Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mysore Masala Dosa, Vada Pau and Cook books & awards.....

Searching or rather say researching for Karnataka recipes has taken a lot time of mine, and I was totally confused about what to make for RCI-Karnataka. Finally got the answer from my own mind - Mysore Masala Dosa, and searched for the recipe for it, and gladly found it :) . Now the different confusion started , there were so many different ways shown to make the one I choose :(,
Lastly I ended up with one and ended up making it the following way , I hope this will be fine enought to participate in RCI- Karnataka Asha :) Here is my recipe for Mysore Masala Dosa.

Ingredients :

parboiled rice -1/2 cup
long grained rice -1/2 cup
Black gram (urad dhal) - 1/4cup
Toor daal - 2 tbs
Semolina (rava) -3tbs
Dry fenugreek seeds- 1/2 tsp
Salt - to taste

for Red/garlic chutney

Garlic 3-4 cloves
Onion 1 small (cut into big chunks)
Red chilli Powder 1tsp
Salt to taste.

for Coconut Chutney

fresh coconut 1/2 cup
hot Green chilles 2-3
1-2 tsp Daliya(roasted chickpeas)
salt to taste
For Tadka:
1 tsp mustard seeds
4-5 curry leaves,
1/2 tsp asdoetida(hing)

for Masala

2 Potatoes
1 finely sliced Onion
2-3 flakes of Garlic
Ginger - a small piece
4-5 Green chillies
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1-2 tsp Olive Oil
Cumin seeds
5-6 Curry leaves
Salt - to taste

Recipe :

Soak all the ingredients except semolina for 4 hours and grind well with some water until it from a fine paste.add semolina and salt to the better and mix well. Keep it for fermentation.

For Preparing Red chutney, brinf all the ingredients for red chutney in a mixure to a fine paste if needed
add little ater to it.
For preparing coconut chutney , grind coconut, daliya and green chillies together . In a pan heat some oil, when hot add mustard seeds, curry leaves and asfoetida to it.cook for a minute and coconut chutney is ready

for preparing masala,
Boil potatoes, peel the skin and slice into small pieces. Grind garlic, ginger and green chillies together and chop onion finely.

Heat some oil in a pan and fry cumin seeds and curry leaves. Saute the onions. When it is done, add turmeric powder to it. Nect add the prepared paste and then potatoes, salt to taste . Finally add the garam masala and mix well.

Next to prepare dosa ,
Heat a falt pan and spread the batter into thin round. Pour oil to these in a round manner. when it turns brown and crispy , spread the red chutney on half of the dosa, and masala on the other half , fold it and serve it hot with coconut chutney , we has it with coconut chutney and Podi(MTR brand), and it tasted like heaven.

Thank you Asha, for choosing Karnataka for RCI, it introduced us a good variation to our very beloved Masala dosa, I bet now Mysore Masala dosa is also going to be a part of our regular menu just as masala dosa :) . Also this bring us the sweet momoreis of our days in Pune, when we used to eat dosa a lot at a place near to our house, which was very famous for dosa, idli and uttapam. On ........... I just miss that India too much.... :(( .....

When it comes to memories of Pune the first thing comes to my mind is the famous "Vada Pau" we used to eat at "Joshi vadewale" . Here no such vada pau I ever tasted, so thougth to give it a try at home, and it turn out quite better than what is available in the food places here.
Here it goes as my entry to Hima for her event WYF-Snacks ,
when it comes to snack times, what can be better than hot and tangy vada pau :P ?


4-5 medium sized boiled potatoes,
1 cup gram flour (besan),
pinch of soda-bi-carb.
oil for frying,
pav ( A kind of bun), In India it is known as Pav)

For Masala
2 inch piece ginger,
4-5 flakes garlic,
4-5 (or more) green chilies,
1/2 cup coriander leaves (chopped),

For tempering
1 tea spoon turmeric powder,
curry leaves,
1 teaspoon mustard seeds,
2 teaspoon oil

For green chutney
1 large bunch of fresh green coriander leaves,
4-5 greenchillies,
8-10 raw peanuts ,
2-3 garlic flakes
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste

Prepare green chutney usind coriander, the process for this is shown here .

