Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Theme of the week -Orange,White and Green Round Up...

This year it is little different than last year, I think blog world is having now many immersing and very talented food bloggers around now. Last year it was such a great round up with lovely entries… I couldn’t believe it that this year it is even greater than great :), and all of you have shown your creativity in many different ways, That’s exactly what I love about this Theme . All of you have come up with wonderful ideas to be a part of celebration and that itself is very admiring, Kudos to you all, Now let me start with entries…

It was simple rules followed by me that I love to introduce new participants each time before round up , this year I think it would be easier for me to introduce some old and very lovely buddies of this blog , who in time become my great friends to whom I am very much attached too ! They are

Asha from Foodies hopes- her name is enough to introduce her, right ?
Bee & Jai
of Jugalbandi ( whom actually I welcomed as new participants in last year’s Valentine’s Day theme :D ) ,
, whose tagline always makes me smile :D
Kajal From Recipe with Step by step pictures (she participated first time in Last year's Rday theme ).
Mythreyee, whose bog is now having a nice name – Paajaka.
Viji from Vcuisine , whose blog is full of nutritious recipes and healthy tips along
with positive thoughts.

It is just a little change from the normal rule I followed each time ( its even easier too ;) , to list it then to list another 27 new participants ), as all others are the first time participant to any event of this blog :D. I appreciate your hard work in making this Theme successful, though really missing some old buddies who couldn’t make it this time, and very glad to get many new bloggers around too J .

An expert with spices and curries Jayashree is sharing here Matar paneer chanar dalna with a very creative way to depict tri colors with smily face .Thats really lovely Jaya.

Vijaya from Daily meals is sharing here with us Tiranga Salad which is perfectly made suitable to this theme :).

Spreading Aroma of her cooking in all foodies , Asha is sharing her unique recipe of Broccoli and cheese in cream sauce.

Meera from Enjoy Indian food is sharing her 3 wonderful and equally creative entries for this theme ,Narangi ni Basundi ( Basundi of Orange ) , Orange Sandesh & very inviting Mooli ke parathe with carrto and spinach (Indian flat bread made with white radish, carrot and spinach).

Archana is enthusiastic about sharing some really nice information with all of us. Also she created a nice Indian flag with spice drops.

Next here is Maya with here 2 enries for the theme .She created Bell pepper chutney ,
Along with that she wants to share a picture full with color of sacrifice


Mythreyee from Paajaka is here with a mothwatering Paneer Capsicum Tikka.

It looks so tempting , I bet no one can eat just one : P.

Next is Kalai from Samaithu Paarkalaam, sharing here her Carrot, coriander Uttapam .

Bhawana from Tastes of India brings us her tasty Aloo Palak recipe.

Richa who is as dear as salt to all of us :) , is sharing her highly creative idea to make Carrot and ginger appe to be a part of celebration wit hall of us .

Nanditha Prabhu, From Satvika ,is sharing not only the yummy sandwiches but also a loving article for nation with title – where the mind is without fear. I loved reading each line of it, you will love it too !

We have yet another smiley face created whole different way from Cham of Spice club.

Check out here , here recipe of curd rice and the dish she named – patriotism in plate , you are creative with naming dishes too , Cham ! I think if next time I make new dish and find it hard to get a name I should ask you: D, sometime I really do get confused naming dishes :( , check me here : -? .

Next is Click Bee , oops… :P , Jai and Bee of Jugalbandi sharing their fabulous picture apt to this theme . The first word I had seeing the pic was , simply superb !!! , what did u think when u saw this first time ? ??

Siri is sharing this information about India and our ancient achievement from her corner to this theme, that’s really worth knowing for all people around here.

Superchef Manju has rearranged her spice bottles to make that pic apt for the theme .

Describing her recipe with step by step pictures- Kajal is showing us raw papaya , carrot and greenchilli ‘s side dish along with her another entry tri colored sandwich .

