Monday, February 25, 2008

Gujarati -That's what I am :)

A Gujarati, native in rich cultured Saurashtra region, bought up and schooling in Capital of Gujarat , studied engineering in yet another part of Gujarat and did jobs in 3 such places where earlier I was never been.

Though I was not much keen about knowing/discovering the history and culture of different parts of Gujarat at that time , Life just passed such a way that I interacted with many different people from each part of Gujarat. These things made me aware of the rich history and culture of Gujaraties (“Gujarati loko” as we call :) - loko means people in Gujarati language), different yet always the same kind of neat and well managed life style they have.

With their hearts always ready to give a warm welcome to guests and supporting for any new people in the area. I can see the same hospitality in Gujarati people here too, and perhaps this are what we Gujaraties inherited from our Land :z .

Today when I think about my past I feel even more proud of the life I spent there . Especially the support I got from the people from the places where I had never been before, and where I was not even intending to stay for a long. Knowing all these things if someone is still helping you, I just understand that, that is some unconditional help and favor they are doing to you, without expecting anything in return. And when you are a part of such juncture, definitely you can say humanity is not finished yet ( Manavata haji mari parvari nathi , as we say in our Gujarati :) ) .

It’s the place where ,

when you meet someone for the first time they welcome you as if they have been waiting for you - just as a long lost dear friend,
where the hospitality of the hosts make you eat almost double than you can :D
and where even a simplest single meal is not complete without buttermilk – “Chhash “ ,Understand that you are somewhere in Gujarat :) .

We celebrate many lovely festival , be it Navarti with Garba and Dandiya or New year day following Diwali day or Kite festival on 14th of Jan. every year :~...

Now when it comes to Gujarati meal , My dil go sooooonnnn...... :O ,…. Ahhh let me decide where to start from :d ………..
As you all know , Khaman , Dhokla , Handavo, khandavi , khichdi – kadhi , Undhiyu,Muthia,
Patra etc...are very close part of Gujarati kitchen and now much liked by people of other regions too :L .

Not only that , we have a large variety of main course , side dishes, pickles , snacks and dinner items, some of which is very specific to the season - like in winter Bajri na rotla ne ringana no olo or methi ringan nu shak ne bhakhari .

Be it Puri , rotli (fulka roti ), thepla, Bhakhari or Rotla we have different veriety in those too.

For example if you talk about thepla, we have Dudhi na thepla (lauki thepla) , methi na thepla ( fenugreek thepla) , Masala thepla, Lasaniya thepla(garlic thepla) etc…

And not to forget a large array of sweets – churma na ladu , shiro, mohan thal , magaj , penda , lapsi , dudh paak , dudh pauaa, bundi ladoo , and many more I think.

Here is a traditional dish I would like to share with you today .
That is Ringana na olo .(Roasted Eggplant Subji )

This traditional shaak is famous since a long time where there were no gas stoves available , and the best taste of it you get when you roast it using chulha, where it gets the opportunity to cook really well from all the side with real falmes of wood.
You will this find this as a Gujarati version of baingan ka bhartha.
The main difference being that it don’t take any other veggies like tomato or onion for making this.

Basically a much more spicier and oily version of this shaak , has now turned into a little mild and less oily version to suit our much idle life of today . This during the winter days specially is the food you can find in kitchen of each farmer families, those were the days where agriculture were the only main source of income for people, their life was so busy , active with different activities in farm and home stuffs ,where one don’t need to worry on how to loose pounds of weight, instead it was necessary to eat sufficient source of all kind of food to keep one more lively and active .

Now as my clock is reminding me that I have last one hour left to post and send this entry I better hurry and share the recipe of it to you all…

Ingredients :
Big eggplant
2 tsp garlic minced with 1 tsp red chili powder ,
2-3 green chilies ,
2 tsp oil ,
Salt to taste , coriander leaves to garnish .

Method :
Choose not too hard eggplant , from the veriety of largest possible size of it .
Using knife just make little slits on its skin and roast it on flame from all sides ,
Untill you can see its skin easily getting saparated from the inner part.
Roast it whole until too tender .

