Friday, February 15, 2008

Theme of the Week - Valentine's Day(2008) Round up

Lets first give a warm welcome to ,
Anu sriram , Alpa, Apu , Bhags, Chris, Deeba, Divya A,Divya K, Divya P (all 3 Divya(s) :D ) , Easy Crafts, Mansi , Home cooked, Lavanya raj, Miri , Namratha , Richa, Sig, Srivalli, Sandhya and Uma for participating for the first time with their entries on this blog. Thanks for all being a part of this blog and making it even richer with your lovely entries :).

(Click on this collage to see a larger image of it )

Here are the entries in alphabetical order by the sender's name :

  1. Alpa - lychee pomogranate Martini ,
  2. Anamika- Two tier Cupid cake
  3. Anu shriram - Strawberry orange cookies
  4. Anuzi - chocolate founde with fruits
  5. Apu-Rose colored kalakand
  6. Archy- Rose falooda
  7. Asha - Heart shaped Sukhadi
  8. Bee & Jai - Pouches of Potato Love
  9. Bhags-Hash Browns
  10. Cham -Brownie whipped with raspberry mousse
  11. Chris- chocolate cups cakes
  12. Deeba- Hearty Almond Shortbread
  13. Divya A- Cinnabun roses
  14. Divya K- Beans cutlets
  15. Divya P-Lemony hearts
  16. Easy Crafts- Whole mung cutlets
  17. Home cooked - Valentine cookies
  18. Kajal- Red chilli chutney and Raita Marcha
  19. Kalai-Pomogrante Rice
  20. Kaykat- Chocolate Mousse Tartlets with Greek yogurt
  21. Lavanya-Carrot halwa
  22. Maheshwari -Rava ladoo
  23. Mansi- Liquer infused Heart shapaed Chocolate cake
  24. Meera -Bhelpuri
  25. Miri -French Vanilla Cake with Chocolate ganache
  26. Mishmash -China grasspudding with praline toppings
  27. Nags - Heart shaped shortbread cookies
  28. Namratha -Lemon Tea Cakes with Lemon Satin Icing
  29. Nanditha- Mung beans and chocolate
  30. Pooja -Lemon rice , Strawberry slush, Tomato beans soup and saffron halwa
  31. Richa - Avocado ,Mint & peas soup.
  32. Sig - Steamed Asparagus with Star Anise infused Pomegranate Molasses
  33. Srivalli - Mung dal halwa
  34. Sandhya - Strawberry jelly heart shaped cheese cake
  35. Uma - Orange gel Pie
  36. Vijaya - Beet root burfi
  37. Viji- Almond chocolate Brownie
    (As blog of Viji is accessible to members only , you can reach her to and be a member to access a very nice healthy food blog . Here is the recipe for her entry.....


    All purpose flour ¾ cup ,Coco powder 1/3 cup,Semi-sweet chocolate chips ½ cup
    Baking powder and salt ¼ tsp each,Vanilla sugar ½ tsp,
    Butter 50 gms or ¼ cup (I don’t prefer oil which spoil the taste in cakes)
    Sugar ½ cup,Eggs 2
    Semi sweet chocolate squares 50 gms + 2 tbsp butter for extra flavor
    Slivered almonds ¼ cup,


    Pre heat the oven to 175oC.Line a 8 inch square pan with foil and grease it well.Mix the first 5 dry ingredients and keep it aside.Melt the chcolate squares with butter in MW high for 1-2 minutes. Let it cool.Beat the sugar,butter and eggs well. Add the melted chocolate to this and mix well.Now fold the dry ingredients to this and mix gently.Spread this in 8 inch square pan and garnish with slivered almonds.Bake it for 35-40 minutes. Don’t over do it.Leave it cool before slicing.The leftovers can be reheated in MW for 30-60 seconds. )

Thank you all for your Loving entries with innocent memories and nice write up:) .

We will continue celebrations on this blog with my much loved Vegetable of the week from next week on. Check out its announcement and revised rules on Tuesday, I will be posting that soon.
Till then Have a nice long weekend. Stay tuned .... and think a little bit more about the puzzle , will post that answer soon along with the best given answer from you.


Dhivya said...

hi pooja..thanks for the lovely roundup...

Home said...

Thanks Pooja for your kind words as well as for accepting my entry :)


Chris said...

Thanks Pooja! Thanks for including my White Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Cups. Have a great weekend!

Srivalli said...

wow..lovely hearts everywhere

Cham said...

Hi Pooja,
It is full of art :) Great round up again!

Alpa said...

Pooja - many thanks for your hard work and sweet introduction :) Hoping you had a wonderful V-day!

Uma said...

Hi Pooja,

Thank you for the wonderful round up. I appreciate it! I will be waiting for your vegetable of the week announcement!