For tamarind chutney
1/4 cup tamarind pulp,
1/4 cup jaggery - shredded,
Salt to taste

take tamarind pulp in a small bowl and
add the jaggery and salt to it, with little water simmer for a while until all the mixture is smooth. sour and sweet chutney is ready.

First grind ginger, garlic and green chilies together into a paste.
Next Peel and smash potatoes with a potato masher. Do not smash completely. Let some small chunks remain.

Heat 2 teaspoons oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds,when they splutter, add turmeric powder and curry leaves. Add ginger, garlic and green chili paste, coriander leaves, and salt to it and turn of the heat , mix it well with potatoes , also add chpped coriander to it.

Make small balls of mashed potato mixture.
In a bowl, add some salt,a pinch of edible soda, turmeric powder and chili powder to the gram flour. Add water gradually and keep mixing with a spoon till there is no lumps.take care so that the batter should not be too watery or too thick.
Heat some oil in a pan. Now dip each potato ball in the batter, letting the excess batter drip off and slowly add to the peroperly heated oil. fry it till it is golden brown in color . repeat the same for all vadas. Remove on a paper towel and drain.
Spread green chutney on one side and tamarind chutney on the other side of pav(bun) and place the vada in between, enjoy when hot with red garlic chutney or anything you like , i eat as it is, tastes yummy :P. A good option to entertain myself while missing indian snack food :) , i made 7-8 of it and stored it in fridge and we enjoyed it heating in microwave and having the same tasty vada pav for another 2-3 days. The time to spend on that is worth each bite of it :D.

Thank you Hima, for hosting such a nice event , it was great participating with my entry in it. :)

Now here is one more entry for ongoing event by Nags- Show me your cook books.

While I was in India sometimes I used to see cooking shows, with that too Tarla Dalal was my favorite.
Well, I had 2 cook books too which hubby gifted me ,and they were really good , Due to some weight restrcitions i couldnt bring it here with me ,as they were much bulky :( . below are the 2 books I have with me now.

I love when food is made to componsate nutrient needs of our body , and when I was in India have purchased 2 books. I have already expreimented some juices (beet treat) from the book, and that microwave cook book is yet to be experimented :D.

I find the theme of the event quite intresting , Nags. Looking fwd to see the round up soon !

Very Energetic and simply superb Girl Supriya (of Monsoonspice.com) has passed me Rocking Girl Blooger Award, I am so Pleasantly surprized Supriya ! It feels like getting some award for being a winner in a race ,about which you didn't expect anything. First when you told me about that , i think its a kind of gimmick , then i go to the other link to whom you passed o nthis awrd and realised that its not a prank ! Thank you dear : ) its great to receive this from you :) .

I think many of the blog buddies have already received this award , here are the buddies i am pssing this award to

Trupti - the spice who loved me
Usha -samayal ulagam
Gattina- Kitchen Unplugged
Vani -Mysoorean

Krystna of Evolving your Spirit -Mind-Body has passed me the "Power Schmoozed Award".

The 'Power of Schmooze Award' is The Award for bloggers who “effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship".

Thank you Krystyna for passing this award to me, I adore your posts very much and to get anything from you is itself like an awards for me.

I am passin this award to
Viji - Vcuisine
Seema- Recipe Junction
Vini - A whirl of Aroma
Kajal - Kajal dreams
Swapna -Tastes from My kitchen
If any of you have already receive this award kindly consider it as the affirmation to that award, enjoy and keep passing this wave of joy and hapiness to others.

aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh............. much of writing for a single day !!!!!
Just i dont wantd to miss some of the great ongoing events... and make it just on the final day of it !

oh from final it reminds me... that yesterday was the final match for 20-20 Cricket Vup 2007 ,
And Finally we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations to all my Indian buddies for victory of India in World 20-20 Cricket Cup 2007 :), it was a great match ,and we won it !!! Congratulations India, and Keep going on,We are proud of you :D.

