Monday, May 12, 2008

Daal Bati

With so many food blog events going on , If you are making any dish at home I think it will suit to one or many of the ongoing events :) . Thats what exactly happened to me, while I was planning to make Daal bati.
The idea of making it started with movie" Jodha-Akbar" , it reminded me of how much we used to enjoy Daal bati dish in India at "Sanjha Chulha " restaurant ,which was famous for its Daal bati . Now here , no luck so far to have such delightful dish to enjoy ready made from some restaurant. So I thought to give it a try . And there was RCI-Rajasthan announced then , not only that , it perfectly suits to the idea behind this book makes me cook event of bhags :) .

This Daal Bati is one of some dishes which Maalika-E- Hindustand Jodha made for Jalaluddin Mohammed Akbar in movie " Jodha-Akbar".
I googled for its recipe and recalled some tastes from memories,wnet through some blogs and added my style to make it and here it is. A most famous Rajasthani dish to enjoy that too homemade.
Here is my recipe to make it.


For Dal :
3/4 cup Moong Dal (split green gram )
1/4 cup chana dal
1 tsp oil
1/2 mustard seeds ,
1 tsp cumin seeds,
a pinch of turmeric powder,
a pinch of asafoetida.
coriander leaves to garnish.
salt to taste.

For Baati :
2 cup whole wheat flour
salt to taste
3-4 tsp oil to knead the dough
1 tsp Ajwain(Beshop's seeds)

Wash moong dal and chana dal together and cook them adding water and a pinch of turmeric powder until it is mushy. Keep aside . Knead the dough of Baati.
First add salt and oil to flour mix it well , and then by adding little amount of water at a time . Knead dough , take care that it should not be soft as we make for chapati or paratha. The dough for the baati is not a very smooth dough, even while shaping into balls the surface will not be extremely smooth. The cracks that form while shaping the dough are characteristic of traditional baati.

I made baatis even more small so that it can easily cook till middle. Traditionally it is little bigger , as they cook it in Tandoor or real wood fire of chulha specially made to cook baatis.

Cover with a damp cloth till they are ready to go into the oven, so as to prevent the outer surface from drying. Preheat oven on 350 F . I placed baati directly on oven rack . Turn it around when little brown on one side. Cook it until it is lightly golden brown in color. it normally takes 15-20 minutes at 380 F.

For making Daal for dal bati. Take 1 tsp oil in pan . When hot add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and asafoetida to it. Add boiled Moong and chana dals to it adding 2 cups of water. Add salt to it and cook it till it reach to desired consistency . I like it little thick , so cooked for some more time.
When done garnish with fresh chopped and washed coriander leaves. Serve with fresh made Baati .

To eat this - break baatis into pieces , pour little ghee on it it will give you a nice flavor and baatis will turn little soft. some like to add little shredded jaggery on it (which is a optional step ) and then daal. mixit well and eat till your soul gets satisfied with the this nice aromatic dish :D.

I never thought that making "Dal Baati" can be this easier at home. When you avoid the amount of Ghee they use, it makes a very healthy dish too :).

A friend is visiting us with her little angle , which tempts me to spend more time with them. Due to which My blog was little ignored for last 2-3 days. I hope to make my next post with some really nice treat for your eyes soon . Till then take care and have fun time enjoying good weather if its not already raining there ;) he he he :P .


Cham said...

Daal bati looks delicious, it should have tasted great too Pooja :)

Trupti said...

hey Pooja, Daal Bati looks delicious

Nanditha Prabhu said...

your dal bati looks great:)

Kalai said...

This looks absolutely yummylicious, Pooja! Great way to multi-enter many events with one dish! :)

Sonu said...

Hi Pooja,
after such a long time u posted ur recipe...:)
Even I make Dal-baati quite often. I used to boil the baati in boiled water first and then bake it in oven. it really makes baati soft and crispy too...just try it next time.
Afterall, ur Dal-baati snaps are nice.

Gattina said...

They look so delicous!
Have a great time with your friend's family!

Asha said...

Oh, you saw that Jodha-Akbar movie? Looks great on TV, I have Dish Network B4U, seen some trailers of that movie. Great idea, Dal bati looks mouthwatering!:))

Uma said...

delicious and easily explained dal bati!

Madhavi said...

Hi Pooja, Dal Bati looks delicious, lovely entry!!!

bhags said...

I haven't watched the movie, after your entry I think it is a must watch for me. thanks for the entry

Anonymous said...

As the name of blog suggests your recipes are as creative!
I have an award for you in my blog check it out :-) You certainly deserve it my dear.

TS said...

mast che! teh tarah akbar matey banavi? hahha...just kidding ;)


Hetal said...

Lovely recipe...

Pooja said...

Trupti ,
Yeah , I made it for my Akbar coz tha makes me "Mallika-E-Hidustan" then , what a pleasant feeling :D.

Vcuisine said...

They look delicious Pooja. Viji

Rahul Jain said...

Thanks... I was looking for temp to put on the oven .. I put on 400F and they became very hard ..Will try this time at 350F.. How nice it would have been if we had the traditional oven in US..

Anshu said...

Hi Pooja, Its really a good recipe. I tried it today & everybody in my family liked a lot!! Thanks

niraj said...

Daal-Baati photos are nice and they look yummy too...thanks for detailed explanation reg the dough preparation. We are going to try it tonight in Sydney...Niraj K...

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