Monday, January 22, 2007

Theme of the Week- Orange ,White & Green

Theme of the week! Well, this week Friday falls on 26th Jan - Republic day of India. Being from the state of Gandhi bapu , I can never forget this day , and I truly want to celebrate this with all of you.

Read below for the theme of this week:

1. Cook anything with 3 colors of flag of India. (Orange , White and Green – you can cook dish finally resulting in any of these 3 colors / any single color / all of 3 , some variation in color of final dish is perfectly Ok . :)) For example visit to my steamed pulao having all 3 colors together...

2. Create anything having combination of 3 colors. i.e. you can just catch a picture of array of vegetables/birds/flowers having these 3 colors, or click anything else like say 3 scarves of these 3 colors, or anything you can imagine from your side.

I think this is a good chance for all of us to do something creatively. Just show up anything with our three basic colors Orange , White and Green. You can send any number of entry , like you can cook any number of dish, can show something else with 3 colors of Indian Flag, and show case anything else too. We will have many options really if we think about.
I, myself - is getting many ideas right now as I am writing about this just now. Your final day to send entries is Friday. After that I will do the round up for this week.

I am expecting something high for the first time from all of you buddies as I think we should value the Freedom we are gifted with and should have pride for the Matrubhumi we belongs to. Though we might be in different parts of this world, the fact remains unchanged that we all are Indians. Let us be together virtually this way and have something nice together.
My beloved Non-Indian friends are also welcome to be a part of this event and celebrate our spirit.
So, let all foodies start together, strech your mind a bit and come up with novel ideas , and let us all celebrate it together. Three cheers for India.

Will come back soon with my entries, reach me at , and enjoy the spirit with zeal and zest .


Anonymous said...

Nice theme pooja, veru creative as your name goes.
Will try to come up with something.

Anonymous said...

hi pooja
i appreciate ur idea....great job..

Anonymous said...

Jai Hind, to my North Indian friend from your south Indian behan err..akka!:D
Will do very nicely!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,

Great theme :) This will be so much fun

Anonymous said...

Yet another creative Idea!! Cant wait to see the creative recipes. This will be soo much fun!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Will come up with something soon. Ava mast ideas kyanthi lave che yaar??


Vcuisine said...

nice idea Pooja. I will send my entry by email. Viji

Anonymous said...

I have already sent my entry

sher said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, it led me to visit your blog--and what a wonderful blog it is. I'll be able to learn many things from you. I want to say that I admire Mohandas K. Gandhi so much. What a legacy he left for the whole world to follow!

Anonymous said...

Pooja you were absolutely right. I will definitely send the picture of my cake to you for your independence day event. And ya, your Mehandi designs are awesome...

Thanks, Nidhi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,

Thats really good idea dear,sure going to participate in this..Jai Hind..

Inbetween I got my net connection,so hope here afterwards i won't have any problem in posting receipes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,

Thats really good idea dear,sure going to participate in this..Jai Hind..

Inbetween I got my net connection,so hope here afterwards i won't have any problem in posting receipes.

Coffee said...

YAY!!!! I already have one ready which I will be posting soon!!!!!

Pooja said...

Dont miss to send your entries dear , I am missing your entries since last couple of weeks :( . I am sure you will have some very novel ideas for this too . :)
thanks for appreciating my idea. :D.

I am glad that you liked it :) . thanks

Jai Hind :) . I am not north Indian :(( , my elder sister dont know me yet.. buhooooo :(( :(( ,
I am from Gujarat,though Deepak is not Gujarati :D .
I just cant wait to see what you come up with :) . thanks.

Pooja said...

Sangeeta& Manjula
I also think it should be fun having round up dull with 3 colors :D. let us see how it turn out to be. :)

I am glad that you liked it :) I am waiting eagerly for your entry. you always has such good ideas about any theme :) . thanks dear.

thanks dear ! I have already got your email .thanks for that. Have a nice and safe trip to India. Will wait for your call. :)

I haven't got any email from you(may be you mistyped the email address). Will you please send it again, or you can send your link here in comment too .

Pooja said...

Welcome to my Blog World :D. I am glad that this blog is helping you to learn something.
I also adore Gandhiji very much for what he was. Nice to meet someone like me here :)

I am glad that you liked it :) thanks dear.
Thanks for appreciating my Mahendi designs too :) .

Usha ,
thanks dear ! Missing you and your entries since last couple of weeks. Hope you will be able to make it this time . Jai Hind !

Coffee ,
sure ! I am waitign to see yours, now when your cam is working , I am sure you will have great recipes in your mind to come up with. :) .Thanks

Anonymous said...

Orange :-

White :- Sabudana Khichadi

Green :- Hara Pulao

Anonymous said...

great blog
i'll be here again
enjoying your wonderful dishes
regards from chile, southamerica

Anonymous said...

pooja..that's a nice idea...i missed your post..hoping to make it by friday...

Anonymous said...

me too jumping in Pooja

Anonymous said...

this is one fantastic blog! keep up the good work!

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I'd love to exchange links with yours!

if u agree, please leave me a comment in any one of my blogs, and i'll link back to u pronto!



sra said...

hey pooja, have tagged you for a meme!

Pooja said...

Thank you very much . Just got a look to your nice entries. :)

Thanks for dropping by here. I am glad that you liked my blog and recipes here :)

I will do round up on saturday here in india. Hope to get your entry by that time . thanks for your willingness to participate. :)

Thanks , I ust dropped a comment to yours. i will take it up in the next week. thanks dear :)


RP said...

:( I missed it. But I am being hopeful and looking around for any possible color combination. If I get something related to this theme, I will definitely request you to accept my entry, though a bit late.

Anonymous said...

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