Keep it on a large dish or aluminium foil and let it cool for a while, then carefully remove all the back skin from it and then on a chopper board cut it length wise and then cut it from width ,such than it will make small piece of it , which actually u can see as the smallest part it. Keep in mind that you roast it such that it will not be like piece at this stage just a soft little bite you can say .

Next in a kadai heat the oil , when it is warm add the minced garlic with red chili and then chopped green chili . Add the cut eggplant and salt , stir will ,mix every thing and cook for just a min or two.
Turn off the heat and garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

This makes a perfect desi gujarati thali when served with bajri(pearl millet) na rotla with fresh home made butter on it and gol(jaggery) In winter days makes perfect warm meal that is good and warm for body too.

Since I am not that perfect with making Rotla I would recommend you to check this for step by step process of how to make perfect bajri no rotlo .

This goes straight to Mythili of Vindu for RCI-Gujarat. I just realized that today is the last date , and don’t wanted to miss this opportunity to share this and many lovely things of a Gujarati .Thank you Mythili for chossing Gujarti cuisine for this month it was wonderful participating with this my all time favorite dish , and may be its favorite of all Gujaraties :) .

I think I can write and share much more about the region –Gujarat , may be some other time , its already 11.55 pm :f , today is fight with time just 5 mins left now :D , also not to bore you much today ;). A very good morning to you if you are reading this in early morning and have a nice day ahead :) .


Srivalli said...

Hang on ok are going on and on on those yummy dishes I remembered devouring in our food festival we had...yummy cuisine I tell I can understand your passion in this post..great to know..thanks for sharing another yummy recipe..that looks good...this was also on my menu but didn't' have time to cook these..but the two thalis that I made, helped atleast for me...:)

Jayashree said...

I have made baingan bharta before, but did not known that such a dish existed without onions or tomatoes. It sure will bring out the full flavour of the brinjals. Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe.

sra said...

That's a nice plate! We make this bharta too, like you said, with many other add ons - tamarind, jaggery, onions, coriander etc. It's sweet and sour.

Jaya said...

I want That Gujrati Thali ..yum ..
nice entry for the event ..
hugs and smiles

Sia said...

baingan shaak is so much like barta but with few ingredients. i love the smoky smell of baingan. the thali is drrolworthy pooja:)

indosungod said...

Heartwarming to read you story on Gujarat and its 'loko'. the roasted eggplant dish, a few simple ingredients and incredible taste.

Asha said...

Great post Pooja! I smiled when I read "Gujarati Loko". Trisha studies Spanish, "Loco" means mad or crazy in Spanish!:D
I know there is Gujarati community in US, who help each other tremendously, which is great thing.
Gujarati Bharta, is it? Looks yum, I will try when I get Brinjals next time.

Saswati said...

hi pooja this subji is so much like baigan ka in moscow i have been missing this as i have electric hotplates and i really dont have any idea how to roast the eggplant:(.the thali looks fabulous.

Mythreyee said...

Absolutely gorgeous thali. Love it.

Neo said...

hey pooja,
am too a gujrati and proud of be one.
completely agree on what you have written here.

and you knw what, i just cooked this dish on sunday :)

vimmi said...

Hi Pooja,'

Was wondering when you would post ur recipe for the event. Thali looks excellent. We make bharta using the same technique.

My dad was posted in Ankleshwar for a few years, when I was very small. But they still remeber those days. Both mom dad can speak fairly good Gujarati. The people were so helpful. Thanks for such a sweet post

Kalai said...

Love anything with eggplants, Pooja! This looks awesome. Like you said, similar to bharta, but probably purer eggplant flavor. Sounds wonderful! Great entry! :)

Mansi Desai said...

Ekdam jhakaas post chhe Pooja! very well-written! and oh boy! we miss baroda navratri so much!!

the ringan looks awesome too!

Alpa said...

what a terrific post, makes me wanna go back to india all over again :) your bajro no rotlo looks perfect to me! i don't know how to make them either so i roll them out, lol! And you didn't even use sugar!!!!!!!!! see, why does everyone think we use sugar, lol!

AnuZi said...

a lil late with my comment but your entry looks absolutely delish dear!! You are truly worthy of your title...creative..indeed ;o)

Pooja V said...

Plz send me some of those goodies :). They are lovely and so nice to know abt u.

Pooja said...

