Tuesday, December 5, 2006

First day Entry for Vegetable of the Week

On the frst day with Okra, dear Asha is Here , to share a spicy sambhar with Okra.
It looks so delicious that I think one can hardly keep herself away from trying it. Atleast I am gonna try it as soon as this week is over . :P .
Thank you Asha for your delicious entry for the Okra on the first day of this "Vegetable of the week" with Okra. Check
out the recipe for it in deatail at FoodiesHope : ) & have fun with Okra :D .


Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,

I wanted to contribute my recipe for Okra but didn't have your email id to send it, so I have made a link on my food blog.
This is such a wonderful event :). Please send me your email id so I can send you the link. Thanks :)

Pooja said...

sangeeta :
I have already send you my email in comment to your post , just check it out !
thanks for participating.

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