Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Royal Green Peas Curry & entries for First day Of vegetable of the Week -Green Peas & Meme

Royal Green Peas Curry ! - I dont why they call it this way , perhaps because it contains thick cream to serve it with :D.
This is what I made last week and shared with you all as Tricolored Curry( I still like that name ! ) Here is the easy and quick recipe for it.
Ingredients :
1 cup fresh green peas.
1 cup tomato puree or 2-3 finely chpped tomato ,
1 medium sized onion,
1 tsp ginger garlic paste ,
2 green chillies,
1/4 tsp garam masala,
1 tsp coriander- cumin powder,
1/2 tsp turmeric powder ,
1/2 tsp red chilli powder,
1 tsp oil,
salt to taste.
coriander leaves to garnish,
thick milk cream to decorate and serve with .

Chop onion , chillies and ginger - garlic , putthem in Mixture bown and grind them to fine paste.
Boil the green peas until they are soft. drain the water and keep them aside. In a kadhai take tsp oil and when it gets little warm add the onion, ginger, garlic and chilli paste to it,stir it , and cook it until the good aroma of onion fill your kitchen , it may take at most 1 minute.
Add tomato puree to it, if using chopped tomato then let it cook until it makes thick grave and then adjust water as per the desired thickness of gravy. take care to choose ripe juicy tomatoes for this .
Add green peas to it and then add turmeric powder, red chili powder, garam masala and coriander -cumin powder to it. Stir it well and then add salt. when cooked , turn off the heat and Serve when not so hot. ! while serving spread thick cream on it, and garnish with coriander leaves.

If you wish you can avoid using cream to this. I dont like cream much,I ate it without cream and that too was tasting delicios. The dish shown above went directly to Hubby ,as he is fond of Milk and milk products... as per him, this was tasting divine :D. Do try any way you like,this is a quick and tasty dish !

Now here are some entries we have for the vegetable of the Week :) .
First is from Mythreyee of Try this recipe , sharing here her recipe to make Green Peas Pulao .

Next is our Coffee from My khazana of recipes, with her version of a potato peas curry , which she calls -Quick fix Potato curry .Nice and quick dish from Coffee.

Our beloved Trupti or should I say 'Trupti along with her Hubby' is here with a whole new style to make -Ragda Patties , for which she baked patties instead of frying them , what a healthy way to enjoy this chaat food. ! :) . see, I was true when I told that you can always expect something new from Trupti :) .

Jasmine of Spice trail is also here with a completely new way of making idli with peas. Jasmine is sharing here wiht all of us Rava Idli With green peas . such a novel Idea !

Let us welcome Haripriya of Sweet & Spice , who is presenting her recipe here for the first time . she made a wuich tasty dish - Green Peas Curry . healthy and an ideal dish for those busy evenings. :) . A warm welcom to Haripriya to this Event. :)

Thank you all for participating here with your nice and creative ideas. I appreciate your timely efforts to participte here with .

How my blog buddies look like ? A guessing game Meme ,Started my Sra and, I am tagged By Asha... I have some imaginary images of buddies whom I visit frequently or those who are in regular touch with me. ,somehow it happens with me always, if I know something just more than little about someone then also my mind prepares image of that person in my mind and whenever I talk about that person or interact with them indirectly I have their clear image in my mind. Let me start that intresting guessing game now, I choose it to present in alphabetical order. : )

I visualize Gattina as a highly energetic and creative person with cooking . I think she loves to cook different cuisines. And some how when I think of her , I feel she must be managing everything very well, Gattina do let me know wheather I am correct with my guessing about you or not?

I think of Pavani as a very good mannered girl, as she chooses her words quite nicely in the comment (not like me : ) ) ). Also she is very neat and nice with cooking new dish. I feel like she is a self contended girl. I don’t know why , but my mind visualize her as a fair skinned , long black haired girl , Is it true about you , Pavani ?

When I think of Supriya I guess, she is a young energetic lady managing well balance between job and home duties. When I think of her I think of Seema too, and I think Supriya, Seema and Soumya are somewhere in the relation , perhaps I think it b’coz they have a common designs on their blog wiht recipe pictures. This is just a guess, Am I wrong ladies?
Still I have different image of 3 of them in my mind. I think of Supriya as a very enthusiastic and fun loving girl .Supriya I think you might be making fun out of everything , and a happy go lucky person .
Seema seems to be a self contended person and kind hearted person .I can imagine her face with a loving smile on her face, though except smile I cant guess anything else about her.
Soumya sounds very much similar to Seema to me , I don’t know why ? :D . She must be of very much helping nature. The way she publishes posts about health related article with great effort , I imagine her to be like a kind hearted doctor. I think, I am very near to correct image of your, right Soumya ?