See you all in the next post , till then enjoy and Stay tuned....... :))


Madhu said...

Hi Pooja,
Dosa is delicious and vada pav is mouth watering, i am hungry for some.

Pooja said...

Hi Madhu,
I just posted this , and found your comment here.
you are so quick girl. thanks for appreciating :) .

musical said...

Hey Pooja,

So good to see you and your post! And what a post it is! Delcious! with two of my favorite goodies! Love it!

Manasi said...

VADA PAV!!!! Oh!! I miss that here!!!!

Suganya said...

One amazing vada pav, you have cooked. This is the only vada pav I have seen in the blogosphere after Nupur's. Its time to try it!

Tee said...

I can't stop drooling...such fantastic pictures! Your vada-pav can give joshi wadewale a run for their money! :)

easycrafts said...

vada pavs are my fav....i used to eat them a lot when i was in mumbai...missing them..

Cynthia said...

Congrats on the cricket and the award.

Nags said...

looks so lovely!! thank you so much for participating :) you have a lovely blog here :)

bee said...

pooja, those vada paus look perfect. beautiful dishes.

Jyothi said...

Hi Pooja! dosa, vada pav and both chutneys looks perfect and delicious. Congrats on the awards, you must deserve them. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing and a great entries too.


Prema Sundar said...

congrats on the awards pooja.. the vada pav looks mouthwatering.

Roopa said...

wow what a fabulous post all 3 in one :) the pav is really tempting !

Siri said...

Oh wow.. all the recipes are mouth watering Roopa and apt entries for all the three events dear..:D

- Siri

Timepass said...

Hey, Vada Pav is among my fav recipes so is mysore masala dosa. thks for the recipes..Congrats for ur awards

USHA said...

Hi Pooja,

Thats a wonderful and perfect entry for the event...Oh !!Thanks alot dear for passing the award to me....hmmm very happy..Whatelse i gained here after starting blogging....a sweet hearts like you.Thanks for informing me.,,,As you knwo already my sister and niece are now with me...the whole time is very occupied.....
They are leavng today....so i get more free time to go and swim into the blogs:))

Vini K said...

Hi Pooja,great to see you back in action finally.hope you are well settled down into your new home now:)thanks for the beuatiful award mu dear.I am much honoured:).I am back but still catching up with things at home.will re-join blogosphere soon:)

Asha said...

Good to see you back sweetie. Masala dosa looks yum, thank you for taking time. I know how busy you are with house and all!:))
I will add it, enjoy the awards and snack looks delicious!:))

Happy cook said...

Why do you want to torture me. Mysore Masala Doda looks so great that i want to have one.
Bonda looks delicious too.

Kajal said...

Nice and delicious crispy dosa you post. I like dosa very much but avoid cooking because lots of work for that.....ha ha ha.....I like your Vada Pau recipe my dear thanks for sharing. I remember my college day. Green chutney looks very fresh. Very nice entry for RCI, WYF-snack and Show me your cook books......Thanks for your award. Yes, we won 20-20 world cup of cricket. We celebrate in our work place very nicely.:)

swapna susarla said...

Hi Pooja
Vadapav looks so yummy!!when i was in mumbai and pune i used to eat them ..oh they tastes so good with the boiled green chilly !!!isn't it???

Congrats for the awrds girl!!and thanku very much for passing me one!!!

I too really enjoyed the final!!After a long time India played very well,fantastic i can say, that too without any of the so called players!1isn't it great?? The Indian boys are rocked realy!!!:-)I think there is a large procession today in Mumbai.right??Enjoy !!!

PVP said...

wow...looks just amzing and i miss joshi wadewale..wada pav...:((

TBC said...

Congrats on all the awards!
Dosas are my all-time favorite food:-)
Seeing that wada paav bought back memories of my days in Bombay.
The flower in your header looks beautiful.

Jeena said...

