Friday, January 19, 2007

Sev Usal,Mix bean dry curry, Ghugharee and Pani Puri

Here I am , going to share some halthy and quick recipes with different beans ! Let me start with the one I like the most in these cold days! :)

Sev Usal is an official chaat dish at our home menu. Since I have not seen it anywhere else , I suppose that it is a kind of Gujarati chaat dish :D.
A quick, tasty and nice dish to serve in hot evenings. :)
Here is how I make it.

Ingredients For Sev Usal :
2 cups dry peas soaked over night,
1 potato peelied and cut into small cubes ,
2 tomatoes finely chopped,
2 onions finely chopped,
1 tsp garam masala,
¾ sp turmeric powder,
½ tsp red chilli powder,
1 tsp ginger –garlic paste,
1-2 tsp oil,
Salt to taste,
Pinch of asafetida
To serve :
Coriander leaves, onion,
Tamarind chutney,
Sev,(made up of besan(Gram flour)).
Peel potato and cut it into small cubes. Pressure cook potato cubes and soaked peas together. The idea behind adding potato to it is to form thick gravy for this dish. Cook them until it is soft enough. And lightly mash it just like we do for Pau bhaji.

Chop onion and tomatoes and heat oil in a frying pan. Add ginger garlic paste and asafetida powder to it and next add onion. Let onion cook until they are golden brown. Then add tomato and let it cook until it turns into thick tomato gravy.
Now in add into this mashed peas and potatoes along with tamarind powder and 1 cup of water, let these all cook together until it forms a good mixture with thick gravy.(you can add water and cook it for few more minutes is it is too thick. )

Finally add red chilli powder, garam masala powder and salt to it. Cook for 1 minute and turn off the heat. Here our Usal is ready. This Usal also goes well with bread; we try it that way to for a change sometimes.

For a real way of making and serving Sev usal , first take usal in a snack dish(or in a bowl), garnish it with some chopped onion, tomato and coriander leaves, sprinkle some tamarind chutney on it. And finally add a spoon full of yogurt to it and sprinkle all over Sev . And hey, Don’t forget to add your love to it. :), Serve Hot and you will see your happiness reflecting in the eyes of the person in front of you happy :) .

Mix beans Dry curry :

As I thought when announcing this week to celebrate with beans, I was sure that some of you will come up with beans with tasty gravy in it, this is the way we all love beans to eat. And also I must agree that it is the way we all love to have beans in our meals. :)

Here is one more way of making its curry , just the variation is - it is dry. Just some beans sprouted together and a quick dish is here to made up with . Also healthy and prepared with less oil than for normal curry .

2 cups sprouted beans( you can choose any or combination all you like ) ,
1 small tomatoes chopped,
1 small onion chopped,
3-4 garlic cloves, cut length or width wise,
1/2 tsp turmeric powder,
1 tsp red chilli powder,
Salt to taste,
1 tsp Lemon juice.
1 tsp cumin seeds,
1 tsp mustard seeds,
1 tsp oil.

Cut tomato and onion finely and keep it aside.
Take 1 tsp oil in a cooker, and add mustard seeds to it, when it starts spluttering, add cumin seeds to it. Next add garlic pieces. And immediately add onion and tomato. The pure of adding onion and tomato is just to bring little sweet and sour taste to this curry. Now add sprouted beans of your choice to it . Next add turmeric powder, red chilli powder , and salt to it. Add little water, just about ¼ cup to this and close the lid. Let it cook on low flame for about 3-4 minute, I normally cook it for one whistle.
This way beans will slightly increase in their size and will tastes good too.
Serve it hot with roti .
A quick and healthy meal for busy days is ready for you. :D.


Here is another Gujarati snack with black eyed beans(also called Moth beans, Matki in Marathi language and math in Gujarati).