Sra feels like very nearer to my own image to me, though I keep on guessing of what age she can be ? :D . I imagine her with sort hair(that’s just b’coz the pic in her profile is like that : ) ) , and also full of life . and I think Sra must be happy in whatever she does in her life.

Image of Swapna in my mind is of a loving Mom whose world is all around the happiness of her daughter. She cooks very well, I find her creative with cooking.

It might seems funny , as I think Suma as a lady with long black hair. Along with that I think she has nice complexion and beautiful features. My mind portraits her as a very hardworking lady around my age( I don’t know why but many of you are of around my age , that’s what my mind thinks of : )) ) , who is giving her 100% in what ever she does. (Am I correct with guessing , Suma?)

Usha also seems like of my age. I think she is a cool person , and stay calm in any mood of life .(just a guess, Usha). Also She is much family oriented girl and loves being around her loved ones that’s what I come guessing about her from her posts.

Just moved to write about Vani , and I find that she already published her pictures. Thank God, I checked her blog. Otherwise it might have turn into a big joke on me , if I would have imagined her other way : )) ,
Vani , you are quite similar to what I thought about. Looking lovely in those pics. : )

Initially I used to mixed up with Vini and Vani , now I have their clear pictures in my mind. I see Vini, as a loving lady cooking with ease in her kitchen, with smile on her face and her daughter around, just by reading her posts ,this is what my mind visualize about her. : )

I have already seen picture of Asha,Coffee, Dilipbhai,Nandita, Nidhi,Trupti and Viji. Thus, I have a perfect picture of them in my mind. : )) , Still If I will go in detail, I see Trupti as a highly active lady , who is a good student, proud and nice mother of 2, and a good wife of course. ! The more I read about Asha, the more I feel that she has all good qualities of my Mom. That’s what I come to know from her Meme. Still she is quite young than her age ,and just like a lovely friend to me ! Asha I visualize you as a dynamic personality, who becomes child with child and talks with maturity with elders. :D.

Coffee is a also a fun loving girl and little notorious in my imagination, after Sra next is Coffee who resembles in my mind to my own image : )) , though I just saw her very little pic on gmail chat, I still remember that. : ) .

Now you all when you read this , just drop a line for how much near I am with your real pictures ! Don’t be just Ghost readers, If I can imagine this much about you then Will it kill you to comment here ? :D .
Now I am tagging….
And Supriya for this.

take up this tag with your ease Girls !

(Request : Just now, I come to know that someone having blog name andhramirchy.blogspot.com , is using many of Seema's recipe on his/her blog along with pictures of that too. That person has also copied some of the recipes and pictures of Supriya's. this is really ridiculous . It feels bad to know this, and this is something which should be exposed in public I think. let us all expose that blogger, we can put it on put blog just ot let others know , and at least leave a comment to that person ,so that he/she can realise what a great mistaked he /she did. I already did so. this time it is Seema and Supriya , next time it might happen witt anyone of us. )

Thanks. Have fun and enjoy Green winter. :))


Coffee said...

Wah Pooja :)

Lovely entries by all

Your royal peas looks real royal!!! Cream and all!! YUMMMMMM!!!!! I am going to try that soon!!! :)

Just a thought, it would help if you put a link to every contributors recipe so the reader can directly go to their post instead of searching all around. :)

Pooja said...

Oh coffee,
I just posted it ,
I missed to put link on all, doing it now . thanks for reminding.
Love you .

Anonymous said...

Your round-up for the R-Day event was interesting. I wanted to participate in the green pea event but got the dates mixed up, maybe next week, then!

Pooja said...

Hi Sra,
thank for your willingness. No problem if you cant make up for this week. its an ongoin even forever, and you aare always welcome. though next week is going to be another fun , be there if you can.
Just updating here with the Meme you started. checkout when you get free .

Coffee said...

oh..... how come I missed out the meme first???? hmmm
fun loving.... yeah :)
notorious??....... yeah ;) a bit ;)
I also think we are quite alike :)

Sra has described me PERFECT!!!!!!

How could you think of so many???!!!! I tried doing it and stopped after 4-5!!!!! You are great :) Mind reader ?? ;)

Anonymous said...

good imaginations about fellow bloggers, may be some other time......

Anonymous said...

