Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Second day Enteries for Tomato. :)

2nd day with tomato as Vegetable of the Week !
2 entries.
2 recipes with same name On this post today ! :)

First Entry for the second day is from Sangeeta of Ghar Ka Khana.
She prepared delicious Stuffed tomato ! Well, as sangeeta described on her blog , from various option with tomato she choose to make this, and that is what exactly I did, I choose to make stuffed tomato for today!!! Well, the beauty of this vegetable of the Week event is this only. Today we have 2 much different version of stuffed tomatoes. Remember this happened before with Dum aloo, at that time too both were very different with Seema and trupti’s unique style to prepare it. This time what Sangeeta has sent me from her ‘Ghar’, was also tucked somewhere in ‘My Creative Ideas’… check out different versions and have fun in twists…:D
I Find it nice to know different version of stuffed Tomato . Thank you Sangeeta for sharing this with us. The picture is really prompting…

Viji is again with me, with her Tomato Rasam recipe. I have little knowledge about this, and this one I find really good as one part of a healthy dish. Here I would also like to add something about her. Viji is regular practicing Yoga, and is having very deep knowledge about different Asanas and Mudras. If some one is eager to know more about this , then I am sure viji can help you out. Also she is a very conscious healthy food maker. I rely on her blog completely to seek some really nice food for health.
I once tasted tomato rasam , which did not contained toor dal , as Viji told me there are amny different styles to make rasam . I would really appreciate If someone can show me how to make tomato rasam without adding Toor dal to it.I am sure many of you might be knowing it very well, right? So, Thanks in advance. :)


Vcuisine said...

Sangeeta, stuffed tomatoes are so cute. Thanks pooja, for your comments. Viji

Anonymous said...

Hey Pooja,

I regularly read you Blog.and its really Yummy.
But it seems ur have shifted to partial feeds.I dnt know the reason behind it.but it will cause inconvenience to feed readers like me.

Pooja said...

Viji : I just said what I feel like saying about you ! thanks on behalf of Sangeeta too !:)

Neo : I dont intend to do not reply you . It is nice to know about visitors like you :) Hope you will not have chance to complain about that now. :) .


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