This dish is attached with my memory such that even today the aroma of this dish drives my mind to my childhood days. When I was just 8-9 years, we all cousins get together at our native place “Morbi”, in our summer vacation. Normally we spend the entire vacation together and enjoyed a lot all the time, I have only 2 cousins younger than me all others are older than me 1 year older to even 9 years older. We all together were really having blast that time. Totally we all were 10-12 little bastards together were really creating chaos for all. May it be playing cricket and cracking some ones window :P or just playing cards together. Such energy and enthusiasm we had, starting from the morning till we sleep, we even never be at one place. Just having fun all the day was our motto :D, without knowing hunger ,skin burning sunlight or anything else. Our respected Grandpa was there at that time who was much caring about all of us. He always kept our wellness in his mind- like we all should eat ontime and do not run in skin burning sun lights outside etc etc…
In the after noon around 4 p.m when we just sit for a while Grandpa realize that we must all be hungry and at that time my beloved auntie was making this dish for all of us. Real Quick and tasty too. I know now why she prepared this, as she knew that we all must be very hungry and need some solid snack to eat. I remember all of us were finishing it in no time and were rushing to our game back :)) . That time we were not mature enough to remember to express our gratitude to auntie or Grandpa, now I realize it. So nice of them to do all these without expecting a word, their greatness and our childishness. May be some time today only I will call her and will thank her for being such nice to us.
Those were the golden days, never going to return to me, all of us are now settled somewhere busy with our own life and responsibilities. Grandpa passed away two year ago and I just have his wisdom and kindness to cherish now.

Well, here is a the real quick dish of “Ghugharee” .
2 cup math(matki) soaked over night. ( here I used it sprouted) ,
2 tsp garlic minced with red chilli powder,
Salt to taste.
1 ½ tsp oil.
Get soaked Math ready . Here I used Sprouted one.
Heat oil in a pan , add garlic-red chilli powder paste to it when oil is little hot, take care that it should not get burnt . Immediately add soaked Math and mix it well cook for a while and turn off heat.
Serve hot as it is or just for a change with plain yogurt. A quick healthy snack for kids is ready .

Last but not the least- is favorite of all of us, as far as I remember. :D
Pani Puri : )

As I have posted this one earlier too, just check the process here. It requires to have Phudina(mint leaves), make the Mint water using the simple process here, and get boiled potatoes and sprouted Moong(Green gram) ready . Normally what is being used is soaked and then boiled black chick peas ,I find sprouted Moong little more healthy and tastier thats why normally I use it instead chick peas. Check it out here and enjoy it this weekend with family and friends. :) .

Submitting all four recipes here to
VKN of Mydhaba. for his cook book -You can cook .

Will post vegetable /theme for the next week within a day or two . Stay tuned and Enjoy yourself.


Anonymous said...

Pooja, Loved the recipes specially pani puri (all time fav of mine) and ghurgharee. Will definatley make it sometime. Loved your post as well. I miss my child hood days so much. Your post reminded me of my old days.


Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to mention the sev usal. Looks yummmmmmmmyyy.

Anonymous said...

poooooooooooja... why r u doing this to me???!!! i am rushing to my kitchen now... god!!! everything looks soooooooooooooo yummmyyyyyyyy...

Anonymous said...

Love your recipes Pooja.Loved the round up.Pinto bean masal is great too.
Hope you left a comment on every entry you recieve to appreciate all like other event hosts do, so you get more entries next time.A suggestion from a badi behan!;))

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,

Amazing yummy receipes..i liked verymuch your heena design and everything you contribute for the event..

Doing a gr8 job man!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tempting dishes and very attravtive blog. However my son and me get little scared on the day when my wife makes Matakichi usal. Menu for the say Breakfast - Misal Pav - Lunch - Matakichi usal and high tea snacks - Usalpau and so on

Samir said...

POOJA Foul! Pani puri pictures like this are not allowed. Now, I need to drive to nearest chat place... Can you email me some pani puris :(

Pooja said...

