Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Methi Matar with Yogurt and Entries for second day of Vegetable of the Week & Meme

Methi matar malai – a very famous curry in Punjabi menu at restuarants. In a restaurant here when I ordered it , it tasted sweet, sometimes though it is not sweet at other places too. I don’t like the taste of cream to my curry, I like cream only with milk shakes or soups. So I have developed my own way of preparing curry with methi and matar ,as I like both – Methi and Matar(fenugreek and Green peas) very much.

I add yogurt to it, this way it will not taste bitter, and will do good with the real taste of methi. Here is my way to prepare it.

Ingredients :

1 cup fresh green peas
1 bunch fresh methi (fenugreek ) leaves , chopped and washed thoroughly,
1 onion, 3-4 garlic cloves, 1 inch ginger,
2-3 green chillies,
Red chilli powder,
Salt to taste,
1/2 cup yogurt,
1 tsp Cumin seeds
A pinch of asfoetida ,
1 tsp oil.


Make fine paste of green chillies, ginger, garlic and onion.
Boil the green peas and keep it aside.

In a kadhai heat 1 tsp oil, add cumin seeds and a pinch of asafetida to it. Wnext add the paste of onion and other ingredients to it. Cook it until the paste turns golden brown.

Add finely chopped and washed thoroughly methi leaves to it.

Let it cook until all the water from methi evaporates completely, and add boiled Green peas to it. Next add ½ cup sour yogurt to it. Let it cook for a while and add salt and red chilli powder to it .When all the extra water from yogurt evaporates turn off the heat . Serve it Hot with Roti or Paratha.

Enteries for Today With Vegetable of the Week -Green Peas .

First is from Kajal , sharing here with us this delicious recipe of Samosa :) . Check out here detailes recipe wiht step by step pictures here .

We have 2 recipes from Supriya , One is Stuffed aloo Tikki , check out for the full recipe Here
Here is another one simple and nice dish from Supriya -Cabbage Green Peas Palya .
Thank you Kajal and Supriya for your participation with delicios recipes here. :)

5 things you don't know about me !

Sra tagged me for this, and here are the secrets ......:)) ,

I did the job as a full time lecturer For MCA for about 4 years, which initially I choose as just to pass my time until I get other Job: D. But I really loved that once I started it. And I have many memories of that time to cherish. All my students of the first year of my teaching were older than me or of the same age of mine, but they never knew my real age : )) . And still don’t know : )) .

Funny side of me, I hate people who show off, and I just feel like to give them a hard punch on their face when I realise that they are just putting wrong effort in front of me to show off. If you have has seen movie “Jhankar beats”, I resemble to Rahul Bose in that movie : )) .

I love to know everything related to Aliens , funny Na! .Just that Imagination thrills me so much. I find it so interesting that when we got DVD of “Alien” Movie, with its all 4 parts , I saw 3 of it in a single day ! :D .

Deepak is not Gujarati, and we met only once before our Marriage.There is a long story about how I choose to marry Deepak,and I still feel that there is some telepathy between me and Deepak . More some other time.. :D .

I am not much demanding about having different dishes to eat, I can eat the same meal daily, I almost never complain about any food, as far as it is vegetarian and made with cleanliness , but when it comes to cooking , I find it too much boring to cook same dish every time . Even if I have the same ingredients, I love cooking it different way each time.

Now I tag Suma, Swapna ,Gattina, Vani and Vini for this.

Come on girls, reveal your secrets to us .... :) , Just kidding. this is fun although, take it up if you feel like.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for reminding Methi Malai Matar. That's the only dish we order when we go to restaurant called Status at Nariman point all the time. It's time now to visit status.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,
You always have something different idea. I like this.
Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,

Pea with methi,thats really sound great and yummy.

The secreats were interesting,when coming to Aliens,even i like to watch.Actually till i was in India,i'm not much intersted to watch hollywoood movies.So to make me to sit calm and watch,my hubby shows alien movie(as how mom cheats kid with cartoon movie...hehehe!!!).

If Alien movie i sit and watch cooly,orelse keep disturbing him.After coming here i changed ,i started watching few interesting moview now.

Anonymous said...

Pooja, aliens! That was certainly an interesting meme! And all of us seem to have taught some time or the other!

Coffee said...

WAH!!!!! Seems like a season for telling love stories!!!!! First it was trupti and now its you!!!!! what is happenning!!!!! We can have a blog event for this...... hahahaha

The methi matar with a twist of yogurt sounds cool!!!!!

Now whats next week???

Anonymous said...

methi mutter? wow, that's news to me.

by the way, what did one pea say to the other?

"mutter, mutter."

Anonymous said...

Love those dishes!!Simple and delicious.I have sent you mine today for tomorrow.
Loved reading your MeMe,I don't like pretentious ppl either!!I stay away from them.Deepak not Gujju? Hmm..!!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja....
I have never had Methi-Matar must try your version! and I have a lot in common! So nice to know more about you...I share the aliens part too...among other things!


