Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mughlai Dal

Hope you all had a nice weekend there, I had too :) .
I am back here with one more recipe to share with you all. its really going nice here with tomato , even in the second week of this tangy vegetable. Hope you are not getting bored of the same veggie :D .
Mughali Dal! the name itself makes me feel like princess, specially when someone else prepare this for me and serve it to me :)) . Well, this time I made it on my own, and here is the way to make it.

1/2 cup Kidney beans
1/2 cup Urad dal(Black gram)
1/2 cup Chana dal (Split bengal gram)
3 tomatoes, cut in to medion sized cubes,
1 onion , chopped finely
3-4 garlic cloves, cut width wise,
1 tsp Cumin seeds,
½ tsp mustard seeds,
1-2 green chilli, chopped finely,
½ tsp turmeric powder,
1 1/2tsp red chilli powder,
1 ½ tsp cumin-coriander powder
A pinch of asafetida,
Salt to taste,
1 tsp oil,
Coriander leaves to garnish.


Soak kidney beans, urad dal and chana dal in warm water for 4-5 hours.
Pressure cook them until they are soft and mushy , using hand blender smash it and keep aside.
Chop onion and green chilli finely, cut tomato into medium sized cubes and keep it aside. In a Kadhai heat 1 tsp oil and add Mustard seeds ,when they start spluttering , add cumin seeds and asafetida to it. Next add garlic,green chilli and onion, cook until onion turns brown and then add tomatoes to it.

Cook for a while and add smashed dal mixture to it. Add little water if dal is too thick . Let it cook until it comes to boil . Then add turmeric powder, red chilli powder and cumin-coriander powder to it.(Intially when you cook this dal, you will find it liitle different in color , and I have seen people mixing in some edible color to it ,just to improve its color, here I have avoided using green chillies and used more red chilli powder to maintain taste and color both, also cumin-coriander powder will do good with that.) Mix well , add salt and turn off the heat when dal is mixed well with all other ingredients. garnish with coriander leaves and Serve hot with rice.

A bit different from regular dal /sambhar and also rich with nutrition values.
As the Name suggests it is called mughlai, and ofter served with a tsp full of butter on top of it. I just avoided it, if you are a butter lover, just try it theat way !
I sevred it along with Steamed pulao .
I learnt it from Mom. Here is my Mom's quick and nice recipe for Steamed Pulao.

Ingredients :
2 cup Basmati (long grained) rice,
1 tsp butter/Ghee,
1 tsp Cumin seeds,
3-4 cloves,(laving)
1/2 cup chopped carrot,
1/2 cup green peas,
salt to taste.

In a vessel or Pan heat the ghee, add cumin seeds and cloves to it , whe nthey start spluttering add finely washed rice to it, and water double then the quantity of rice. when rice is half cooked, add little more water , salt, green peas a nd chopped carrot to it. let is cook the usual way until rice is cooked and all water is evaporated.
serve this hot with anything you like . I had this with Mughlai Dal :)
Try it sometime and you will fall in love with these both nutritious dishes, specially when accompanied by each other. :D


Anonymous said...

Colorful and yummy!Thanks Pooja for mom's recipe!:)

Anonymous said...

hey princess... cool recipe... i bet noone can get enough of tomatoes... so girl bring it on:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,both Mughlai dal and Pulao look beautiful!I will see what I can make this week but since Ananya is not so well,I may have to content myself with cooking from other blogs this week!

Anonymous said...

Wow Pooja....Mughlai Daal ekdam saras lage che. I have been craving some Punjabi/Mughlai style food for many days now, this is perfect for it!

Tane kaish pacchi, Trupti

Anonymous said...

hai pooja
u are doing great..keep it up..
the dishes are looking yummy...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recipe of steamed pulao. I have been noticing the pictures of similar kind of pulao on these instant food packets by swad and other companies. I didn't know what goes in it and how the rice looked white and beautiful.Now i know.

Anonymous said...

wow wnderful pulao
mughalai food looks lovely i guess pulao and mughalai will take wonderful
imagining it brings my tongue out hehehehe
thanks for sharing this wonderful mouthwatering dish
thank you

Vcuisine said...

Very nice presentation Pooja as usual. Thanks for sharing. Pulao looks so good. Viji

Pooja said...

Hey Asha,
it boost me up when I get first comment from you :) , thank you !

Supriya : thanks dear ! I am also not getting enough of it . Coming up more recipes.... just wait and watch :D.

Vini: Ananaya is a good name, i always liked this name, take good care of her, I love kids, specially baby girls :) , and i cant see them upset when they are not well. take care and do good. thanks for dropping here inspite of your busy schedule.

saru thayu , ke me mughlai dla banavavanu choose karyu , atleast tane to maja avase :) . chal banave to kehje.

Pooja said...

Swapna & suma : nice that you liked it and it helpedyou to get to know something . thanks !

Jaya : it is even easy to prepare, try making it sometime and your will love it.

Viji : thanks for your nice words! stya tuned.

Deepak Gopi said...

I havent eaten mugalai Daal .I should try immediately.
Thankyou for the visit and comments.
you can add me. Thank you
good day :):)

gattina said...

Your steam pulao looks very fluffy and fragrant! Can imagine each grain singing on my tongue!
Last night my Blogger acted stranged, didn't allow me to do a few editing things. Now I can see the link of your ragda petis, am going to link it back. Once in a while I don't feel like having dairy products so that time gave yours a try, whao! love it instantly (but I mashed most peas, and just used plain potato).
Thank you so much for all your lovely recipes Pooja, you have a wonderful blog and I'm glad I "meet" you :D
Warmest regards.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja

Your recipe for dal is so similar to my recipe for dal makhani. Yes, it tastes delicious. Initially, I was so hesitant to add urad dal, but realized it made the dal so yummy. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Wow Pooja.. Mughlai dal sounds very royal.. I like to try different dals and this is going on my "to-do" list. Thanks for the recipe.

Pooja said...

I am Glad that you are finding some intresting recipes here. It makes all the efforts of posting all the recipes here worth when someone finds it reallt useful :) . I am happy to get you here . Stay tuned .

Lakshmik ,
thanks ! bit busy these days , will chech your version of this dal some time later.

Pavani ,
Have it sometime in your menu, andmake yourself feel Royal with it : ) . do let me know when you try it .

Anonymous said...

Mughlai dal oh boy as the name itself suggests it looks so very yummy and your rice looks nice and colorful and healthy.
Thanx for sharing.

I'm Thinking said...

gud 2 c sumone encouraging vegeterian dishes.
Nice & yummy dishs2 learn.
Get going wid newer dishes......

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