Friday, January 5, 2007

Fourth Day Enteries for Veg of the Week-Tomato

Vini from A Whirl of Aromas is agi nwith us with her entry - Tomato Rice. check out her delicious way to prepare Tomato Rice here. Thank you Vini for sharin this with all of us. :)

Trupti Of the Spice Who Loved Me, has sent me a Perfect recipe for this cold season - Hot and Sour Tomato Soup. Trupti made it specially for this vegetable of the week event,thats so nice of her. :) Also It looks so wonderful , that as soon as I gather al lthe ingredients I am going to make it .:D Here is the recipe for Hot& sour Tomato soup, in her own words.

Hot and Sour Tomato Soup:
1 can condensed tomato soup,
2.5 cans water,
A handful of chopped cabbage, shredded carrots, green onions,
1 tsp vinegar, 1 tsp low sodium Soy sauce,
1.5 tsp Chili-garlic sauce,
a pinch of sugar,
2 tsp black pepper,
Cilantro for garnish.
Add 2.5 cans of water to the ready made soup. Mix well so that there are no lumps in it. Add the chopped cabbage, carrots, and green onions along with the vinegar. Simmer for 10 minutes and then add the soy sauce, chili-garlic sauce, sugar and black pepper. I like to add lots of black pepper to really bring out the flavors. Simmer for 10 minutes more and garnish with cilantro. Serve piping hot with some croƻtons and enjoy!

Thank you Trupti for sharing this wonderful soup recipe with us.


Anonymous said...

Wow Trupti, this is an easy and quick soup. Must try it out on a busy and cold evening. Is condensed tomato soup same as any tomato soup tin that u get?

Anonymous said...

Wow,thanks Pooja,soup also looks great!

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