Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Aloo Paratha(Stuffed potato paratha) with Tomato chutney & Grapes Juice

1 cup wheat flour
2 potato boiled and peeled
½ tsp Cumin powder,
½ tsp chaat masala ,(or dry mango powder and pinch of crushed black pepper)
½ tsp redchilli powder,
Salt to taste,
½ tsp lemon juice,
Sugar to taste (optional)
Oil for shallow fry

Boil the potato until they are soft and tender. Remove sking , and mash them , mix in cumin powder ,chaat masala ,redchilli powder, lemon juice and salt in it. Keep this aside.
Knead the dough , using sufficient water and salt added to it, when done apply some oil to it, this will make it smooth. Knead it soft enough like we make for roti/paratha. Make lemon sized balls of it and roll out into a small round shape of it. Place spoonful of potato stuffing in the middle and cover it from side as shown in figure here. Now again slowly with care roll out to small sized round of about 3-4 inch diameter.

On a hot tawa place it, and let the first side cook in slow heat until it is half cooked. Turn the side and let the other side also get half cooked.
Now turn the paratha again and apply some oil from the side of Partha to the side below, this will give it chance to get puffed from side and center too. Turn the side again and do the same for another side too. Cook until golden brown on both sides and serve hot with anything you like. It goes well with a cup full of curd or green coriander chutney.

I had this in brunch this Saturday accompanied with quick Tomato chutney. Which hardly take 3-4 minutes to prepare it.
Here the method to make it.

Ingredients :
2-3 medium sized tomato finely chopped,
3-4 dry red chillies,
6-7 curry leaves,
½ tsp red chilli powder,
Salt to taste,
A pinch of asfoetida,
1 tsp oil.

In a pan heat the oil. When little hot ,add curry leaves , asafoetida powder and red chillies to it. Just in a while add chopped tomatoes too.
Cook it on a high flame, cover with lid for 1-2 minutes, then stirring occasionally cook it until all the water part of it evaporates and oil starts separating from tomato pieces, it will form a thick gravy like consistence, add red chilli powder and salt to it, serve with anything you like.

This is what we had in brunch this Saturday. Normally we take bread , toast or other light snack item with milk in the morning. I prefer to have meal on time , on week ends so normally we get lunch ready by 12.30 -1 p.m on weekends.
Just few days ago Deepak was recalling his college days when he was staying in hostel and they were getting Aloo paratha in the Sunday breakfast there , he was just telling me that it was the only reason he got up early on Sundays that time. Though I know he likes aloo paratha , I didn’t know he loves it this much ! (I made aloo paratha so many times before this , but that is for the evenings when we don’t want to have heavy dinner and for him it goes nice with plain curd. Also that time I made it different way by adding coriander leaves, green chillies and other spices to it .this time as for brunch I have added all the ready dry powdered spices ,to make it quickly. )

Now when it came to make something to make him happy I thought to make it. I know he loves spicy tomato chutney made this way, so got the perfect idea of brunch for last weekend. Accompanying this dish was fresh juice of green grapes. It was a perfect dish- tasty aloo paratha with spicy tomato chutney and soothing juice. :)

He was more than happy to see this surprise from me, as he was not aware with what’s going on in the kitchen and was busy with a phone call, when I presented the whole dish in front of him, he just stare with happiness on his face with a broad smile : )) . And still keep on reminding me that he liked my idea of brunch that day very much.
Still some more dishes from me to share with you all with some memories to cherish with that, are coming their way, till then stay tuned and keep cooking: D .
(Hubby didn’t know till then that I have announced any such theme for Valentine’s day , now when he know this, he keeps on asking me what I am going to make for surprise lunch for him : )) ) .
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Lera said...

Pooja, Nice pictures! parathas are so perfectly made.wish I could make as good as you!Happy valentine day with lot's of lovely food :)

Pooja said...

Hi Lera,
its so nice to see your comment just as soon as i post this. :) .
was just formattating the pictures bu cheking the sequence ,and here is your comment too. thanks buddy !
Happy valentine's day to you too ! though I am going to post soemthing nice for tomorrow too !
stay tuned.

Suma Gandlur said...

Yummy parathas. You pictured the whole process so beautifully that no description is needed. Good job.

Seema said...

Pooja loved the jhat pat tomato chutney. I am gonna try that soon. And the last part of your memorable moment about your hubby aksing for special somehting for lunch was so funny.