Hi there you have a great blog,lovely recipes. Feel free to visit my blog too :)

Jeena xx

click here for food recipes

Vani said...

Hey Poo! Good to see you back blogging again! We missed you :)
Hope you are all settled in NJ. And thank you for the award! How sweet of you to think of me :)
Maine apne phone number tujhe email kee thi. Mili? Hope to talk to you sometime. Take care now. Btw, the mysore masala dosa looks fab! Looking forward to more recipes from you.

Vcuisine said...

Thank you Pooja. Love to see you back with your creative ideas. All are mouthwatering dishes. Hope you are enjoying your life there. Take care. Viji

Sia said...

so glad to see u resume blogging AT LAST girl:)
will come bk n check ur post in detail... just took a quick look @delicious spread...
hugs to u:)

Kumudha said...

Masala dosa looks delicious.

It is so nice to see so many recipes from Karnataka.

RML said...

Hello Pooja,
This is my first time here.You have wondeful recipes here and presentation is awesome.Masala dosas looks yummy.

My said...

Hi Pooja,
I have been viewing your blog quite some time whenever i want to try something new. Your blog is very nice. Thanks for your wonderful recipes.

krystyna said...

Hi Pooja!
You are always very creative.
Love your beautiful place and and your recipes.
Good luck to you!

KayKat said...

Mmm ... vada pav! I'm drooling now :)

That looks totally delicious.

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Pooja....the dosa looks tempting dear....I am terribly hungry now and I want to eat ur dosa ...:-)

Shweta said...

Awesome recipes. I love Mysore Masala dosas, will surely try this out!

Mona said...

Those Dosas look yummy!!! Gimme some :-)


Puspha said...

Wonderful spread.

priyadarshan said...

Last sunday, I was in Pune and in Vaishali at FC road, and I so much enjoyed Mysore Dosa followed by Cheesee Mysore Dosa there . Nothing like it. Best in the world.

bhaw said...

Hi Pooja,

How do you get information regarding recipes contest? I am very new to this blogging and dont know much about it. If you dont mind than just help me in maintaining my blog. will be very helpful..


Pooja said...

thats foryour lovely words dears, i am really glad to hear from you again .
I miss that too very much here, thats why i decided to make it on my own :), and believe me , it was worth each minute spend on its preparations :D .
thanks, your words are really a good encouragement :) , go try it soon, it is perfect for this rainy season :)).
hmmmm...., i should realy have think about it when i was in pune... to start my own vada pau center, ha ha ha... how abt starting one now in here in usa ? :))
well, thanks dear , and grab as many as you want it :) .
thanks for dropping by here :), i hope you would find this blog useful. stay tuned...
thanks dear. i m happy to see your comments in each new post of mine now :) .

Pooja said...

thanks, i love participating too !
keep dropping here :).

thanks for your compliments:) . i made vada pau 2 more times since then :)) .

thank you for dropping by here and appreciating my work . i hope to see you more often now. will visit your blogs soon , its just i m bit occupied with the schedule here.
Keep in touch.

i am so glad to see your comment, most of the bloggers seems bit busy now, and there are many new food bloggers i see around here. nice that you are still sctive and visiting my blog, i m really happy to hear from you . keep in touch.

since i dont want to miss participating wiht those great events, i made it possible on the last date of entries.. :)) . thanks for appreciating it.

welcome to my blog world and thanks you very much for your nice words. :) .Will visit your blog soon.

Timepass(??????) ,
I think its the first time i hear from you , right? thanks for your compliments and wishes.. keep dropping here :)

Pooja said...

its nice to have friends like you around. thanks dear for taking time to commenting here in your busy schedule too . do keep in touch by emails and calls too dear. its nice to heave you around. :)

it is great to have a friend like you dear, the honour is all mine :) . yupe, i am all settled now.
take care of your health and lots of love to little one. I will be back to you soon.

i saw the round up and it was greeeeeeeeeeeat.....!!! as i was assuming ,it had al lthe things about karnataka cuisine... great :) .thanks for your lovely comment, will get in touch with you soon.