Dear Seema,
those were the really golden days , ain't it? when we were child we wished to grow older wuickly and do the things our elders were doing, now when we are at this stage we miss those days ! life just like that :) . thanks for yur comment for my recipes, somehoe i feel the picture of sev Usal is lool=king little blured here, which is originally much sharp. dont know how it happened. :(. thanks for being there dear.

Supriya ,
try making this dish , all of them are much quick, just we need o pre plan it, so that we have soaked or sprouted beans ready with us. I am glad that you liked it. :)

Asha ,
thanks dear. I love all suggestionsyou ,my dear sister !truely welcome. I am gonna post you one mail soon. Check that out when you are free. :) thanks agian for your nice words here.

Pooja said...

thank you dear . May be some day I will make your hand :) . hope you will be fine there . take care

Warm welcome to my blog !
I have heard alot about matkichi Usal , and I know that is very very spicy . though just hearing that I never tasted it :)), will try to make it some day with less spiciness at home. :) . thanks for sharing your thoughts here.
Stay tuned

Welcome to my blog world !
Are this pic banned ? :)) . well, this way atleast you have treat for your eyes. :D .
thansk for dropping by here.

Coffee said...

WAH!!!!! Usal!!!! My favourite!!!!! Its not gujju. Its a typical marathi dish i think.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful array of dishes here!!! All of them look delicious! Great Job,Pooja!

Those Pani-puris are making my mouth water, havent had them in a while!


sra said...

Hi Pooja, nice post. Whenever I see moth beans in the store, I wonder where I can use them - now I have a recipe. Once i got them but they got worms b4 i cd do anything. Also, about Morbi, is it the same place where they make sanitaryware?

Anonymous said...

hi pooja
paanipoori looking tasty..mouth watering...

Vcuisine said...

Dear Pooja, Nice recipes, I like pani puris too much. Will try soon. Nice collection. Tks for sharing. Viji

Anonymous said...

Pooja..very nice recipes indeed!I just love pani puri too!

padmaja said...

Nice blog, visiting for first time through sandeepa's.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

Lera said...

Pooja, so many chats and snacks all in one post!!It's very Tempting!!! I just love chats! your sev usal is a must Try.Thanks for sharing these lovely Recipes:))

Pooja said...

Hi Coffee:thanks , though Marathi dish I know as Usal is completely different than this, dear .

Trupti : try it there if it is possible to get puris there :), once you get puri its easy to make and quick too . thanks for yur nice words.

Sra: yes dear Morbi is the one famous for Sanitarywares , tiles ans wall clocks. I am happy that my post is going to help you :)

Swapn : thanks dear !

Pooja said...

Viji : I find home made panipuri healthy too . otside is just full of unhealthy things :D. try it sometime and you will find it easy to make. do let me know when u try this.

Vini: Just come here to share some with me ! I am wating for you . :)

Padmaja : Thanks for dropping by ! welcome to myblog world:)

Krystyna: you are welcome !

Lera: do let me know if you try it , it will go nice with these cool days :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja lovely dishes will be trying the usal and dried curry. Thanks for the recipe.Those heena designs are beautiful. BTW i tried your tomato paratha the same day and turned out really good.

Anonymous said...

Great dishes ben...ahhhh the pani fav...I am drooling at the pics...thanks for sharing ben...take care

Pooja said...

I am very happy to hear that you liked tomato paratha and tried it well. :) , thanks for sharing this with me. :D. Do let me know about this too when you try it . :)

Dilipbhai ,
Thanks for your nice words. Stay tuned .:)

Anonymous said...

I love your pani puri in the first sight!!! But I'll cook your sev usal first for lunch tomorrow, very tempting too!

Pooja said...

Oh Dear ! seems like you are loving Indina food :) . you can use frozen or fresh green peas too for sev usal. Pani puri is one of the most favorite sanck time item for all us indians:)) . easy and healthy too when made at home .
thanks . do let me know when you try it.

archana said...

Hi Pooja ,Your photo of usal and panipuri are really mouth watering.
In Maharashtra for sev usal we say misal and eat it with pav.It is a meal in itself. I must soak the matki tonight.

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