Saturday, February 3, 2007

Green Peas Pickle

Though to try this way of making pickle out of peas :), and it turn out really nice. Hope you pickle lovers there will enjoy it. i jsut know that Supriya and Sra love differet kind of pickles, so atleast forthem it will do good , right Supriya and Sra? :) . Well, Hubby is in your line, so I try making different variety of Pickles at home a lot. This was tasting nice will good aroma of fennel seeds spreaded in the whole dish. Here is the way I make it, simple and easy.

½ cup peas
4-5 green chillies
2 tsp mustard seeds
2 tsp fennel seeds(saunf) – roasted,
1 tsp salt
½ tsp turmeric
4 tsp oil
2 tsp lemon juice
½ tsp red chilli powder

In a grinder grind mustard seeds and fennel seeds to a smooth powder.
Cut green chillies in to 1 inch long pieces.
In a pan heat the oil, and turn off the heat when oil is hot.
In this hot oil add green chillies and green peas, then add powder of mustard seeds and fennel seeds along with red chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt.
Add lemon juice when the mixture is cold. Store it in a air tight container. This pickle can be eaten after two days.

Entries for today
Lakshmik and Soumya made Peas soup to share with us and go healthy this winter. :) Check out their versions here and here .

next is from Kajal ,who made Peas Potato Ring to share with all of us. Nice entry and good idea to have this kind of colorful snack.
And a wonderful twist from Swapna , who made Matar puri ! what a wonderful idea, I loved it. check out her delicious recipe of matar puri with dum aloo here. thanks for eminding me about this, Swapna.

Thank you Lakshmik , Soumya,Swapna and Kajal for your wonderful entries and timely efforts. :)

Will post a theme for the next week, before that I would like to have your suggestion on this, as already some buddies have suggested. I think this theme idea should be fun for all, and as valentine's day is coming near , all seems to be Pink in mood :D. Let me have your ideas about how we all should celebrate the next 10 days together when 10th day is going to be a valentine's day ! Will wait for your idea , and decide about the theme and post it on monday ,for which final round up will be done on 14th february -wednesday . Come up with something nice, and have a fun .

Roses are blooming all the way ,
Valentine's Day is few days away ....

Drop me your suggestions soon either on email or in comment here and Have fun with family & friends this weekends..


swapna said...

hi pooja
peas chutney is looking yummy..
i think i have send u a mail..(entry for thr peas )haven't u recieved?or am i typed the wrong address?urs is right?
please let me know.

Asha said...

Peas Pickle!!Cooooll!!:))

It's hard to come up Pink veg but Beetroot is red and Carrots are Orange!I can't think of any other veg.I already made and posted Beet-Carrot Halwa at Aroma today!:)

Coffee said...

Peas pickle!!! Wah!!! Though I m not a pickle person, it surely looks good!!!!!

Like asha said, beet root should be good for this season. :)

Pooja said...

I havent got any email from you, but just now going to update entries along with yours. the email you typed in here is correct, somehow i did not received any email from you about entry , might be typing mistake. thanks . Just cheked you matar poori too :) . its nice

will keep this in mind, I think for for pink we can have so many options whem we make something wiht strawberry... isn't it? also the real strawberry is red :) , lets us see and then we will go on with some theme decided. thanks .

thanks . you are so nice to always be around . btw, have you tried peas pakora?

Sri said...

Wow never had green peas pickle before...indeed creative idea!!!


tasty try of making pickle out of peas


Valentine's Day is few days away ....

Let it be a day with Roses, Gifts and Candle light Dinner.

1st in Row

USHA said...

Hey pooja,,peas pickle!!!!you have come up with something really very different.

Valentine's day special as ashaji said,one would be beetroot orelse as per your idea strawberry is also good idea.

It is just my suggestion, don't restict it to cooking items, it can also be any handcraft etc which should have heart symbol or pink colour(similar as Republic event).

swapna said...

hi pooja
orry dear..may be typing u said..from now on i will take care of that.thanks for keeping my entry too..:-)

TRS said...

tu aa badha ideas kyanthi laine ave che??? bahu mast idea che atahanu banava matey....! Love it...and for ideas for next week, beets is a nice idea...Laal color chene..


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh ben....great collection of pea dishes....thanks for sharing...take care ben....keep smiling okay...

sra said...

Now this is really unusual, Pooja!


2nd in the row.

I do not know about Candle light dinner. (Broke as usual)

Seema said...

Wow peas pickles looks nice and hot.

Prema Sundar said...

Peas pickle....Haven't seen or heard abt it anywhere. Really innovative.

Pooja said...

Dear All,
thanks for your nice suggestions and good words here.
I just posted theme for the next week. It was really nice to get your suggestions here, got some emails too ,about theme of next week. thanks for that too.
Having something perfect red is bit difficult as already Asha said, I made theme little versatile , as beet root here is getting little tough as the coldness decreases here a lot in a day .
Hope you wll will like the theme, i just posted , let me know your views.

Srikanth said...

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