Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Republic Day India :) .

India is celebrating its Republic day with all enthusiasm and spirit toady , check out some details here and here.

Wishing all my Indian fellows reading this "A Very Happy Republic Day. "

I miss those days when in India on this special day we were getting ready in the early Moring and were going to school for its celebrations. Later when at home around from 9 to afternoon time sit in front of TV and watch the live Republic Day parade from Delhi. Golden were those days just as India forever - shining bright as real Gold and proud with its history and current time too :) .

I have never seen these many rules for any national flag as we have for Indian flag,That's why INDIA is Great and different from other countries.
Here is a video of our Beloved National Anthem .Don't forget to stand and give our Matrubhumi it a salute when you play it.

(By any chance you missed to watch the video I posted in last post, check it now, you will truly like it. )

As with our Ongoing theme of the week , it feels so great to see three colors of our Flag all around this blog world, I feel proud to have you all around with lovely worlds for our Nation.
Thanks for to those who have already sent their enteries . The last day to send enteries is today, If you are new to "theme of the week - Orange,White and Green " check out here. Check out round up on monday.

Here are some of the entries from my side for our "Theme of the week -Orange ,White and Green.
Carrot , White radish and coriander salad :

Mix shredded Carrot, and white radish along with little sugar (according to taste ) , and a pinch of salt. Garnish with chopped coriander , mix well before serving. Healthy Salad in minutes.... :D.

Uttapam with bell peppers :

As this blog world is full of people belonging to south region of India, I think Uttapam must be known to you . Even if you are not one of them , you must have many friend like them , Right? I do have too :) . This is Slight twist to make it suitable to theme and full of nutritions :). While cooking on one side carefully spread the Orange and green bell peppers cut into small cube shapes . cook on the other side too so that it will give you better taste and little fragrance too.
bell pepper Uttapam is ready !!!

Sprouted Mung Dosa :

(recipe coming in next week's post)

Carrot , Spring onion and capsicum Spread.

My daily meal consists of at least one raw fruit / vegetable in the form of salad . here I made it from baby carrot white part of spring Onions ( both cut as thin slices ) and capsicum (green bell pepper). Just a little change in decorating salad give immense pleasure , isn't it ?

Steamed rice :

Fresh steamed long grain rice with orange bell pepper and spring onion . I tried this to make it suitable to this theme, I think I will make it lot more time now, as it tastes very very good with nice whirl of aroma around... :)

Healthy Drinks:

1. Saffron Juice.
- Soak few saffron in warm water overnight along with 2 peeled cardamom .
- Strain it and keep aside , add it to glass of water and add sugar . I add half tsp.
- A royal drink is ready to cherish you along with its many benefits., Tastes heavenly .

2. Fresh Butter milk
- Nicely bitten curd with pinch of salt and some water added to it.
- best for summer days, Being Gujarati- for me it is impossible to have meal without it .
3. Coriander flavored Lemon Sorbet.
- In a mixure bowl take few leaves of coriander , grind it with 1/4 inch of ginger , 1.5 tsp lemon juice and some water .
- Strain it and keep aside, in a galss take water add some sugar to it ,stir till sugar dissolves.
- Add strained water of mixture to it. A refeshing drink is ready for you :) .
(Note: Dont forget to add lemon juice at the time of grinding to retain fresh green color of coriander ).

This Picture goes to Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi for this month's Click-liquid .

See you all on Moday with round up for "Theme of the week -Orange ,white and Green". If you are planning to send the entry , Please send it soon today , that will help me a lot to arrange the whole round up.
Have fun buddies and enjoy the weekend with added spirit and enthusiasm of Republic day :D.


Pravs said...

lovely and colorful dishes. Looks inviting.

Mythreyee said...

lovely pictures. good job Pooja.

USHA said...

Hey buddy,

Started with bang!!!!Wonderful rececipes,especially salad arrangemetn and refreshing drinks are really awesome..

Hey sorry dear couldn't participate this time...will contact you soon.Takecare dear.Bye.

Daily Meals said...

Wow Pooja! Nice pictures! All the dishes look colourful.

Anonymous said...

lovely post with a lovely video, the yummy recipes & the wonderful colourful photos....Nice job!

Vcuisine said...

Nice creations Pooja. Wanted to send my chutney rice. Will you repost it? Please let me know. All dishes look great. Good to see you back in full swing. We missed your creative cooking. Viji

Jaya said...

Oh it looks so beautiful here .wishing you happy republic day too ..
tricolor drink looks so elegant and royal ..great job done
hugs and smiles

Asha said...

Hope you had a great day yesterday, great post girl!:))
Can't wait for the round up!!

Rajitha said...

pooja..loved it! and those 3 drinks next to one another..really cute!

bee said...

what a beautiful entry for click!! please send it to me.

Archana Pritish said...

Hey.. Nice post with a vedio and recipes.. Good one.. wonderful click entry..!! Love it !!
waiting for the moong dosa recipe and Round ups :) !!

Nupur said...

What a great post...everything looks fresh and colorful!

Namratha said...

Everything looks gr8 pooja, esp the CLICK entry, awesome!! I came to know about your event very late, so couldn't participate in this one. Will keep my eyes open for the future ones.

Mansi Desai said...

wow, that was olne patriotic post Pooja:) loved all the entries, and your liquid flag!!

Sagari said...

beautifull pictures

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi Pooja
Sorry, i could not post a picture, especially for this Republic day but I had made a birthday cake using green and white, with off-clolur orange for a kid. Do have a look !

Jyothsna said...

Very prety, Pooja. Esp the drinks. Will try it soon!

indosungod said...

Very Creative, looks wonderful.

Kajal said...

Wow....Pooja you described all things with your round up. I like your way of present all dish with your wonderful words. You made very nice three colors drink especially orange color looks very nice.:)


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