Hello Pooja beta,kootchie koochiee koo,(I am pinching your cheeks until it's red now)!Hey,I am just being a child with a child as you said!HeHe!!LOved the Tag,very good.
You will know MORE about me in 2 weeks,naughty Sups has tagged me,I am still in shock!:))
Shocked to know the Plagerism,sad indeed.Flood that snake with Anonymous comments with clean language!
I loved the dishes here.I will send mine on Thursday,I just posted French Onion soup at Aroma.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pooja,

Royal green peas looks really Royal man.It was fun really your guessing dear,atlast i was suprised to notice that i was tagged.....

You are almost correct.Calm in any mood of life!!!!Who me???I'm very tensed girl dear,except in few circumstance.

Anyway i was touched verymuch,by your concern on me.Thanks alot buddy.

Anonymous said...

You have a delicious entry as usual.
Oh no!! How come Jasmine got a similar idea as me? I was thinking something on the similar lines.Any how, I will send it.
I enjoyed reading about me.I am sure this is going to tickle my husband if I show this to him.
Somehow, You came closer in my description.
Yes, I have thick, long, black hair. I guess I am more beautiful in your imagination.I must post a picture of mine in my blog.
My husband would say, I would give 100% to only those things which I love doing, as my blog.
Thank you. You made my day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja..
tari royal peas curry toh ekdam swadisht lage che (haha)...no, really, it looks great.....and i loved your meme..thanks for all your kind words about me...
Take care my dear.


Anonymous said...

hi pooja
lovely write up..thanks a lot dear..u have a very good opinion on me..

Anonymous said...

Many many thanx to you buddy for posting a statemnt on plagarism. And I loved reading your meme. About myself being related to Soumya and Supriya your are very much right there as well. Soumya is my sister and supriya is my first cousin.
Hmnn so you can't guess anything else other than my smile is it? HeeHee.

Pooja, Royal green peas curry just looks amazing and rich. Loved the cream design on top as well. Have book marked it for trying gal!!!


Anonymous said...

Royal peas curry...looks royal indeed...looks delicious..Loved your Meme..

Anonymous said...

Good recipe pooja, and great blog!

Pooja said...

so I was right about you :D. you didnt miss it, i updated this post after your first comment. :))
Call me mind reader or whatever , you like ,I am just like this. :)).you try to take this tag when free enough, though its time comsuming, itsa fun for all, i think . we all like to know how our image in other buddy's mind. :)) .

thanks , ia mgladto see your regular visit to my blog :)

Pooja said...

I love calling by you Beta :) .
I really think that you are very much nice with people of each age. :) .
will catch your recipe on thursday. just next step is gointo aroma ! :D . I left some one comment with my original name on that blog, as that person banned anonymous comments.

thanks for your nice words !
when i see yur meme last time, I feel that you love taking up Meme, so i tagged you befroe anyone else. nice to know that I am quite near to yur real image .

Pooja said...

you can still present your recipe here, it wil lbe nice. I am glad that my writings made your day. :) .
even when i will see you i might find you beautiful ,as beauty lies in the eyes of beholder :) .

goint o wrtie on more meme today,as I felt i have many meme pending on me, I started oneby one this week. I just wrote what I really feel about you.
thanks dear

Pooja said...

still I am right to your right Image , Correct?

I jsut feel like do something i nthe direction to expose such people around, and you are coreect ,who knows i some one esle is doing so already with any of ours blog.
I am glad that you liked the recipe . its quick too . Perfect for days, when guests are expected and we dont have time to prepare something nice.

Pooja said...

You know somehting ?when i try to imagine about you , this picture of your profile comes to my mind , thats why to describeyou was hard for me.
I am glad that you liked this curry .

welcome to my blog . Hope you will like here. thanks fro dropping by .

Anonymous said...

You're right - I have short hair, and I'm mostly happy. Age ... heh heh ... you can guess when we meet!

Pooja said...

Hey Sra,
it feels like we are going to meet soon ! :D .

Vani said...

Ha ha! THis meme was nice to read too! I would have loved to read what you'd thought of how I looked like! Well written, Pooja.

Pooja said...

I was just saved ,as I thought to visit your blog first. :))
well, previously I miagined you too with long hair, nothing much is the sifference in my imagination and your real picture, as i find you lovely always , which reflects in your pictures as well.

Nidhi said...

Hey Pooja,

The recipe is good for royal green peas and picture looks very professional. I also liked your Idea of adding Yogurt in in Methi Matar. I also make it often and I will post my version of it soon..

Thanks a lot for tagging me for this guessing game. I will surely take it, but I think its gonno take some time to write. Well, Thanks once again.


Vinod said...

Thank you for the recipe. We followed the recipe to the core and the curry turned out great!

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