Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Theme of the Week - Valentine's Day

Sometimes we really forget to express how important we are to each other. Days like Valentine's Day are for such reasons so that we spare some time ,think on that and grab opportunity to express our gratitudes to have our beloved person around :) .

Also these are the days when in college times we were full of our romantic thoughts , life is different now, life takes turns as we move ahead with time and responsibilities. But it is always nice to make some day really special.Isn't it ?

Somewhere once I read that " Spend your life such a way , so that when you get old you will have nice memories to cherish about ". Let us try to add one more such memorable day to our life and share here with others.

All the rules are same as it was last year, so kindly refer to here , to know the rules.
Cooking with pink or red color is truly optional, just make something special and worth sharing , along with that if you wish you can add share memories from past too :). Use the following logo in your post and link it back to this theme.

I remember many blog buddies last year shared their different loving , touching ,romantic and worth sharing stories , not only this , I also had a fun time keeping this idea secret from hubby to make his favorite brunch and lunch :)).
I think, I am surely going to have a nice old age with all these good memories around . Don't worry , I will be in touch with you all that time too, to remind you of all these stories and make you laugh too:)). Btw, who believes that they are old, non of us ha ha ha...and remember that the way to man's heart goes through his stomach It's a universal fact ;) .

So be a part of this fun event , share some ideas, recipe and your stories .
Send me your entries by 14th Feb 2008(better if you can do little earlier , but not late than that), along with URL and picture .
Non bloggers can send their entries with the write up and pictures, I will publish it with their name and email ids. Last year we had many non bloggers too were a part of this fun event . and that was really fun to be together ans share some lovely stories.
Lets celebrate our love together.
Reach me on - blogpooja@gmail.com with your entries/queries. And don't forget to link your post with this theme.

(P.S. - I am much better and all good with my health now. Thanks a lot for your concerns and good wishes, this blogosphere is full of lovely friends, thats what I love about it, a big warm hug to all of you there :) )


AnuZi said...

Hi Pooja,
glad you are doing better. I just blogged the recipes from the republic day entry...hehe late I know. Sorry to have possibly made you sick ;o) Love this idea and I am looking forward to participate full speed ahead. Hopefully this time I'll try not to get sick hehe.

Mansi Desai said...

hey Pooja, I missed your last event, but I'm totally in for this one!! in fact, I've already started cooking for valentine!:)D

Mythreyee said...

Let's have a wonderful valentine roundup. Just thinking what to submit.....

Meera said...

What a lovely event! Hopefully I will come up with something. U r so right about college time - all the fun & frolic and then real life....lovely event!

Superchef said...

i am defenitely gonna participate in this one also!!

Gattina said...

Pooja, hope you getting all better. My husband and me don't celebrate V day, but I'll think if I have something special for your event :D

Dee said...

Pooja, I couldnt participate in the previous event. I will surely try this time Hope you are doing much better healthwise now!!

Asha said...

Since your last announced it, I made one for you, not any soppy stories but a dessert for you. Will post tomorrow!:))
Glad you are well now, Flu is everywhere now.

Prema Sundar said...

Nice one pooja will try to participate. nice to know that u are feeling better.

sra said...

Pooja, you were not well? Glad you're better now. Have fun with your Valentine's Day event.

Pooja said...

Even if you get sick, don't send virus here, he he he ...Will look fwd for your entry dear:) .

Wow ! thats good to know. you are so quick girl.
Sorry , i missed to send my dish to you, i still have that, if you wish to update the list in case.

Roundup is yet to come, it was for republic day dear.
Nice to see you around.

Is tn it true that always when we look back we find the past as golden and current as not that good :)) , thats the funny thing of life:) .
You are rocking with your creative cooking girl, cant wait to see your entry this time.

Hope you have sufficient time to think about it this time, in rushing like last time , right ? Good to have you around.

Do it buddy, if you can easily.its jsut for fun no pressures. I know you are busy with your own schedule. unlike you , we never miss any chance to celebrate life with more novelties. Be it any festival or day we celebrate is all with enthusiasm :) .

Dee ,
Its ok if you didnt send me entry for prv one. all these themes and events are for fun and to celebrate it with enjoyment, do it when ever you can dear. SO sweet of you to participate this time. Will wait for your entry.

Asha ,
Wow ! Dessert , that would be really something sweet from you :) . Yeah flu is everywhere on blogs too i can read it in posts :)).

Would be glad to receive something from you Prema. was a nice time when i had entries from you for events of this blog :) .

Sure ,we will try to make most of it.
thanks buddy :)

Valli said...

hello pooja
thanks for visiting my blog, I actually saw the pea soup recipe in cooking light magazine long time ago - I dont remember when. Just peas was a bit bland for me - so spiced it up with garlic and red pepper flakes :)

Also, i will try to send in my entry for the valentines event :)

Sia said...

i am still thinking what to cook for ur event poo darling:)

Shella said...

Pooja glad to have you back, n that too with such a beautiful event..Love....I am sure to contribute.

Rachel said...

Haha great theme ideed! Waiting to see the roundup!

Pooja said...

That is really a nice idea to spice it up , our Indian food style makes us feel everything available here a kinda bland and tasteless. :)).
Would be glad to have your entry for theme .

take tour time dear, but dont miss the deadline ha ha ha ...I can already see you busy with potato entries around the blog world:))

Shella ,
I think the event name should be modified to lets celebrate love :)) . Will wait to see your creation too :) .

Rachel ,
the round up is going to be really nice :) .

Laavanya said...

Will try and send in a entry for this event... looking fwd to the round-up.

SpicyTasty said...

Hey Pooja,
My first visit to your blog. I never participated in any of your events. Just went through the post and I already made some plans to contribute to your event. I am in. Love the way you organizing each theme event. You have a very nice blog. :-)


Sagari said...

Will defenetly try to participate in this

Pooja said...

Laavanya ,
Do send entry of you can manage to. its ok otherwise ,just wanted to have fun time with bloggers around :)
Tasty Spicy ,
btw, what is your name ??? :) . I just wonder how to address you . I just visited your blog , thats nice work too. I think i would love to try your rava dosai recipe. A big no for non-veg items though :D.
thanks for visiting here ,that lead me to your nice blog.
Sagari ,
Nice to know that. I will wait for your entry too :)

Cynthia said...

Thank you for being so loving to us.

DEEPA said...

Thank you for this event ....Will surely try to participate lady

Pooja said...

Its an honor to hear that from you Cynthia :) . Thanks you dear.

Pooja said...

Will be glad to have you around. thanks.

Home said...

Hey Pooja,

I sent you my entry today...hope am not too late.

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