DEEPA said...

Excellent round up !!loads of effort has gone in this round up i could see it....Have a great weekend

Daily Meals said...

Great round up Pooja! Thank you for hosting this event.

Miri said...

Hey you forgot, even I'm a first time contributor! :)

Thanks for the round up - looks fabulous...

Asha said...

Beautiful round up Pooja,love the collage!! Thanks for taking time darling, I know you were not feeling well!:))
Can't wait for the Veg of the "Month" announcement! :D

Namratha said...

Lovely round up Pooja and thanks for the warm welcome, it was a pleasure to participate :)

And I think you've left a comment for Miri on my blog instead of here....:-D

Sagari said...

lovely roundup pooja

Sig said...

Thanks for hosting Pooja, lovely round up.

vimmi said...

Thanks for hosting and a great round up. though I did not participate, I am going trhrough the list and book marking those that I would love to try.

Superchef said...

nice round up...nice to see soo much love..all together!!

Jaya said...

lovely round-up,specially the collage many hearst beating together LOL..
though i didnot participated but I am enjoying this very much ..
great job done dear ..take care
hugs and smiles

easycrafts said...

Great job, superb roundup

Vcuisine said...

A romantic round up Pooja. Your entries are awesome. Still you have Saffron left out? :) As usual you made it more interesting. Feel like sending you some Kofta Puluv for this :) Have a good day my dear. Viji

Nanditha Prabhu said...

that was a lovely round up!:)
i missed your last post and so missed the puzzle... here's what I think...and for that I close my eyes:) why?

all the answers for your questions are found within.As you close your eyes , you open your inner eye...and see for yourself who you really are...You close your eyes , when you pray, because, prayer is communication with your true self,for which you turn inwards...
We close our eyes when we cry ... as it purges our self and gives us solace...and we turn to our true self...
you close your eyes when you imagine... because...true imagination sprouts when you shut yourself from the outside world and you look inward...
you close your eyes when you kiss.. to experience fully true love...which we really are...

was it too much..:)

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi pooja
Thanks for the entry...i see there are beautiful entries and your effort has paid off. I am able to see lot OF creative works of other bloggers, whom i am seeing for the firSt time, courtesy you !
As far as closing of eyes are concerned(for your puzzle), if i have to forget biology, i simply know 'the heart has its reason, which even reason does not know !

Archy said...

Lovely round up with collage dear !!
Loved it !!
thank you for hosting an posting these events to keep us active,tunned and think something different.. Cheer to too !!
Eagerly waiting for the vegetable of the week :)!!

AnuSriram said...

Lovely roundup pooja... Lovely entries... lovely recipes...

bee said...

thanks, pooja, for this lovely effort.

AnuZi said...

Pooja - Thanks for hosting such lovely events...without which I wouldn't have been introduced to all awesome foodies and humongous foodie blogsphere! Muuuaaah dahling!

Annarasa said...

What a lovely roundup and many thanks for the warm welcome. I loved participating in this event!


sandhya said...

Thanks for the lovely round-up Pooja....

Rachel said...

Nice roundup presentation!

insane scribbler said...

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Pooja said...

Dhivya,srivalli,cham, Deepa, Daily Meals,Sagari, sig,Vimmi, Superchef,easycrafts,Anu,Bee,Sandhya,Rachel Thank you all for appreciating the round up.

Chris, alpa, home,namratha,Apu

Its our Indian tradition to welcome our guests :) , and so is a part of this blog too , thanks you for having your entries around , it is really nice to meet you for the first time .

Just posted it , hope to have you around in all events :) ,

have corrected it :) , i felt like i knew you since write some time .

You are so caring dear ,a hug to you . I guess , you might have gone through my comment on Bee's entry , right ? other than that i didn't mentioned it .
Veggie event is now monthly , though i didn't change the nae , love VOTW too much , but yeah this time I made a logo for this, do let me know if you liked it ?

Jaya ,
Thanks for being around. when first i created this collage , I loved watching these many hearts and pink -red colors too :))

Yeah i have still those saffron left and cardamoms too, i am using as it there is scarcity of it on earth :)), want to preserve it for as long as possible . thinking of sending me Kofta pulav???, i truly wish if you were living near by :)

thanks .I am posting the answer in that comment section , check it out . it is never too much to read your comment dear .

your simple answer is so good and true. thank you buddy.

thank you dear, I can see your creativity in al lthe events and would love to see even more now . a warm hug to you :) .

thats the other reason of holding blog events, its kinda virtual get together.
Also it boosts our creativity , btw, check my blog , you might like the entries i posted there .

krystyna said...

Hi Pooja!
Thank you so much for these great links and of course for your great idea. Now, it is easy to find what we need for sweet-heart, yummy sweeties.


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