The cook in Nags is sharing with us Beans-carrot thoran, who decided to make this after many thoughts of another tricolored dishes… :D.

has sent me few pictures suitable to this theme , to share with all of you .
In spite of his busy personal routine with his mother’s hospitalization he thought that “ the show must go on “ .here is what he wrote –

“Sending Photographs for my entry . Pasta and Paneer Tikka Masala,
combination on tricolour.
This was prepared by me wife on 31/12/07. She could not prepared
anything special today. My mother is hospitalized
and my wife and son
both are sick.

Still I thought the show must go on.
Hope this will satisfy the criteria”

Competing with my own made Juices here are one more picture from Harekrishnaji …it is Peach & Apricot Crush , Litchi Crush & Kiwi Crush. That is perfect with colors too !

A Special thanks to you Harekrishnaji.

Rajitha of Hunger Pangs made a very comfortable & Creamy Carrot and Leek soup.

Making me hungry all over again, even when I am sick and feeling low with appetite is -> Bharathy of Spicy chilly, with her yummy looking Tofu Sandwich .

Pooja of hunny patch ,clicked something too quick as she learned about this theme on the last day of submission , she is here with a lovely picture of tri colored silk along with a lotus candle votive .

While Cooking from A to Z Krishna has taken a pause to write something to be a part of this theme . there are some provoking thoughts she is sharing with all of us .check it here.

Here is a lovely picture she took to share with us, a fruit kebab with mandarin oranges, apples and kiwis . that’s really lovely Krishna.

Living life with a little bit of spice –Anuzi is here ti be a part with her dish Okra ,rasam and rice .

Last but not the least is Viji , who is sharing her Chutney rice recipe with us,

(Note: As her blog is private , those who are not listed with her blog, cant view this link , you can reach her on email id - viji.jeyakumar@gmail.com, and be a part of her blog too. ) .

Here is the recipe in here own words.

Basmati rice 1 cup
Cubed veggies 1 – ½ cup (I added tender beans, carrot, fresh corn kernels, green peas)
Greens – fresh coriander and mint leaves (each one small bunch)
Grind into paste
Onion small 2, ginger 1 small wedge, green chili 1-2 (those who like garlic can add here)

To temper
Oil + Butter 1 tbsp
Cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamoms, bay leaves - each 2 pieces
Slit green chili 1
Cumin powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder 1 tsp each
Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Salt to taste (added in batches)


Wash and cook the basmati rice with 3/4 water and 1 tsp butter in electric rice cooker for 10 minutes only till ¾ done. Add ¼ tsp salt to it. Once it is cooked, spread it on a plate so that grains are separate.
Steam cook the veggies with a pinch of sugar and ½ tsp salt. You can keep this on top of the rice in electric rice cooker.
Grind onion, ginger and green chili paste and keep it ready.
In a skillet, temper as given. Add the slit green chili and once done, keep it separately for garnishing.
Add the onion paste and sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add the spices and sauté for few more minutes.
While it is frying – grind both the leaves with a pinch of sugar and salt in mixie. Add little water only. Don’t grind it before hand and keep it ready. The color will go.
Now add this to onion and spice mix and sauté on low flame till the water evaporates. Add the steam cooked veggies now and sauté for few more minutes.
At the stage add the cooked rice and mix gently. Adjust the salt. Once it is mixed well, switch off the stove. I did this only for 1 minute. Be careful not to break the rice.Scoop this rice in a bake ware and drizzle the lemon juice on top. Tie it with aluminum foil and bake in preheated oven (150oC) for 10 minutes.

Mix well before serving. Serve with any raita and some salads. Very delicious even when it is cold.

Anamika , is sharing her cake art having all some bits of all 3 colors inside .isn't it a lovely cake ? she decorates it within only 2 hours.... Wow !!!!

One more special entry we have from Krystyna who has shared many interesting health related information about our national fruit -Mango ... :).

Here are entries from me ....

Spinach and carrot falvored rice with plain rice.

