Monday, February 19, 2007

My another entry for Vday Special.

I was planning to make something to easy to make and likable by both of us too, so that I don’t have to spend lot much time in kitchen and can spare some time for both of us to recall the old(though not so old, we are married since just 1 year and 9 months :)) ) and golden memories. Though we are less than 2 years married, it always seems like past when recalling the days before marriage or the starting of marriage.

Hubby is a big paneer fan . He loves any food cooked with paneer.
And as he knew already that there is going to be something special for him in lunch , I think he was expecting some nice change too.

I made matar paneer(Green peas with cottage cheese) with plain flour roti. Which also he loved very much. It’s the first time I make roti from maida(plain flour) at home, normally only when eating out in restaurants we had it.
Along with his favorite vegetable Pulao . .. and he was totally happy to see it.
Matar paneer here I made is from ready made masala of rasoi magic, which includes everything in it, just I add green peas and paneer, as instructed in it.
If it is available in any store around your place, then I strongly recommend to try this one, easy and too tasty . also cooked within minutes. : ) . I tried other vegetable masal of rasio magic too , but this one is defnately better tan all of the rest, the second one I would recommend to you is Paneer tikka masala from rasoi magic. Try it some time, and just like me you will fall in love with it.
Here is how I make it.
Take 1 tsp of oil and when hot add , finely chopped 1 tomato to it. Cook for a while and then add the rasoi magic masala mixed with 1-2 cup of water , such that there isno lumps formed in the gravy . cook it on high flame and add green peas to it. Cover with lid and cook till the gravy reach to desired thickness, finally add paneer cubes to it and cook for another 1 minute.
I added 1 cup fresh green peas and 200 gms paneer cubes to it. And the result is in front of your eyes. This was simply great that what we get in restaurants. Not so spicy not so mild, I just love it, and so does hubby. :D .
Basically he loves anything thing with paneer, such that when in the evening we went to a Chinese restaurant – Mainland China here, he ordered tofu with exotic vegetables there… : )) .

For vegetable pulao :
½ cup green peas,
1 carrot peeled and cut into small cubes,
1 onion finely chopped,
1 potato , peeled and cut into cubes,
2-3 cloves,
Ghee for tadka,
2-3 Bay leaf,
Pinch of turmeric, salt to taste,
2 cups cooked rice.

Cook rice with water and keep it aside draining extra water from it.
In a pan add 2 tsp of ghee/oil, when hot add bay leaf and cloves to it, along with onion to it. When onion turns translucent add potato cubes to it, cover with lid and cook it until potatoes are tender. Next add carrot ,green peas and salt to it and cook until they are soft. Add turmeric to it and mix in the cooked rice with it. Mix well together and turn off the heat. Serve hot with anything you like.

For desert we had Strawberry Icecream, this is my first attempt to make ice cream with strawberry .
12-15 strawberry
3 cup milk,
2 tsp custard powder,
½ cup thick cream,
Sugar to taste, I used 1 cup.
In a big vessel heat the milk, when it come to boil add custard powder to it, mix in well and stir such that no lumps will be formed from it. Cook it on high flame and stirring continuously until milk is half of the original size ,add sugar and milk cream to it. And stir again for few minutes on medium heat. And turn off the heat after 1-2 minutes. Place it on side and let it get to room temperature. Until then in a mixture grind the strawberries to a fine paste without adding any extra water. And when milk mixture is at normal temperature add it to that, and mix in well . Place it in a freezer in a container and and when it get frozen for the first time, remove all of them in a grinder and make fine paste out of it, it will help the ice cream to be turn little more thick in consistency and will remove ice particles from it, if any .
Again in a container let it freeze and serve when it get to normal ice cream coldness.
With scooper remove it in a small bowl and decorate with strawberry and serve chilled. If you like, add some fresh honey over ice cream to make it even richer in taste.
This also goes as my entry to Maheswari for her AFAM-Strawberry

Some memorable moments :
We got married on 29th of May 2005. on 14th feb. 2005 it was the first Valentine’s for us after we come to know each other, before our marriage He used to work for late hours and he loved his work, though now he has changed totally with that and don’t give an extra moment to office : ) .
On that day , I got a long email from him , and a part of it I am going to share here.
This is what he wrote

"Hard to make a sentence, as words are slipping out of my hands as Ithink more of you.I know that you are the most beautiful girl on this earth for me to love and I am happy that I am doing so.
Most beautiful not for whatyou look but for what I felt of you.
Beautiful for what you make me inyour love.
Beautiful for selfless love and tender care that you gave me.
Beautiful for loving me in spite of all my weakness.
Beautiful for believing me even though we meet once in life.
Beautiful for loving me not by looks and the thousands that I earn butfor what your heart and soul tells you."

That email was too long, here is just a part of it, and I love reading it again and again even today, at least I am happy that what he said is not a false promise or some words to impress me, it is true even today, and I feel it in each action of Deepak.


Lakshmik said...

Hi Pooja

That was a romantic email. Thanks for all the recipes too.

Pooja said...

Dear lakshmik,
I am so glad to see your prompt comment. thanks. I am happy that you liked it. :)
about the email, the actual email is real long, so just thought to share a part of it here with you all.
thanks for your kind words.

Vini K said...

Hi Pooja,what a noce spread for Vday!I do hope you both enjoyed the day.

TS said...

Oh my vaat che? I love reading my e-mails from Kartik over and over again!

yours is so sweet..may you two always be happy,


yum said...

so romantic :)

Pooja said...

thanks for your wishes.:) , yes ,we had a great time together on 14th feb, just a change from normal routine and some roaming out and had fun by having dinner at our favorite restaurant here.

mane lage chhe ke apne banne ma ghanu badhu similar chhe, kyarek malishu to bahu badhi vato karishu. :) . thanks for your wishes dear. hugs to you.

Nice to see your comment here, thanks for dropping by, stay tuned.

Vcuisine said...

Nice round up Pooja. So colourful. Each one is creative in their own dish. Lovely email. Good job dear. Viji

mommyof2 said...

very romantic:-)

And nice round up:-)

mommyof2 said...

Oh and it was thai green curry not egg curry;-)

Seema said...

How nice of Deepak to write such romantic lines for you. Hope you guys live like this with more and more love for many more years. Loved the paneer matar curry.

Pooja said...

Thanks, I also love this kind of colorful et together of nice dishes here...once I so the round up I feel like watching all the dishes again and again. :)

oops...! I made a mistake, will correct it just now. thanks . Its nice to see you around here.

a bunch of thanks for your lovely wishes. :).this panner matar curry was in my mind since i saw your gobi matar curry, now when i saw the ready made masala of it , i could not resist to try it asap :D, and indeed it turn too good. if it is available anywhere aroud there, try it sometime, it tastes too good. !

TS said...


ekdam saachi vaat! Malshu tyare vaat karsu, chokkas!


Smita said...

I love your blog and think what you do is extremely interesting....I have my own blog . How can I become a part of the group that helps you with the recipes based on the vegetable of the week? Please let me know....


where are u

Priya said...

Hey Pooja,

Where are u ?? Hope all is fine :-) Do let us know abt the happenings at your end !

Sushma said...

Came across your blog for the first time . You have a lovely blog here
-Sushma said...


Was fascinated reading the note from your hubby you shared with us, it sounds like he really loves you a lot.

On another note, I love mattar paneer and yours looks delicious.


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