Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sixth Day Enteries for Tomato !

I thought that I am gonna be alone to post here Tomato recipes this week, as all of you might have already sent something you wished to send. But to my pleasant surprise I am not alone to post here today. Rinku, Sangeeta and Pavani are here to share something nice with all of us.
Also all the entries of today are very creative, and worth praising . I Just loved them all.
Thank you Ladies for sharing your great cooking recipes with us.
Rinku has made Tomato Kadhi.
Sangeeta is sharing with us Kidney beans in tomato gravy.
And something toatally new is from Pavani , that is Green tomato Pachadi.

Thank you Rinku, Sangeeta and Pavani for your mouth watering enteries, and specially to be with me in the scond week of Tomato as Vegetable of the Week . :) .


Anonymous said...

Kadhi looks yummy!Let me see if I have one.Thanks Pooja.

Anonymous said...

The dal looks delicious pooja. Thanks for sharing.

Pooja said...

Thank you Mandira !

I also love this Tomato Kadhi Asha!Rinku has come up with something really nice. :)

Coffee said...

WOW!!!! tomato again!!!! I think all the tomatoes are going to be vanished from the market this week..... ;) The mughlai dal sounds great!!!!! Nice recipe Pooja. :)

Pooja said...

hi Rooma,
thanks , tomatoes are not totally vanished yet :D, Have left some for you all to try any of these recipes with :)

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