Monday, January 1, 2007

Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Potatoes Curry

Let me start celebrating Vegetable of the Week with cherry Tomatoes. I made this main course of cherry tomato along with baby potatoes... It happened that in the vegetable shop here I got Potatoes of very tiny size, so thought to make a curry this way.Here is the way I made it.


8-10 fresh cherry tomatoes(somehow what I got this time was not of perfect round shape... :)) ),
6-7 baby Potatoes,
1 tsp oil,
1 tsp garlic paste,
1/2 tsp turmeric powder,
1 tsp red chili powder,
1/2 tsp mustard seeds,
1/2 tsp cumin seeds,
1/4 cup Coriander leaves,
salt to taste,
a pinch of asafoetida,
few curry leaves.


Peel off the potato and wash them, if they are little larger in size then cut them into half. What I used here is of very tiny size , so I used it without cutting(it is so small in size that I rather like to call it cherry potatoes:)) ) . make small hole into them using fork , this will help it cooking well.

Take 1 tsp oil in Kadhai , and fry Potatoeson low flame throughly. Make it sure that it is cooked well, from the middle of it too. when cooked turn off the heat , and keep fried potatoes aside.
Next cut tomatoes into half and keep it aside.

Heat the same oil again, and now start with the real process of making this dish. Add mustard seeds, when they start spluttering , add cumin seeds curry leaves and asafoetida . Now add turmeric powder to it , and immediately add cherry tomatoes, cut into halves.

Let it cook for a while, stir occassionally , do not stir much. It will not take much time to cook. Next add salt, coriander leaves and red chili powder to it, also add fried baby potatoes. Mix them well, and serve real hot , with anything you like. I had it with chapati and Papad :) . Look at my hot Dish of this tangy tomato curry... :D.


Anonymous said...

Poojaben the curry looks fantastic. Love the idea of using baby potatoes.....thanks for sharing...take care ben

Anonymous said...

Nice recipe Pooja. I really liked the use of cherry tomatoes with baby potatoes.

Here's Wishing you a very Happy New Year. May God bless you and your family with all the happy things in this coming year.

Cheers, Nidhi.

Anonymous said...

Wish you and your family a bright 2007 filled with joy and happiness. Nice recipe with cherry tomatoes pooja

Vcuisine said...

Baby potatoes with baby tomatoes! looks so yummy pooja, could sense the flavour from here. Viji

Anita said...

Hi Pooja. Glad to see another food blog from within India. Best for a wonderful New Year.

Pooja said...

Dilipbhai: I am glad that you liked it. just by looking at their size , i made this plan to cook tomato and potato this way.

Nidhi: thanks for that. I have got your email. will vote for you agian until 24th january . thanks for providing those info.

Seema : Best wishes to you too for the new year. I am waiting to read your Meme...

Pooja said...

Viji : I made this for you specially ,s othat you can feel the aroma of it... :)) . i am happy that you liked it and approve it. for me approval from you is like a sign of healthy food.:)

Anita: I am also happy to get you ! welcome to my blog world ! wishing you happy new year. stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hi Poojai,
Awesome receipe,its so tempting.Baby potatoes with cherry tomotoes hmmmmmm...the picutes of tomotoes itself was good.

I was watching those for few minutes...

Anonymous said...

Hi pooja the potato curry with cherry tomatoes looks delicious...beautiful pics too!!! will try it for sure.

Wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

The potato curry with the tomatoes looks yummy. I have made punajabi aloo which is bursting with tomato flavors too. Here is the link

Happy New Year!

Pooja said...

Usha : I am so glad that you liked it. the same happened to me while i saw your cake .... it is so nice that the picture of that large yummy cake is perfectly stucked in my mind.

Sri : Same to you and your family SRI. stay tuned there are much more recipes with tomatoes to come...

Mandira: i jsut checked yur aloo with tomato,but dear i am not sure whether u mean to participate her with that. emai lme about that. thanks .

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,me again!nice curry.will have to try as I happen to have baby potatoes as well as cherry tomatoes!Thanks dear.

Pooja said...

do let me know if you try it. you are always welcome. this blog is dedicated for friends like you only !

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