this chaat food. ! :) . see, I was true when I told that you can always expect something new from Trupti :) .

Jasmine of Spice trail is also here with a completely new way of making idli with peas. Jasmine is sharing here wiht all of us Rava Idli With green peas . such a novel Idea !

Let us welcome Haripriya of Sweet & Spice , who is presenting her recipe here for the first time . she made a wuich tasty dish - Green Peas Curry . healthy and an ideal dish for those busy evenings. :) . A warm welcom to Haripriya to this Event. :)

Thank you all for participating here with your nice and creative ideas. I appreciate your timely efforts to participte here with .

How my blog buddies look like ? A guessing game Meme ,Started my Sra and, I am tagged By Asha... I have some imaginary images of buddies whom I visit frequently or those who are in regular touch with me. ,somehow it happens with me always, if I know something just more than little about someone then also my mind prepares image of that person in my mind and whenever I talk about that person or interact with them indirectly I have their clear image in my mind. Let me start that intresting guessing game now, I choose it to present in alphabetical order. : )

I visualize Gattina as a highly energetic and creative person with cooking . I think she loves to cook different cuisines. And some how when I think of her , I feel she must be managing everything very well, Gattina do let me know wheather I am correct with my guessing about you or not?

I think of Pavani as a very good mannered girl, as she chooses her words quite nicely in the comment (not like me : ) ) ). Also she is very neat and nice with cooking new dish. I feel like she is a self contended girl. I don’t know why , but my mind visualize her as a fair skinned , long black haired girl , Is it true about you , Pavani ?

When I think of Supriya I guess, she is a young energetic lady managing well balance between job and home duties. When I think of her I think of Seema too, and I think Supriya, Seema and Soumya are somewhere in the relation , perhaps I think it b’coz they have a common designs on their blog wiht recipe pictures. This is just a guess, Am I wrong ladies?
Still I have different image of 3 of them in my mind. I think of Supriya as a very enthusiastic and fun loving girl .Supriya I think you might be making fun out of everything , and a happy go lucky person .
Seema seems to be a self contended person and kind hearted person .I can imagine her face with a loving smile on her face, though except smile I cant guess anything else about her.
Soumya sounds very much similar to Seema to me , I don’t know why ? :D . She must be of very much helping nature. The way she publishes posts about health related article with great effort , I imagine her to be like a kind hearted doctor. I think, I am very near to correct image of your, right Soumya ?

Sra feels like very nearer to my own image to me, though I keep on guessing of what age she can be ? :D . I imagine her with sort hair(that’s just b’coz the pic in her profile is like that : ) ) , and also full of life . and I think Sra must be happy in whatever she does in her life.

Image of Swapna in my mind is of a loving Mom whose world is all around the happiness of her daughter. She cooks very well, I find her creative with cooking.

It might seems funny , as I think Suma as a lady with long black hair. Along with that I think she has nice complexion and beautiful features. My mind portraits her as a very hardworking lady around my age( I don’t know why but many of you are of around my age , that’s what my mind thinks of : )) ) , who is giving her 100% in what ever she does. (Am I correct with guessing , Suma?)

Usha also seems like of my age. I think she is a cool person , and stay calm in any mood of life .(just a guess, Usha). Also She is much family oriented girl and loves being around her loved ones that’s what I come guessing about her from her posts.

Just moved to write about Vani , and I find that she already published her pictures. Thank God, I checked her blog. Otherwise it might have turn into a big joke on me , if I would have imagined her other way : )) ,
Vani , you are quite similar to what I thought about. Looking lovely in those pics. : )

Initially I used to mixed up with Vini and Vani , now I have their clear pictures in my mind. I see Vini, as a loving lady cooking with ease in her kitchen, with smile on her face and her daughter around, just by reading her posts ,this is what my mind visualize about her. : )

I have already seen picture of Asha,Coffee, Dilipbhai,Nandita, Nidhi,Trupti and Viji. Thus, I have a perfect picture of them in my mind. : )) , Still If I will go in detail, I see Trupti as a highly active lady , who is a good student, proud and nice mother of 2, and a good wife of course. ! The more I read about Asha, the more I feel that she has all good qualities of my Mom. That’s what I come to know from her Meme. Still she is quite young than her age ,and just like a lovely friend to me ! Asha I visualize you as a dynamic personality, who becomes child with child and talks with maturity with elders. :D.

Coffee is a also a fun loving girl and little notorious in my imagination, after Sra next is Coffee who resembles in my mind to my own image : )) , though I just saw her very little pic on gmail chat, I still remember that. : ) .