Anonymous said...

No hard punch only Fruit Punch allowed

Anonymous said...

Pooja what a delicious array of Peas dishes each one better than the other.
Nice to know more things about you, will be careful now, don't like getting punched.

Anonymous said...

liked reading the meme...
the methi matar looks good, even I have had it in restaurants, never done at home

Anonymous said...

hi pooja
methi looking yummy...
nice to hear about u.thanks for tagging me..waiting to hear more about u and deepak..."-))

Anonymous said...

pooja...meethi matar looks absolutely delicious... oh girl!!! wish u were staying close to my place:(
and hey... can't wait to hear abt ur love story... boy!!! first trupti and now u:)
oh before i forget... i have posted the MEME u tagged me for:)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful recipes with green peas..May be the theme of th valentines week should be "tell ur love stories" ;)

JASMINE said...

hehe pooja.nice recipe.whats happening?this meme has become like a suspense story..
we shld have a valentines day theme.isnt it?post a favourite recipe and your love story :)

Vani said...

All the dishes look good, pooja. YOur version of methi malai mutter is interesting! Will try it your way sometime.
THanks for tagging me for this fun meme. Will surely take it up.
So you have alien fetish, huh?? :)Nice reading your meme, Poo.

Anonymous said...

pooja your variation sounds so delicious , would love to try your way asap..Thanks for sharing sucha lovely colourful Recipe :)

Lera said...

Vani, lovely pictures! you look beautiful:)

Pooja said...

Harekrishnaji ,
I am gald that you got some nice memmory by this. :)). No hard punch, only fruit punch for you :D.

I am glad that you liked it. its even easy to make too. the process of making marhti matar mali, is not that easy in real, I made this version of methi matar with yogurt little easy and quick.

nice to know that about you too ! I love hollywood movies as they are directed with all the details and hve good animation techniques used there. :)

Pooja said...

isnt it feel good when we come to know that some way we are similar to our blog buddy too ! I love it.
seems like all of us alient lover should plan a trip to other Planets :)) .

I think you are correct, love is in the air, as now Valentine's day is near.... :)) .
Methi matar wiht yogurt is tasting good . try it some time , you will like it if you loveth sour taste in curry then.
I have emailed kajal about the matter with the comments posting problem you had, I think by this time it should be enabled.

Pooja said...

thanks for your nice words and I am glad to see your visit to my blog.
stay tuned.

got your email wiht your lovely entry. :) . Just dropped comment on that post ,but when i post there was no message appeared. I susupect it didnt go through. well , you entry is really nice, will post it with entries for today.
yes, Deepak is not Gujarati , someother day I will share more about us woth you . :)

I also felt after readin your meme that we have lot much in common.
this curry is simple to make. try it sometime , ithink you will like it, also tastes too good. you can add some sugar to give it a akhatta mitha taste, Deepak dont like sweet curry so i normally dont add sugar to any main dish.

Pooja said...

though havn't hit anyone yet, i feel like hitting them , who show off ! This is not for you , as I know you are not of that kind. :)

what we get in resturants is not of this kind dear, it is cooked with Malai, and i think they make it sweet in taste. i just tried a twist wiht that by adding yogurt to methi and matar. Hope you will like it.

I am glad that you liked recipe. Take up the meme , it will be fun . thanks

Pooja said...

Supriya ,
if someday we could meet I will make it for you dear ! just read your meme , nice meme . posted a comment to that too .
I think Love is in the air now, as Valentine's day is coming near :)), thats why we all get those old memories of love days in our mind. :)) . Will surely share it with you some time.

thats fun!
about the recipe its easy and taste too , try it sometime , I make this regularly at my place as we love it very much.

your suggestion is really good, I will think over this. not sure how many will participate wiht their stories...
You re orrect that this meme to open secret itself becomes like more secrets hidden in it. :))

Pooja said...

nice to see you here,
its a bit long time since I hear from you . do let me know if you try this dish sometime. I am waiting to read your meme ....

thanks for youe nice words, I would have lovd to know your name too !

Seems like you mistakenly print the comment for Vani here. Let me check if comment for me is in vani's post :D . Btw, thanks for visiting here.

Foodlovers said...

hi Pooja
I am a new bloger was surfing aroung & came across ur blog..& was surprised to see common things between us...I would love to visit ur site again & again.

Foodlovers said...

hi Pooja
I am a new bloger was surfing aroung & came across ur blog..& was surprised to see common things between us...I would love to visit ur site again & again.

Shvetal said...

Hello Pooja. I foudn your blog while surfing the net. I prepared the methi matar yoghurt using your recipe last week and it turned out very well. Thank you so much :)

Shvetal said...

Hello Pooja. I came across your blog while surfing. I made methi matar and yoghurt for the first time last week, using your recipe. It turned out very well - was yummy! Thank you so much :)

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