Thursday, January 25, 2007

One of my entries For Theme of the Week

Hi Buddies, as the theme for this week is - Orange white & green, here is something from my side to participate with . Just to give you Idea. I know all of you are much good with making Dosa, here is slight twist to it, to make it perfect for Our theme -Republic day... Tricolored Dosa. Its a simple dosa decorated on one side with shredded carrot and spring onions. Some more are about to come from my side, along with all your delicious entries of yours . :D Well, another thing I want to remind you all is theme of this week is not limited to cooking only, you can participate here with anything with any or all of these 3 colors. Anything I mean, like say fruits/flowers/clothes... anything which gos perfect with this theme(no description is required for such matter, as we do with recipe of the dish ). I think we all have many option with that , since all of you have already proved that you are a Great cook , here is something more you can display too from your side ,well that is truly optional and only if you wish then.

I am happy that some of you have already contributed your recipe and I except others to send it as soon as possible, as I will do the round up on Saturday here in India. Thursday &Friday is your day to send the entries and participate here with. I am gladly sharing the spirit of Our Republic day with all of you :) . Have fun creating colorful dishes and something else colorful too...


gattina said...

Pooja, your dosa looks splendid!
Here is my entry, please let me know if there's any problem. Thank you1
my entry

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,

Thats really wonderfully INDIAN FLAG DOSA right?:))
Waiting the roundup eagerly to see our colourful contributions...
Hi Ashaji,

let me take this space to convey my message to Ashaji too...I don't what happend i couldn't access your site from my blog...

I have been trying past 2days...

Anonymous said...

Hi Poojaben!:)) Great looking Dosa.Our minds works similarly.Look at mine!:D
I know,you already did!

Hey Usha,I know lot of ppl are complaining too abt the same! I don't know why!!I changed my Template,may be that.No clue!!:(

Anonymous said...

Pooja, Perfect for the theme gal. Looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Pooja... Tara Dosa bahuuuj saras lage che! how lovely! Hope you got my recipe...take care.

YM paar malje koik divas!


Anonymous said...

excellent idea. your work justifies your blogname.

Anonymous said...

happy republic day girl:)

Anonymous said...

wow pooja
u did a great job...happy republic day...

Anonymous said...

Pooja,This is my first visit and Girl, u re really creative!! I wish I could meet you now coz I love to apply henna design/mehendi on my hands and I dont miss any single opportunity. Sometimes I pay $10 here to get it done. I wish we were neighbours :)


Anonymous said...

pooja what a splendid idea, and the tricolor dosa looks great.

Pooja said...

There can’t be any problem when a person like you sends it. I just had a look at it.its simply wonderful . Asha said correctly you are unofficial Indian from now :) .thanks for sharing this . I am proud to have my non-Indian friend sharing your joy with us. Thanks you dear !

Thanks you dear ! this time I think its going to be nice fun indeed. You can take as much space from here as required for anything dear : )) . Most welcome anytime : )

In our Gujarati ben is the word we use for elder sister or just wih respect to any lady , so let me Address you like that. : ) . I just thought to try simple dosa this way for this theme. I am happy that you al liked it. :D .

One request I wanted to make – if possible just reduce the ni of post that is displayed on your blog –foodieshope. Coz it noramally take muchtime to load the whole page . I have good speed of bronadband still it makes me wait sometimes . this is just a suggestion. Do as you feel like.
Thanks dear !

Pooja said...

Thanks dear . ! It feels good when you appreciate my ideas 

Mane recipe mali gayi, hamanaj tara blog par comment muki. It looks very nice . thanks dear .

Thanks . let me know who are to just know more about you . : )

Same to you. Got your email. Will reply to it today .

Pooja said...

Thanks you . I am going to do round up tomorrow.

Thanks for your nice words about me and my blog :) . Well, if some day we got to meet I will try to get free time to make design on your hand. :D
Thanks for dropping by here, Stay tuned.

Thanks for appreciating my idea. Sometimes I feel like its all my buddies nice words that drives me to do something more nicely . : )

Anonymous said...

Happy Republic day to you too....tricolor dosa looks good...very hindustani!!!

Pooja said...

Hi Sri,
Happy republic day to you too.
I am glad to read your words.

Anonymous said...

Your Dosa loks grrreat Pooja, very creative and Holding the spirits high
I don't think i can come up with a recipe though i will try to send you a pic by tonight, my time

padmaja said...

Happy Republic day pooja, Nice theme.

Jasmine said...

Happy Republic Day !!

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