Sunday, December 10, 2006

Vegetable of the Next Week -Potato

I have choosen Potato as "Vegetable of the next week". I felt it bad when I hear it from any of you that you are not able to get some veggie or some veggie are not at all available in your area, keeping that in mind , I choose "Spincah-Fenugreek " before 1 week . For this week again it happened that Okra was not available in the area of some of my blog buddies, in its fresh form, which also disappointed me a little. Thinking about that I feel at least Potato is available everywhere ( I hope I am not wrong with that. :)) ) .

Starting from Monday I will be posting recipes with this lovely Vegetable. In our childhood days I remember it had been one the most favourite main course of mine,and I am sure the same might have happened with many of you or your children too. :) . Also this can be used in many different ways in our Indian dishes.

So don't wait much and let everybody know how do you use Potato in your favorite form at your home. :) You can send me an email at with the recipe detail or URL of that and if possible along with the picture of that . I will post it in each day's entry for this week.
Also do let me know how did u find Okra as vegetable of this week.

Note : I am going to update my blog buddy's list here within next 2 days , It would help me if all of the visitor here can drop me a comment with their respective blog URLs. I have find that some of the buddies are there whom I have still not added to my list, and when I wish to visit them , I have to search for them from my comment list, I would appreciate if you can just send me a single comment in favor of this as soon as you read this . :) So that it will be helpful to me to reach to your blog. If you do not have any blog then you can email me about yourself, I would love to know about you and will be in touch with you, also you can send me your entries for any week in email, I will post it here along with the details ... Thanks in advance.

Hope you all will have great time this weekend with your family and loved ones. :) Have a great day ahead. !


Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja,

Wow!its potato...great and as you hope it is avaiable abundantly in U.S as per my knowledge.

So, this time no body should have issue to share their delighted receipes..

Anonymous said...

Potato is a quintessential veggie in all kitchens (or all cuisines I might say). Great going with ur Vegetable of the week series. Good luck.
Heres my blog URL:


Anonymous said...

Potatoes yoo hoo i am sure u are gonna have n no.of recipies for potatoes

Vcuisine said...

Hi Pooja, definitely I am there. Great choice. Okra week was very nice. Many new ways of using it. You are really g(c)reat(ive) Viji :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Pooja...great,potato is the most versatile of all veggies.I am sure I will be able to participate this week.Thanks,dear.

Anonymous said...

Yes Madam!! We get truck loads of all kinds of potatoes in US!:D

Will do very nicely, I have wonderful recipes with me already.Will send you.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for a veggie I could blog about, I neither get fresh methi nor do I get fresh Okra, now potatoes I sure buy in huge bags :-))

Anonymous said...

Hi pooja of recipes will come to ur blog.list will increase...:-)my daughter loves potato very very much.if i say which curry i have to prepare....the first response from her is POTATO...
THanks pooja...i am going to see no.of recipes with that...
mu url:

Pooja said...

Hi Usha ,
You are correct dear, I am happy to know that everybosy is feeling good with the choice of this week’s vegetable . 

Pavani : thanks , I hav added you to my list. Thanks for your ontime comment about that to help me update my list.

Seema : Thank you dear .I am eager to see what you cook up with tpotato :P .

Viji: thanks for nice email(s) and 3 dazzling recipes . I hope to recover soon now.

Vini : I am happy to hear this from you dear ! stay tuned. : )

Asha : let me see what you cook in your kitchen secretly with those tones of potato loading there : )) .

Priya : I am so glad that now you will also be one of the participants here. I have added you to my blog roll. Thanks

Swapna : Yes , I guess number of recipes will come with potato . it is bit fun to gether all good recipes with one veggie only during the week. I have also added you to my blog list . thanks for that .

Have fun with potato…

Meena Kandlakuti said...

hi pooja,

liked you weekely vegetable topic.It really gives us lot of options to cook if any one of the vegetable is available and want to try. I already blogged one in my blog i will send u the link.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja

I could view your blog only today. For the whole of last week it was static and I could only view the last entry under spinach and fenugreek. Will try and send you a recipe with aloo.

Jasmine said...

Hi Pooja,

I am visiting your blog for the first time today. I found it very interesting to have a vegetable of the week and discover many wonderful ways to incorporate it in a dish .. will definetly take part in future vegetable of the week events.

Heres the url to my blog

Do leave your feedback

Pooja said...

Meena : thanks for your timely effort for paticipating . I really appreciate it . Also i love the way you make potato in yogurt sauce. yes, you are correct it give us so many option to make one veggie in various ways, my idea behind this is also that, apart from that walso it is fun and celebration together from paticipants like you. ...
thanks dear .Stay tuned

Laxmik : I think if the same happen again then just for once try to view the sam page by pressing ctrl+F5 keys . do let me know if it happen again. i dont understand what the reason can be . thanks for making me aware with this. I am sorry for the truoble .

Jasmine: I will add you to my list now .I am glad that you like it :) Will wait for your participation. you can also suggest veggie for upcoming weeks.

jeena said...

Mmmm your recipes look delicous!
you have Great blog from Jeena :)

visit jeena's kitchen healthy recipe blog

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