Srivalli ,
Thank you buddy :) .

you are correct , i know many people doenst knew that we can make bartha this way too - i mean gujarati style ,that why i choose to share this , also its such a traditional and authentic dish of a gujarati meal that i thought this would be a perfect entry fro RCI from a Gujarati :d .
Also the aroma of it is soooo nice that i can eat it almost all alone without rotla or any roti :D.

Thank you , this version is what we call Olo. I think there is no gujarti person exists wo doesnt know this dish. Its such famous and specially a wonderful dinner dish in winter days.

Take it buddy , its all for you :) .
Hugs to you too , stay tuned dear, many more yet to come with brinjal this month :O. Hug to you too , Muuuaaahhhhhhhhh :*.

Yeah ,you can call this Gujarati version of it, we named it Ringan no Olo :) . you caught the perfect point, what makes this shaak more demanding and tasty is the smoky smell of it.

Thank you very much , I am oblidged on behalf of all Gujarati "Loko". its eally too simple to make and heavenly tasty .

I will sue Spanish people then :D ;).
Call it ringan no olo, we love that name too as much as this subji :) .

I know that some people choose to cook it in oven when its not possible to cook with flames. I have once tasted such Bhartha too , but believe me i dont like that as much as this. still you can try it that way atleast you can make it then .
if tryingthat way , dont forget to make thin deep slits on egglant that wil help it cook deep down easily.

Thank you, thats our all time favorite meal , and the real spicy version of it is enough to make me want it even more.

Welcome to this blog :) , how did you landed to this blog ? Well . nice tomeet one more Gujarati through my blog . you know thought to share some info about gujarat first, then after thinkinga while i feel like - " what the hell i am going ot share , I must write something which is never been told yet about Us. and came up with this post.
thanks for appreciating , stay tuned to this blog :) , you wil lget many more dishes to give treat to your eyes :O .

WoW, Thats great to know, so you are half panju and half gujju now :D .
and see, i met your expectation finally , (doesn't matter on tha last day just before half an hour was remainingto send it :D . ) . I am really happy to hear good words from you for Gujarati people. thank you buddy :) .

Kalai ,
yeah , and that pure eggplant flavour is enough to make me miss it evn more anytime :( . thank you dear for appreciating.

Mansi ,
jou ne me gujaratio nu pani batavi didhu ne ?
em kai apdi vato nani nai thodi hoy ,loko ne khabar to padvi joie ne Gujarati etle kon rela ma :) .
r u from Baroda ? Oh girl, dont remind me of any of our festival, i miss even uttarayan too much.
Hugs to you .

Alpa ,
yet another Gujarati U r, right ?
you are so right , that other think that we use sugar in everythingwe make ,infact i find our dishes more spcier than other regions , jsut the difference is we make it with different masals , not always chilli or its powder to make dish tasty , isnt it true?

thank you buddy :)

Pooja V,
send me your address ,will send you soon :) .
oh this blog is full of Memes i have done in past, now not taking anymore. go throught that if yo uwant ot know more abt me :) .
thanks for landing here, If i am not wrong ,its your first time comment ,right ?

musical said...

Olo is looking so perfect! Love the thaali with rotlo and spring onions! Wish i could have some for dinner!

bee said...

i can eat gujarati food thrice a day every day. i wish i was as lucky as you are. maybe, ion another birth, i will be born gujju.

bee said...

i can eat gujarati food thrice a day every day. i wish i was as lucky as you are. maybe, ion another birth, i will be born gujju.

Dhivya said...

looks yummy and delicious pooja....

USHA said...

Hi Pooja,

Wonderful writeup and delicious entry for the event...Looks gr8.

Asha said...

Pooja, visit FH today, see what kind of Pooris I have! Surprise! :D

Cham said...

Hi Pooja,
The brinjal looks very delicious

Pooja said...

Be sometime my guest , will prepare this for you :) .

I didn't know that you love Gujarati food this much.
I am great fan of dosa, rasam , sambhar and many other dishes, but not more than our gujarati dishes... :D .
Why relying on another birth for tasting such food, move somewhere near me and complete your wish in this birth :D.

Thank you buddy :) .

Missing your posts on your blog, hope you are all well. keep in touch buddy. thank for appreciating this dish , its our one of old traditional dish.