Now you all when you read this , just drop a line for how much near I am with your real pictures ! Don’t be just Ghost readers, If I can imagine this much about you then Will it kill you to comment here ? :D .
Now I am tagging….
And Supriya for this.

take up this tag with your ease Girls !

(Request : Just now, I come to know that someone having blog name , is using many of Seema's recipe on his/her blog along with pictures of that too. That person has also copied some of the recipes and pictures of Supriya's. this is really ridiculous . It feels bad to know this, and this is something which should be exposed in public I think. let us all expose that blogger, we can put it on put blog just ot let others know , and at least leave a comment to that person ,so that he/she can realise what a great mistaked he /she did. I already did so. this time it is Seema and Supriya , next time it might happen witt anyone of us. )

Thanks. Have fun and enjoy Green winter. :))

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Republic Day.

Happy republic day to all my blog buddies, and other reader ( Ghost readers- as Asha said :)) ) . I know I am bit late to wish you this , this time I made a point to publish it after friday so that every one can send their entries upto friday, no matter in any part of World they are :D !

Our 58th Republic day was celebrated nicely here in India yesterday . you can check out the speech of out president Dr.A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Here .A nice and very brilliant man he is, India needs more people like him to rule the contry well .

Now moving towards our Round up,
Let us first welcome those who have participated here for the first time .

1. Kajal -
2. Harekrishnaji - Unke Dushman Hai bahut Aadmi acchha Hoga
3. Gattina - Kitchen Unplugged
4. Prema Sunder - My cook book
5. Jasmine - Just for fun
6. Anjali - Anna Parabrahma
7. Indira - Cooking with Consciousness, Yes ! none other than Indira of Mahanandi … Oh, I am glad that you too participated here Indira. : ) .
A very warm welcome to all of you , I am glad that you all willingly participated here with your entries to celebrate the spirit of India.

Since we have 20 + entries today I am showing them in the order I get it from all of you , at the last is 8 entries of mine, don't forget to check that too :D.

First is Kajal of kajaldreams. She has prepared a Carrot Halwa garnished with Cashew nuts, and made perfect combination of Orange and white color for that.

Next is from Viji of Vcuisine, she is sharing here with her delicious way of making Tricolored sandwich. Though she left her country for visiting India on the day after I announce this, she promptly sent me this entry of her. How Nice of you Viji.

Swapna of Tastes from my kitchen is sharing here with a healthy fried rice with capsicum,potato and carrot added to it, making a perfect recipe with all 3 colors.

Nidhi is sharing here her yummy Cake , which is perfect with all 3 colors present there, it is looking so nice that I wish nidhi is somewhere staying near by me : )) .

Harekrishnaji is here for the first time with his 3 wonderful recipes to share with all of us.
First one is Sabudana khichadi

Next one is hara pulao ,check our the delicious hara pulao made with coriander leaves added to pulao .

And here is Gajar ka halwa from Harekrishnaji

Usha is again here to celebrate the theme with all of us. She made a perfect colored Carrot bean poogath with carrot , beans and coconut . thus, making a perfect entry for this celebration . :)

When it comes to Trupti, you can expect something different than normal dishes… and proving this true, Trupti is here again with her recipe of making Carrot Milk(Gajar doodh).Even with that she bring out perfect 3 colors.

Check out what Suma of veggie platter has created for Republic day theme. She made this Tricolred Idli, for which she added shredded a carrot and green peas to it. Don't forget to check the pictures fo this process. Suma has really done well with this. : )

Anjali ,Who is participating here for the first time has made this heart shaped Carrot Halwa , and placed it in green bowl to be perfect entry for this theme : ) . Seems like all our buddies around here loves carrot very much , such that they don't miss a single chance to prepare something with carrot. And Being favorite among all is Carrot Halwa : )) . Its something nice about this event when we have more than 2 version of the same dish. : ) .

Asha is with her novel idea of cheese, to make Tri-Colored Spiced Cream Cheese . Also she made Ashok chakra with black peppers in the middle of it to bring out the image of our national flag perfectly. Just picture is enough to describe more about her and this dish. :) .

Manjula of dailtoy has made Triclored noodles to share here with . it looks simple ans superb ! Goes perfect with the theme .:)

Vegetable Noodles

Not only that but she has something more to share here having all our flag colors present in it.
First is bantwal Car Festival

Bantwal Car Festival

Another one is of baseball match .
Baseball match

One more is of Universal Studio . Just by looking at these pictures , I think Manjula is also a good photographer.
Universal Studios

Jasmie(jasu) of Just for fun made a percect flag with perfect colored ingredients. This looks realy wonderful ,isn't it ?

