Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love me for a Reason, Let the Reason be Love .....

"There`s something about the
look in your eyes. Something I
noticed when the light was just right
It reminded me that I was alive
& it reminded me that you`re so
worth the fight."
A Very Happy Valentine's Day to all of you @}:- .

This Strawberry slush I made for you today to celebrate the love you have shown here , lets share your love together and let it grow even more :). This blog is obliged with your response warm wishes always .

Well , With many nice entries around , I am busy arranging round up , which I hope to publish by tomorrow evening. Today is the last day to send entries, so by any chance ,if you forget to send it to me ,send it soon.

By that time Here is a nice Puzzle for you , just think a little on that, I really hope to get a good answer for this :)

" Why do we close our eyes when we pray, when we cry, when we imagine, when we kiss? " .

I hope to hear some real nice answer from you , if you had any!!!
I know there are many great minds around and great mind thinks a like, Isn't it ? At least you can try to guess the answer :)

Enjoy the day with great spirit , life is too fast to gather some nice memories . See you all you at round up.


Kalai said...

Pooja, that's so sweet! Strawberry slush looks great! As for closing one's eyes, perhaps to concentrate on what we're thinking about at that moment... :)

Cham said...

Here you go
Lyrics right?
Artist: Incubus
Happy V - Day

Cham said...

Puzzle answ:
Open ur eye and try all:
U will get distract :) so better to keep close...

Mythreyee said...

Simply superb. Both lyrics and the strawberry slush.

Superchef said...

happy valentines day to u too!! the slush looks very valentiney!! :) *still thinking* about ur question..

Shankari said...

U know why, cause we want to put our heart and soul into it.

Maya said...

Happy valentines day to you too Pooja !!! Slush looks refreshing..


Your hubby, Lucky fellow.

Why cat drinks milk with eyes closed ?


Your hubby, Lucky fellow.

Why cat drinks milk with eyes closed ?

Nags said...

That's a very pretty drink. hope you had a great day too!

Archana said...

Nice drink pooja and a great click. Why do we close our eyes "some are shy", "some want to focus", "some want to get intense".... who knows.... i think to meditate.

Saswati said...

hi pooja!! thanx for leaving aline in my have got awonderful blog and nice recipes...i will keep visiting to try them out.:))

Home said...

This looks delicious!!! Have to try it soon.

Asha said...

Are you still on that V mood? :D

Slush is yummy, lucky husband!!:)

We close our eyes so we savor the moment and separate the unwanted stuff around us.

DK said...

The slush luks amazing Pooja!

For ur riddle - i thought about it it..Praying (Being "one" with God), Crying (Feeling crushed for something held "precious"), Imagine (Thiking and wondering happpily at what is "Unknown"), when we kiss (To absorb the "swoopiing" feeling during the kiss) - The words in " " are something unknown and can never be correctly described. They are unique to each one of us and so thereby, to experince those feelings we go into our inner souls cutting out everything that is not ours "that is outside world". Guess thats the reason for we closing the eyes!

Whoa! Thats some explanation - May be I went Overboard - but then thats what I thought would be the reason :)

AnuZi said...

Wow tasty strawberry slush!! Pic looks amazing. and in answer to your q's....maybe we close out eyes because when you want or love something dearly...our mind wants to savor everything that we are feeling without any distractions. I hope you had a great V-day sweetie :o)

Meera said...

Happy Valentines day. Your slush looks fabulous. Still thinking about the question....

Pooja said...

Great going on Girls, Lovely reading your thoughtful answers , makes me feel too happy , Come and grab that lovely drink , its I made for you buddies :).
Mythreyee, Maya, nags , Saswati , Home ,
Hope you all had a special Valentine's Day too.
Asha, Perhaps I will never got out of that mood :) , thats how I am , this is the first time I find myself different than you , or who knows when i will at your age , I will be like you by that time :)).
Kalai, cham, shankari, archana , Dk , anuzi ,
Its really great to see your thoughtful way to try and find an answer , i was never so thoughtful before, perhaps , coz the day I read this question first time , I read the answer too . But you are better with your answers girls....
Harekrishnaji ,
i am poor with cat psychology :)) , hope to hear answer from you :) .
Superchef & Meera ,
Don't think about question , think about answer girls ;) .

Hope to hear some more answers too , its really an interesting turn it is getting , and i will write the answer i have too .
(P.S. 0- while working with round up to publish today , i couldn't help myself and thought to reply your all lovely comments first :) , thats how I am :)) ).Check out Round up today evening, this time its prompt :D.

krystyna said...

Hi Pooja!
You really know what I like.
This Strawberry slush is excellent!
Love it.

We close our eyes in these situation becouse we want to go out from real world into the intimacy.

Have a wonderful, happy weekend!

Purnima said...

Pooji, hope you had a great V-Day!! The SS looks tempting! ( I love the champa flower in your templet, in native place there were trees with full bloom of these very fragnant ones,so this pic takes me there,makes me fresh!!! Also like to see the pretty ornamented mehendi-waale haath!)

Archy said...

Wow.. Pooja.. Lovely slush with a puzzle dear..

I think.. Those are the moments in our life that we dont wanna miss it,either Happy or Sad, we close our eyes an feel it from our heart !!

Pooja said...

Thank you all for appreciating Strawberry slush , you can now checkout its recipe at - which is the blog for recipe event's entry .
I really loved reading those lovely thoughts, each answer I find too nice to say it true, true is not the right word to appreciate that matter of soul I think .
I also believe that it's that way we are trying to be ourself and trying to connect to our heart and soul to be away from this physical world. We just want to be ourself when we imagine, when we pray , when we cry and when we kiss, just as if nothing else in the world does exists.
To make this feeling true we close our eyes and feel only that .Ever heard don't trust the person who doesn't close his/her eyes while kissing you ? The reason behind that is he/she if not closing eyes is not truly in love , doesn't connect that feeling with heart and should that why assume such person to be a cheater , who is going to betray you someday in any way.

well, I have The answer for this is ever since i heard this question, may be I read it more than 4 years ago it touched me so much that I always remember it:) the answer is - We close our eyes when we pray,cry, imagine and kiss and - because the most beautiful things in this world are unseen and can only be felt by heart .

Thanks :) ,

Rachel said...

Well said!

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