Carrot ,White Radish and coriander salad.

Bell pepper Uttapam.

Sprouted Mung(Green beans) Dosa

Carrot , Spring onion and capsicum Spread

Steamed rice with spring onion and orange bell pepper

Kesar ilaichi( saffron & cardamom )Drink(We call it -Royal Drink), Buttermilk and Coriander sorbet.

A huge hug from me to all the participants for making this theme success and showing their creativity in various ways. Well there is one more theme to celebrate together before we actually start with our Vegetable of the week event.

Theme of the next week is Valentine's day Special . The rules are same as it was for last year.
I will publish a detailed post about that in a day or two with logo for the theme of the week - Valentine's Day , last date for submission will be 14th Feb 2008. Start preparing your dish now ,and stay tuned to this blog for more :)


Archy said...

Hi.. Pooja.. Wow !! Round up looks wonderful with tri-color..!! Really happy to see all the dishes and snaps .. including mien :) !!

How u dear..??
Get well soon..
Take care !!

bee said...

wow. all the entries are beautiful and oh so creative. thanks for organising this event. hope you are feeling better.

Mythreyee said...


Meera said...

Awesome roundup Pooja. Every entry looks wonderful. What a tribute to "Tiranga" on India's Republic Day!! Thanks for hosting this event.

Siri said...

Lovely RoundUp Pooja.. Thanks for organising such a lovely event..:D looking fwd for Valentine's Day spl now!

~ Siri

Sagari said...

wonderful roundup pooja everything looks soooo good

Srivalli said...

Pooja, kudos for organizing such a wonderful event!..all the entries are looking so lovely..and your creations are too innovative too...so many entries!..phew..


A Special thanks to you , Pooja.

Must appriciate you for the thought in organising such a wonderful event and for all your your extraordinary efforts in collecting, editing and publishing post.

I am feeling so thrilled by looking at all fabulous entires.

Vcuisine said...

You did it again Pooja. A memorable one. Thanks for the note. Hope you are doing well. Viji

Asha said...

Namaskar Behna, hope you rested enough and then did the round up! Whole post looks colorful and very patriotic, glad I could participate!:))
Great job,pat on your back. I will see what I can make for Valentine's day. Take care!

Rajitha said...

loved all the entries...and the next theme sounds good to me :)
hope you took the rest and not rushed back into blogging :)

Nags said...

this is so lovely. and there are so many creative people out there!!!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

these colors did stir up the patriotic spirit:)..all the spreads look great!

Richa said...

that is one colorful display!
no more excuses not to include color in our diets ;)

Pooja said...

I am glad that you participated in spite of your sickness.
I m better now .
thanks for your wishes..

Thank you Bee :) .
I really feel great to see these colorful entries...

Mythreyee & Meera ,
Thats why I love this theme, it gives all the blogger a chance to show their creatively , plus it feels really good to see our Tiranga color all around blogs...One more colorful theme is about o come Stay tuned buddies...

Thanks dear. Valentine's day thme is indeed going to be special now with all of you
around here :)

Isn't it feel great to be Indian ?

thank you buddy! I have been blogging since along time now, but still it encourages me when someone appreciate my work :) , i am blushed :))

you made the event even better with your entries. I am glad that you are being in touch with comments :) .

Its my duty to put a note for you :) . I m feeling better now.Thanks.

Asha ,
a hug to my elder sis:D. I knew you might be worried abt my health, thats why I love you more :) . You are so careful for all around like me :). I m feeling better now, otherwise i could not have done the round up :P.
When i saw the preview b4 posting the round up , it feels so patriotic to me too ! I am walking with head high as now us you pat me on back :) .
thanks dear.

Thanks for your concern about my health dear. I am touched. I will not drop a single line till i m completely Ok :) , right ?
i am also hoping a lot for next theme. lets see how its going on. well ,as for now you can see its rules in the last years post.

Yeah, these kind events gives a nice break to blogger to come up with some creativity. they all look so lovely . thank you Nags.