See what Coffee is sharing with us, here ! A Sweet Corn Soup, yes, it also has all three colors in it , and looks perfect to go with the theme : )

Another one from Coffee is our all time favorite Gujarati Dhokla , having all combination making 3 colored dish. I just wish to grab that dish just now : )) .

It is obvious if some of us is here for the first time to share the joy together for our republic day. Now we have one more As asha said unofficial Indian with us . Gattina !
Yes, she cooks Indian dishes so well , that I think sometimes that even I am not that good with all the Indian dishes. :)) . A great cook she is, also a wonderful photography she knows ! . Just check her picture and you will come to believe that.
She has made yummy pistachiyo tartlets with clemetine custard. Such a nice enrty for the theme with orange color ! Also she made it a point to show orange and green color in the rest color or the picture. What a neat idea ! Seems like only me and Gattina loves orange :D , to make it a proof just check my entries below. :P A special thank to you Gattina for participating here , Hugs !

As the theme of this week was not only limited to cooking , there are many buddies we have with us , with their absolutely new ideas about the theme . Sangeeta is One of them. Showing her love to our India, she had chaged the theme of her blog to these 3 colors only ! Isn't it something really nice ? I just love the Idea Sangeeta.

Also she has a perfect picture for his theme . : ) .

Maheshwari of Beyond the usual is proving her tag name correct here. She come up with a Indian flag made up with Badam and Pista !

Along with that she made Tricolored Pasta too, to share here with all of us : ) .

has send here healthy and colorful recipe of Tricolored rice here . Though she is down with flue, she didn't miss to participate here . A special thanks to you too dear Seema. This entry is really wonderful , and healthier one with bell peppers added to it.

I think all of us are little bit or more inspired from the blog of Indira, and what a lovely blog she maintains. ! It's a proud to have your entry here Indira, I love this a lot,the idea to make Kabab of Green chick peas is also nice ! : ) . Check out the full recipe and pictures of it Here . : )

Killing me again is the nice sandwich of Prema here. How do you and Viji know that I love sandwich ? :D . Prema of My cook book is sharing her unique way for making colorful Pin wheel sandwich with all of us. Just check the beautiful way of making it here , and I must say this picture is rally worth 1000 words (at least for sandwich lover like me :)) ) .

A novel Idea from Sandeepa ,of bong mom's cook book . She is here with a lovely picture , making a perfect presentation for theme of this week. This proves that we are all creative in amny ways , not just with cooking , Right ?

Thank you all for participating here with your nice entries and making this even joyful and colorful. :) I appreciate your effort for making and publishing these entries to participate here with on time.

Mythreyee got little late with sending her entries ,though I waited for you all upto saturday :P, Better late than never, and here is her colorful entry for the event- sprouted Moong Invegetable Pulao(updating this on 28th Jan 2007.) Thank you Mythreyee :) .

Now here are entries from my side .
A Tricolored Dosa -Simple dosa decorated with shredded carrot and spring onions. !

A simple and lovely Picture consisting of all three colors in it. : )

A dish of different colored chutney -
Orange - is made up of garlic , red chilli powder and a pinch of turmeric to it.
Green - is coriander chutney , I already posted recipe of it here.
White - its not a chutney , it's our all time favorite - plain curd.

Tricolored small Finger waffers(fried). I remember I love it as a child, and still I could find some of it in my home to make something perfect for this theme : )

Here I made Orange juice for the color of Orange .
White is my all time favorite - Buttermilk. (In Gujarati home there will not be a single meal served without buttermilk, and I just love it. : ) ) .
Green is the fresh Jaljeera (drink which helps in digestion/ can be served as appetizer) I made using Mint leaves. if someone intrested to knowthe recipe let me know, I will post it. :D.

Pasta made with baked Green peas and tomato puree - I think it also has good combination of all 3 colors, well correct me if I am wrong. :D

A side dish made up of raw papaya , green chillies and carrot ! This goes well when accompanied with any vegetarian main course and rice.

Even something more from me-Tricolored Curry!
Recipe I am going to Post in Next week: D.
(Note : vegetable of the Next Week is -Green Peas, be ready and rush to my inbox with your entries , I am goin to start daily post from next week again :)) ) .

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