Thursday, October 16, 2008

I - day 2008 Roundup

I tried to make it possible to post it earlier but for one or more reason can't do it. And there was a time when I thought its too late to publish, so convincing my mind to do it at least , I recalled - Better late than never.
With my head over the heels, I was tightly busy with all possible things you can imagine. I am thankful to all of you who cared to inquired about my well being , well I was not sick except one virus attack- rather I was just busy doing other things for my professional life. A warm big hug to all of you sweet hearts there.
without much talks here is the round up of Independence day 2008.

Name: Mythreyee
Blog name: Paajaka recipes
Dish name: Neem flower rice

Name : EC
Blog Name: Simple Indian cooking
Dish name : Carrot Raita

Name: Dershana
Blog : The Footloose Chef
Name of the recipe : Tricolour Raita

Name : SriLekha
Blog Name : Me and My Kitchen
Recipe Name : Cabbage Beans Carrot Poriyal

Name: Yasmeen
Blog name :Healthnut-Are you eating nature's best?
Dish Name :Lunch in Patriotic Colors :Saffron Spinach Rice with Mango Parfait

Name: Nags
Blog name: Edible Garden
Dish Name: Carrot Rice

Name: Sweatha
Blog Name: TastyCurryLeaf
Dish Name: Crostata

name: Sia
Blog Name: Monsoon Spice
Dish name: Sweet Chilli-Lime Tofu with Wok steamed Spinach & Quinoa

Name: Alka
Blog name:Sindhirasoi
Dish Name :Naariyal ji mithai

My Name : Lakshmi
Name of the blog : Cooking Station
Name of the Dish: Kesar mango kulfi

Name : Indrani
Blog Name: Appyayan
Dish name : Tri-Color Chinese stir-fry vegetable

Name- Jaya
Blog name – Spice and Curry
Recipe Name- Kancha Peinper chutney (Green Papaya Chutney)

Name: Cham
Blog Name Spice club
Dish name: Fresh cowpeas salad

My name: Uma
Blog Name: Telugu Ruchi
Dish Name : Lemon and Rice

Name : Priya
Blog Name: Live 2 cook
Dish Name: Thatte Idly
(P.S.- Don't miss the read the post about her Grand parents )

Name: Sukanya
Blog Name : Sukanya's Musings

Name : DK
Blog Name : Culinary Bazaar
Dish Name : Carrot Halwa

Name : Vani
Blog Name : Illatharasi
Dish Name : Mini Idlies

Name: Sia
blog name: Monsoon Spice
Dish name: Caarot, Beans & Channa Dal Palya

Name: Purva Desai
Blog name: Purva's Daawat
Dish name: Tiranga Juice

Name :rekha
Blog name: plantainleaf(andhra recipes)
Dish name: carrot and spinach soup

Blog name : Sunita's world
Dish name: Couscous, vegetable and feta salad

Name: Usha
Blog Name: my spicy Kitchen
Dish Name: Carrot Pachadi

Blog name: My love for food
Dish Name : Bengali sandesh

Blog Name:- Mom's Recipies
Picture :- Tulip Farm

Name: Veena
Blog Name: Honey & butter
Post name: Happy Independence Day

Name: Veena
Blog Name: Honey & butter
Dish name: Frozen Vegetable Dosa

name:Alka keswani
Blog name:sindhi rasoi
Recipe name:Bhee ji tikki(lotus stem or kamalkakdi stuffed with coriander garlic mixture)

Blog name:Homecooked
Name of the dish: Matar Paneer

name: notyet100
Blog name: asankhana
Entry : Heena art for the colour saffron

Name: notyet100
Blog name: asankhana
Dish Name :mango kulfi with cranberries

Name: notyet100
Blog name: asankhana
Dish Name: badam milk with melon seeds

Name: notyet100
Blog name: asankhana
Dish Name :Jalebi with rabadi

Blog Name:fusion

Name - Sumarajesh
Blog name - suma's cuisine.
Entry : colored ice cube

Name: Renuka
Blog name : FUSION
PDish Name: Tricolour Dosa Cassatta

Name : SriLekha
Blog name: Me and My Kitchen
Dish Name : Sago Vadagam

Name: Padma
Blog name: me and my kitchen
Dish Name: Tri colored salad

Name: Bhagyashri
Blog name: taste buds
Dish Name: paneer tikka masala

Blog: Jugalbandi
Bloggers: Bee and Jai
Dish Name : Vegan Peach Tartlets with Almond and Pineapple Sage

Blogger: Mythreyee
Blog name: Paajaka recipes
Dish name: Beans carrot palya

Name: Divya Vikram
blog name: Divya dil se
Dish Name: Semiya Upma

Name - Sukanya Ramkumar
Blog name:hot and sweet bowl
Dish Name- Indian Flag Cookies

Blog Name: Cook With Love
Dish Name: Tiranga rice

Blog Name: Enjoy Indian food
Dish Name: Kobichi Bhaaji

Name: Mansi Desai
Blog name: Fun and Food
Recipe: Kesar Badam Burfi

Name: Ramya Bala
Blog name :ramya cooks
Dish/post name: dil hai Hindustani Hearts

NAme :Viji
Blog Name: V cuisine
Dish Name: Sevai Idlis
(if you are unable to see the post contact viji at for allowing access or recipe)

Name: Srimathi
Blog Name: Few Minute wonders
Post Title : American Treat for English Retreat

Name: Rashmi
Blog Name: delhi belle
Post Name : Happy Independence day

Name: Rashmi
Blog Name: delhi belle
Post Name : Matar Paneer Tak-A-Tak

Name: Pooja
Blog Name : My Creative Ideas
Dish Name: Bhindi do pyaaza

Name: Pooja
Blog Name : My Creative Ideas
Dish Name: Aloo bhindi, Gajar Halwa and Indian radish(Mooli) In a fullfledge dish

Name: Pooja
Blog Name : My Creative Ideas
Dish Name: Carrot and coriander Uttapa

Name: Pooja
Blog Name : My Creative Ideas
Dish Name: Mango Pulp

Blog Name:Aabharan
Post name:Saffron,White,Green accessories

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