Monday, June 30, 2008

A post full of Hope

First I saw it on Meeta’s blog. Then it was on Nupur’s blog and I can’t resist cooking it. This simple and healthy dish is are testy too , which made me its fan in just first cooking.

Though I Couldn’t get pearl couscous and cranberries too :(, so I tried it with broken one and added some soaked golden Raisins in place of Cranberries. Added some red chili and 2-3 cloves to make it little spicy and it turn out to be perfect to my taste.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vegetable of the Week is -

Bottle Gourd.
Sadly no one guessed it correct and here I am to announce it.
Call it Dudhi(in Gujarati ) , dudhi bhopla(in Marathi ) , lauki( in Hindi) Sorakaya( in Telugu??? ) , or simply bottle gourd .
This light to digest veggie has many benefits to consume it . I am going to try making something this month which might help the haters of it to convert into its lover .

Thursday, June 12, 2008

VoW- JFI "Bell Pepper " Round up

First of all apology to all whom I kept waiting for this Round Up to appear. And a big thank you dear Indira , for providing me this opportunity to host JFI and allowing me to combine it with VoW. Blogging and specially these events and round ups are something I just love to do , knowing that LOVE of mine I made some resolutions myself to follow it silently ( you know now, why I am not blogging that much now ) and surprisingly I followed it too :z . Last week was one such time where again I set up a resolution for myself to complete a certain task first before I publish this round up. And my "eager to publish this" heart made me complete that task too even faster, so I am a happy girl now while publishing this to all of you :).

Thursday, June 5, 2008

One Post 2 Guests- for VoW-JFI Bell Peppers...

Mumbai girl Supriya Natu lives in Seattle with husband and 5 year old cute daughter. She sent me this on 27th to be a part of "VoW-JFI- Bell Peppers "

Here is her recipe of Quesadilla in her own words...
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