Vini K said...

hmmm aloo paratha is my fav!love tha tomato chutney too.

USHA said...

Hi Pooja,

Aloo parathas looks perfect,step by step picture explains the process clearly....

Chutney with in few minutes,.....Wow!then i should learn it to prepare on lazy and busy days.

Hey i liked your way of surprising your hubby with his favourite dishes.Yep!i agree this you, as i even did many times...

Happy Valentin's day and wish many more to come.

mandira said...

The alu parathas look delicious. so what ARE you making for Valentine's Day ;)

Sia's corner said...

ha ha ha... in my hostel they used to serve masala dosas for sunday bf and ppl used to get up and reserve seats for it. its always a long Q like the one in fromt of cinema hall;)
yummy looking parats pooja and that spicy tomato chutney is killing me...

Asha said...

YUMMY Pooja! I bet your hubby enjoyed the surprise.All three are great looking dishes and what a combination!:))
Btw,you can send this to JFI Potato!Have a great V'day and looking forward to Friday's round up!:))
Did you make the Logo for VOTW?!!I will keep bugging you until you do, so I can paste it in Aroma!!;D

Sia's corner said...

forgot to mention... i have posted v-day's entry in my blog:)

Jasmine said...

yummy parathas.we had nicknamed it as AP(aloo parathas)at home. I just talk to my dad with this code..hehe..we always say feel like eating "AP"?
Will be sending my entry soon :-)

Sandeepa said...

Hi Pooja
That was so sweet of you. great surprise and yummy aloo parathas

Pooja said...

that so kind of you . thanks you dear. I also like to show it step by step so that one can easily get the process of it. :)

I also love this tomato chutney , tastes nice too . basically i love any quick recipe :)) . Specially when if its time like bruch ,we need something quick to make, right? otherwise i make alooparatha too little different and lengthy way :)

its my favorite too. ! some here and we will shar it together :D

Pooja said...

you are correct , this shutney is perfect for lazy or busy days... i normally have it in either of this mood only :)) .
thanks for appreciating the pictures of the process. :) I am glad that you liked it.

so you are also in the line of my hubby ? he he he ... i haven't told him yet, will let you know by my posts here :) . thanks for your nice words.

thanks dear. it is almost the same in all hostel :)) , we were like starving for good BF /lunch /dinner . usually we had good meal on sundays and we kept on asking the mess person what they are going to cook coming sunday ... :)). Just emailed you .
take a look when you get time for that.

Pooja said...

Asha ,
you got all the rights to keep on bugging me for anything : ) .
I will post one logo soon .may be today.
I am glad that you liked my idea of this brunch. :)
Will do round up on weekends this time as going out of pune for 2 days from 15th evening to 17th noon .Thanks for reminding me about JFI- Potato. iwill send this soon to happyburp-vaishali :D.

Will catch your entry , just after this. :)) .

it happens so that we nick name our favorite items ...
thanks for nice words here . got your email already with entry . Just left a comment there. :)

thanks, it was good surprise for him indeed. but now he is sure that somethign else is coming its way for valentine's day :)) .

Mehak said...

Hey Pooja..Happy Valentine's Day!!!

ohh being a true punju...I absolutely love Paranthas!!!!

Gattina said...

Pooja, you know I must love your paratha!!! Actually yestersday I just did your cumin ones, my husband and I enjoyed them a ton! Now with this variety and the tomato chutney, oh boy! My husband will be jumping with joy!
And fantastic photos Pooja!

Coffee said...

That was a very nice surprize indeed. :) The tomato chutney sounds yummy!!!! :)

Will send you my entry soon. :)

Vani said...

Nice step-by-step photos Poo! That tomato chutney looks so delicious!!
Haven't been able to take up your tag yet, but hope to do so soon! Will be sure to let you know when I do. After starting full time, it's like suddenly I have no time, even to think! This with my mil doing most of the cooking at home! I don't even want to think about how it will be once they leave!

Mythreyee said...

What a wonderful illustration, step by step detailing makes it easy for learners like me. thanks a bunch. will surely try it.

swapna said...

loved the grape juice..
so a nice weekend...hmmmm....u know onething..i always make the dishes that are my hubby's favorites only..because i too agree with ur idiom"he way to man’s heart is through his stomach' : D.hee hee..
waiting to read more from u..

just for fun said...