Happy cook,
Dont torture yourself dear , come and grab one soon :)) . thanks for dropping by here, i am glad to see you here.
stay tuned..:)

its special for me to hear from you :) , thanks for your encouraging words. i cant wait to try those traditional gujarati recipes from your blog.
thanks for posting it even though you are hell of busy with your daily routine. take care

i too love eating vada pau with fried green chilles when i was in pune... those chatpata taste is still on my tounge. enjoy the award dear , you deserve it all :)
and yes, that match was great , specially coz we won without using those so called great players.

i too misses joshi vadewale too mushc that day and decided to make some one my own :)), and it was great. al lthe efforts are paid well off. :)) .keep dropping.

thanks for appreciating my header designs and recipes. it was just i was trying my hand on photoshop a little and thoughtto chage my header design :))).

thanks Jeena, will visit you soon sometime.

Pooja said...

thanks dear .
how cant i think of you , you are oneofthe blogger's best gift to me :) .
yupe , mujhe tumhara email mila, number bhi hai mere pass cell me , kabi call karungi .i m also eager to hear you.
thanks for your lovely words , love to little M.

oh dear , you really make me happy by your comment here. :) . i have to write you and email since many days but cant manage, i think i have become too lazy now :(( , well, will try to do it soon .
take care. looking fwd for RCI-tamil festival round up.

so you are now a proud owner of Monsoon spice !!! , i am so glad to see that. keep the god work goong on dear, will be back to you soon.

thank you :) . i am glad to see so many new blogger here to comment on my post , thank you very much and stay tuned.

hey Madhuri,
thanks for dropping by here. so how come oyu find this blog ? i really feel so good to hear nice word abt this blog :) , keep dropping, will get some time to visit your blog soon.

thank you very much for dropping a line here and let me know that you are one of the slent visitor of this blog :) . keep dropping and share your experienc with the tried recipes fro mythis blog.:) .
hope to hear more from you.

Pooja said...

thank you krystyna. i was just wondering abt kevin's health. i hope he is all well now. plz do keep me updated with his news.
i will be in touch to your blog.

thanks. every time i visit other food bloggers , i feel hungry all over agian :)) . so no wonder vada pau is doing the same to you :) .
thansk for dropping by , keep in touch.

go girl, gran some, its all for you :)) ....

its really eas yand very nice to eat too :) , try it and you will love it. do let me know if u try it. thanks for dropping by . take care

thanks mona. you too have good blog :)

thanks for dropping by here.

i was just wondering abt who you are ,and the nfound that you are the one with a nice blog in marathi , why did u change your name fro mharekrishnaji to this new one? it was hard to recognize you.

sure, i can help you as much as you want abt blogging.
ask me anything you want regarding help with your blog, i would be happy to help you. feel fre to email me. i got your previous comment too . my email -pooja18@gmail.com.

Cynthia said...

Pooja, hon. Can you email me at: tasteslikehome@gmail.com I have some follow up questions re: your paratha post here: http://creativepooja.blogspot.com/2007/01/paratha.html


Pooja said...

hi Cynthia,
i just replied to you on email.
check it out.

Sia said...

happy diwali darling:) hope u r having a gr8 time pooja.
don't u think its high time u posted few goodies;)


Saal Mumarak and happy deepavali

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Project 71. Weird name I know, but my masters are weird too. My masters apologize for such an out-of-context comment and they know how painful such spamlike comments are. But, say masters, how else are we to present something good to the world. By that they mean me :D. Kindly see what I am about. Won't take you more than 22s to read... http://www.project71.com/readme Enjoyy!

Mythreyee said...

Pooja, first of all, the header for your blog is awesome.

Your recipes are so good. Its cloudy outside and I feel so lazy to cook. How nice it would be if I can grab it right away from your blog...hmmm...wonderful recipes.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hi Pooja,
every single recipe is simply mindblowing but the vada pav is sucking my mind.Hmm its so tempting.think you and your family had a lovely time this winter with those hot chatpata vada pav

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