Nanditha ,
It feels so nice when one's efforts are appreciated :). well all of you make it a huge success. hats of to you all.

yeah , true, now no more excuses to avoid colors... :)). one more colorful theme is coming on its way , as for now check out last year's Valentine's day special theme.
I am glad to see you here Sweetie :) .

Uma said...

Wow, what a wonderful display of colors? You really are creative.

Cham said...

You really kicked up this year with the colours. All entries are superb! I will participate the next round with Love.

Sia said...

hope u r feeling better pooja and i must say all the entries look so wonderful:)

Pooja said...

Simply brilliant! I am now hooked on these events (there are so many of them!). Thank you for getting everyone together for a regal event and an excellent roundup!

Hoping this message finds you in better health,

Cynthia said...

Pooja, this is a seriously talented round-up the entries are spectacular

Pooja said...

Thanks for appreciations. I just love those colors :).

thanks cham . the nest theme is really going to be a loving one with all of you around :) .

Buddy , i missed yo usoooooo much for this theme. Surely something must be keeping you busy. I can understand.
Its nice to hear from you though.Keep in touch.I m feeling better now, soon will be ready to rock :)).

Pooja ,
hooked on events !!! hmmm, thats what happens to all of us once atleast in this blog life :)) .
I m feeling better now .thanks.

thats very kind of you to say those words for this lovely theme.
I wish if you could participate sometime. Thanks.

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi Pooja
A very successful endeavour, indeed. Will continue to be part of your creativity and meet so many wonderful bloggers,thnaks to you.
\\('V')// 2 u

Jaya said...

dear pooja,
oh what a good job here ,so lovely to read all the entries...
you have put every thing so beautifully ,keep up the good job ..Its really a great event ...
hugs and smiles

TBC said...

I love your CLICK entry, Pooja. it is so simple and beautiful!
You know what I just realized? My last 2 posts have an orange , white and green theme!. Oh well, there's always next time.:-)

Mansi Desai said...

that was a great roundup Pooja! I missed this one, but I'm all in for the V-day theme!:)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Just amazing!!! your this post made me hungry :) thanks for sharing all these awesome food

DEEPA said...

excellent and awesome round up ....

Superchef said...

nice roundup nad thans so much for hosting this!!! looking forward to the next one..

Pooja said...

I am glad that you somehow manged to participate.
thanks a lot.

thank you Jaya, i also like this event very much :). Hope to continue it every year as far as possible.

Ohhh, that means i missed you great entries ? why didn't you drop here bit earlier ? Well, true better luck next time :)

Nice to hear that from you , is it late to send you entry for your event ? i think i missed the date.

Thank you :) .

Thats nice to hear from you :).

I hope next time you will not need to hurry to send entries:)).
you have still l14 days left for that :) . stay tuned...

Daily Meals said...

Thanks a lot Pooja! Well done dear. The round-up looks so colourful. Take care.

Nupur said...

There is so much creativity packed into this page! I did not get around to sending an entry, but it was wonderful to look at these beautiful colors.

krystyna said...

Hi Pooja!
What a great job you did!
I learned much about your beautiful country India and I hope that next year I'll prepare some Indian food too.
Thanks for sharing your and many Indian's people talent with us.
Absolutely adorable!

Anamika said...

Hi pooja
waiting for your next posting..where are you....

Pooja said...

Daily meals,
I also love these colors, I feel so good to see these colorful dishes. this year young blogger did a really wonderful job.

Its ok, if you cant spare time for that.
glad to see your comment dear, all the best for your studies and all.

Having you around with your entry is always wonderful. your posts are filled with informations.
Glad that you liked it. :)

Thanks for your concerns, due to sickness , I prefer to took little rest for few days. I am all fine now. Just posted that.

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Great round-up Pooja & I'm sorry I missed your event. Will try & get to the next one. Love all the entries...& yours are truly inspired too!

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