Thats a wonderful presentation. Tomato chutney looks awesome.

Sanjana said...

True to your name it is realy creative and wonderful presentation. Enjoyed going through all the presentations in your blog site. Keep such innovative recipes coming. Here is another unique chutney - Ornage peel chutney which goes well with chapathis as well as dosas:

Sri said...

Hi Pooja paratha's look soft...nice pics too.


I envy those lucky husbunds

Jyothsna said...

Good step by step presentation. And I love grape juice.:) Thanks for the tomato chutney recipe, I'll have to try that soon.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome, I love the photos showing us how to stuff the dough!

Ari (Baking and Books)

indosungod said...

The tomato chutney looks irresistible and the Aloo Paratha perfect.

Pooja said...

so you are a punju ?that's great , so share some of the punjabi dish here with all of us sometime, it would be my pleasure... exactly where in India you are dear? I missed your comment on some pf my past blogs.. is there everything ok na?
take care
Actually i thought of you when i was posting it, and felt that you might like it too. I am glad that you really like it. earlier in this blog i have posted one little different version of Aloo paratha too , you can make it that way too, bot hare tasty . the one here is little quick way of making it. tomato chutney is my all time favorite, and we amke it frequently too. easy , tasty and quick too . :) .
Do let me know if you make it some time. thanks a lot dear.
yes,Deepak was so happy to see this dish ready in front of her eyes , i still remember his joyful expressions and a broad smile... :D .
Vani ,
So lucky you are to have Mil by your side! also its really great that she cooks everything without any help from you :) . I envy you girl .... thanks for your nice words, i will wait to see when you take the tag. dont forget to pass on the tag to some other buddie,s it will be fun.

Pooja said...

thanks dear. The only purpose of showing all hte steps here is just that. so that some one unknown with the dish can make it easy , a picture is worth thousand words... :)) .
I am glad you liked it. try it sometime, its way to make. and do let me know when you make it.
thanks dear . :)
i think its true for everyone , but some how we have this aying for men only .. poor men , dont we also like when someone cook food of our choice, that too when we dont have to do anything except eating it ... :D

I am glad to see you here regularly. :)

Pooja said...

i think its your first time comment to my post, right? welcome to my blog ! I am glad that you likes the recipes around here.
thanks ,
stay tuned
thank you dear. Paratha is really soft and tastes to good. I just love it. thanks for your compliments on pictures too. ! :)
hmmm.... i bet your wife also must be cooking too good when it somes to give you a surprise , so a lucky husband you are too :))

Pooja said...

Thanks !
do let me know when you try tomato chutney...
Grapes juice tastes good , and goes well when we run out of time to make something nice as a soothig drink.

warm welcome to my blogworld. thanks for your nice words here, i hope this will be helpful in making paratha. :)
stay tuned.

Just a single line from you makes me feel so good. thanks for encouragin words, people like you are the source of my creativity . :)

Vcuisine said...

Hi Pooja,

I was nice talking to you. Your gift was so exceptional to me. The Republic day entries, royal green peas curry, mutter entries, pau bhaji, green peas pakoras, VD specials, and stuffed parathas are very nice. (I went through all). Your guess about bloggers – quite interesting. I did not give you a chance I feel . The 5 mysteries – though some of them I knew before, but very interesting. Have a good day. Viji

sra said...

Hey Pooja, Where's the round-up? You've been silent for a few days now

Pooja said...

all your complements makes me so happy. :) it shows with how much details you went through everypost of mine , thanks dear.
You are ture with guessing gam meme i didnt have anythng to guess about you, i saw your picture and through chatting i think i know you mmore , nothing much left to guessing for me. :) . thanks. hope you will be out of load of pending work now.

sorry if i am keeppig you waiting, Just drafting the round up, i was out of station for some days, that trip was planned for just 2 dyas, but got extended just got back on yday evening. so now is the time fo rme to do round up. will post it soon in sometime today only. thanks for your concerns.

Farah said...

Hi Pooja! i hav recently stard making stuffd parathas and've 1 query if u can resolve-
i sauted the boiled potato+carrot in some oil and onion and added tamrind juice + other spices of my own. this mix i used as filling. when i finally stard rolling my parathas i faced tooo many prob- the stuffing started oozing out frm corners; uneven distribution of filling ; unevne thickness of paratha; tearing of my parathas from somewhere or the other... can u advise. thx for ur help take care bye :)

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