Friday, March 7, 2008

Beguni- A Guest Post.

Swati is a wonderful cake maker.Just as lovely Anamika , she also has a blog to show case her art of cake making. As she doesn't blog about Recipes she sent me her entry for VoW -Brinjal this month- along with the picture. She prepared Beguni using Brinjal . Beguni is Bengali dish ,which resembles to pakoda .

Here is the Recipe in her own words.

Brinjal 1
Garlic 1 pod crushed
Gram Flour/Besan 4 tbsp
Salt to taste
Red chilly pdr to your taste
Turmeric a pinch
Oil to fry


Cut the brinjal in thin slices.
Make the besan batter by mixing besan, chilli powder, salt, turmeric,
crushed garlic and water to get a batter which is like pakodi
consistency..Not too thick and not too watery. Beat well as then you
dont need to add soda which absorbs a lot of oil while frying.

Fry the brinjals coated in the prepared besan batter in hot oil . The
oil should not be too hot to burn the brinjal immediately as we need
to cook the brinjals also.
Sit back and enjoy the fried brinjals ...It goes well with khichadi
also..I like to eat them just like this when fried hot.

Thanks you Swati , that's a lovely snack/starter we have now with Brinjals :) .

Note: This blog is open to all non-bloggers . If you have some recipe to share/Participate here with, you can send it to me directly on and be a guest writer for this blog.


DEEPA said...

this is awesome ..I love brijal...i will surely send few entries ....

SpicyTasty said...

Love the recipe. Looks yummy.

Asha said...

Very yummy! I was going to make that for Bengal (RCI is not announced but I am going to cook Bengali anyway!:D), but forgot to get Brinjals!:)

Pooja V said...

Lovely dish !!

Sugarcraft India said...

Thanks Pooja for adding my simple recipe to your lovely event here..It feels great to be part of Vow..

zlamushka said...

Pooja, this is a lovely Bengali snack. it is nice you cook your friends recipes :-)

musical said...

Fried eggplant has to be awesome :). Very delicous recipe, Pooja and Swati. Thanks Pooja, for the great new feature on your blog!

Kalpana said...


Trupti said...

lovely can try potato also

Pooja said...

More than one from you ??? wow , waiting for it , send it soon .

SpicyTasty,Pooja V , Zlamushka ,Kalpana &trupti
Credit goes to Swati. she really made it well.

I also was thinking the same to make for RCI then found that Sandeepa has not announced it on her blog yet, might be busy somewhere. now i will hve so search something else from bengali recipe . hard to find nice veg dish from bengali cuisine :( . Or i think I will make some sweet dish if she announces it then.

Thanks for welcoming the guest post feature.
In past also some non bloggers sent few recipes,so i thought o make a separate section for them . will modify the past posts to separate post and will add some feature to make this blog more user friendly , many things to complete soon. :) . i hope i can do it as early as possible.

I am glad to have you too :) . I was expecting you to answer here for the appreciative words of your recipe. Well, you still can add your words anytime you wish here in comment sections for the people who liked your dish.

Sagari said...

eggplant bajjilu wowwwwww delecious pooja

Annu said...

Thats looks tasty pooja.........

Annu said...

Thats looks tasty pooja.........

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

I am glad that so many of you liked this Brinjal Pakoda.. Having spent my childhood in Calcutta I have a strong likeness for Bengali dishes..They have an awesome cuisine :)

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