Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Second day Entries for Potato - Vegetable of the Week .

Today is a day with number -"2" .Because there are so many same things happening today around this blog , that is twice in its nature.
First of all I have got 2 entries for Dum Aloo both looking so delicious and good with their own recipes.
We have 2 Priya(s) with us here , both with their unique dish with potato. Priya of Akshaypatram and Priya of Sugar & Spices. Also both of them are presenting their entries first time here.
A warm welcome to Priya and Meena for participating here with their first entries. : ) .
One more thing with this sequence is Seea is here with her 2 entries. Both of them mouth watering: P . …
We have total 8 entries today with potato as –Vegetable of the Week. And here they are to enjoy with potatoes : ) …

First entry is “Jhatpat Aloo” from Sangeeta of Ghar ka Khana , she prepared this quick simple and tasty dish with potato.

Second is Priya of Akshaypatram , she prepared “Oven Rosted Potatoes” for all of us. Have a look at this breath taking and healthy way to prepare Potatoes.

Next is Seema. She prepared delicious “Aloo Mirch” . I liked is so much Seema, that I am sure going to try this, as soon as I recover from my tonsil infections and all ,right now dos advised to avoid much spicy foods :( .

Seema also sent recipe for “Dum Aloo” which she prepared some time ago.

Meena of Cooking Pleasure has prepared “Potato in yogurt sauce”. Something worth trying for all yogurt lovers. : )

You might have heard of famous Dum aloo, but what Dear Trupti prepared is not simple dum aloo but it is –“ Stuffed Dum Aloo”. From her busy schedule she got the time to send the recipe and pic of this dazzling Stuffed Dum Aloo. Here It is in her own words…

Stuffed Dum Aloo:


10- small baby red potatoes
1-small container whipping cream or a blend cream
1- large red onion, 5 cloves garlic- minced
2-tbsp Khuskhus, 2tbsp ground peanuts, 2 tbsp ground sesame seeds all grounded to a paste
1- small can of stewed tomatoes
2 tbsp- Punjabi Style Garam Masala
1- tsp Turmeric powder, 1-tsp Ginger,
Tandoori Paste or powder for that "color".
Salt to taste, Oil as needed

For the Stuffing:
1 cup frozen peas, 1 small onion, 1tbsp Coconut powder, 1tbsp Cardamom powder,Salt, Oil as needed.

To make the stuffing: Saute onions in some oil, add frozen peas and the coconut powder along with Cardamom powder. Adjust salt as needed. Cool and Keep aside.

For the aloos: Boil the potatoes and cool. Peel the potatoes and deep fry in oil till golden brown. Set aside to cool. Once cooled, take a knife and starting from the middle, start coring down the potato to reveal the flesh inside. Keep coring until there is enough space to stuff the pea mixture. Continue with the rest of the potatoes. The leftover potato mash can be mixed in with the pea mixture.

For the gravy: In a heavy bottomed pan, saute onions and garlic together. Add the Khuskhus,Peanut,Sesame paste along with the cream and let it cook for about 5 minutes. Add the can of stewed tomatoes and ginger. Add some tandoori paste or powder and Garam masala to give it that 'authentic' gravy color! and let the mixture cook for about 10-15 minutes. Adjust the seasonings as you would like by adding the salt,turmeric powder. Make sure you have plenty of gravy to soak up the potatoes. Also, the gravy shouldn't be too thin or too thick.

In the meantime, as the gravy is cooking, stuff the potato cavity with the peas mixture.

Once the gravy is cooked, add the stuffed potatoes and stir it just enough to coat the potatoes. Simmer for a little while so the flavors blend together. Serve hot with parathas and rice and of course, Raita or plain yogurt.

Thanks Trupti for this deliciuos stuffing Dum Aloo.

Next is a healthy and lovely recipe from Priya of Sugar and Spices . This is the first time Priya has participated here,she also get something worth reading about potatoes. Just have a look at the way she prepared “Aloo Palak “ and stay healthy with potatoes too …

Last but of course not the least our adorable Asha is here to show us the way to prepare tasty "Aloo Palya", the delicious way . : )

Thank you Asha , Meena , Priya, Sangeeta, Seema and Trupti for your timely entries and efforts for this . All of you a re really making this even successful and enjoyable. : )

My broadband was down(Oh darling,yeh hai India :)) ), so it make me wait until it get repaired . I regret if I make you waiting for this. Next I am going to post my recipe for today .


Anonymous said...

Hey Pooja:
hope you recover from tonsils ASAP gal!! you know what i kind of sprained my mouth ...i dont know how to describe it but i just cant chew or eat anything comfortably ...guess we both are suffering form something simillar...get well soon :-)

Anonymous said...

hai pooja

nice to see these all recipes..stuffed dum aloo is mouth watering na....yummyyyyy

Anonymous said...

STuffed Dum Alo this has to go for a try soon .... i love dum alu and stuffed alu will just taste amazing ....god so many nice recipies that need to go for a try soon

Pooja said...

Hi Seema : same problem with both of us :(
i am keeping my finger cross to recover from it soon ... It is really much troublesome.

Let us thank truppti for sharing this great recipe with us. Trupti always has something nice than usual recipe. :)

Swapna : this credit goes to trupti . I am gald to be a medium to display this to you all. do let us know if you try it.
thanks dear

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,wow wow wow!so many entries coming up..hmm,got to check out all of them when I get time.I have been busy this week.

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