Thank you buddy, missed posting about the award you passed to me, will do in next post.

Gattina said...

my gracious, such an excellent post and recipe! Pooja, I made a dish for you... however I added meat (shrimps) so I don't think it entitle to enter Vegetable of the Week. But I still would love to promote your event so I highlighted it in my current post.

Vcuisine said...

Nice entry pooja. It is mouthwatering. Jai doesn't like eggplant much. But i just love them. That's why I don't make them often. Viji

Menu Today said...

Hi Pooja,
Simple and nice dish. I like brinjal in any form. Thanks for sharing.

Cynthia said...

Pooja dearest, I love you for sharing a recipe of eggplant that I know that I would enjoy simply because it is fire-roasted. I am definitely going to try making this when next I pick up some fresh eggplant.

As you probably know, we make something similar, the eggplant choka but it is different as you indicated, your dish does not require the tomato or onion. I am so excited about trying this. Thank you and big, big hugs. :)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

I have a few gujju friends and I must say .. they are true to your description :)
your bartha looks yum and i am sure offers the full taste of baigan:)

Gattina said...

Pooja, thank you from the bottom of my heart for including my entry in the March Vegetable of the Week. You are such a great host, VW is going to have a huge success again!
You have mentioned about how I sliced the eggplant so thin... I used a peeler, you can click here for photos. Mine is similar to the first one, paid less than $3... if my memory serves me right... at Wal*Mart.
You always encourage and support my blog makes a world to me! I will check out the detail about "Click" as well. Thanks again my dearest Pooja!

Archy said...

Lovely gujrathi Thali Pooja.. With Bangan subji and Rotla !! Perfect entry !!

Pooja said...

Gattina ,
Read your both comments buddy.
I think I should take the opportunity to show others what a creative cook and photographer you are, that's why I am going to showcase your entry, as it is not a vegetarian dish it will not be a part of round up.
Send the Url along with pic, will Manage the rest .
I am glad about the credits you are getting fro mother sources about the creative side of yours. I really wish you to do something professionally for the art you are having from inside.

ohhh :( , same was the case with me , but somehow now I love them the most. D loves it too much , thats why I make it often :) .

You are Welcome. This is the pure eggplant dish , any eggplant lover cant ignore it. :) .

Oh I am feeling so shy with your wonderful comment :) . Do let me know how you like it . Hugs to you .

I believe that person has its own personality , and dont believe in judging them by any cast or region , but I have seen that Gujarati people are more open to any change and always welcome all with the same willingness.
Thanks for approving that. Though I now know many non-Gujarati people who are same or more nice , and I am glad to say you are one of them .
About this dish , it offers pretty taste with smoky smell of eggplant, one cant just ignore the dish - Love it or hate it thats the thing with it.

Archy ,
Thank you :) . Hope you are doing well Archana.
Stay tuned.

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Gattina said...

Pooja, thanks for the reminder! I've found one of my old posts featured eggplant, cooked with other veg only. May I ask, can I rewrite its content, add the links and logo-photos of VoW, and submit it for this round instead, and so I won't sumbit the wrong dish that had shrimps... is it okay?

Sia said...

pooja, i sent u an wmail with details for VOW. just wondering if u recived it or not. plz let me know...

Jeena said...

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Vani said...

Hey Poo! the eggplant bhaji looks delicious!! I think Gujjus have magical hands for churning out soft chappatis/rotis that remain soft! Not so when I try! :)

Pravs said...

hey pooja, very nice dishes you have prepared. I buy frozen bajri roti and like it. So now that thali will be something i will love to have. Looks yummy.

Mocha said...

Hi Pooja:
Recently I became very good friends with two gujarathis. If I had read your blog 4 months ago I would not understood the passion of chaaaaaas. Now I have got to have chaas when ever i meet with them . Tomorrow i am going to surprise them with ur baigan.

Sonu said...

Hi Pooja,
Ringana no olo ane bajari no rotlo joine moma paani aavi gayu...!!!

Hiral said...


Nice recepies.

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Chirag Trivedi said...

hey,Pooja I like your blog. Really fantstic work..........

jasmin jew said...

Yum! I love Gujarati food...

Thank you so much for posting traditional recipes...

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