Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to choose Spring Onions

 Some call it Green onion, some call it spring onion, some call it scallions and I heard a lady at super market call it long onions! Although prepared with list of groceries and veggies to buy she sounded bit confused about how to pick "long onions". That made me think it would be a good start to first post about how to pick and store Spring onions.
Here in states I don't usually see big bulbs of onions in spring onion. It is rather skinny and with less leaves than what I  used to get in India, specially in the season of winter.

Contrary to other hybrid veggies (usually bigger and fuller in volume than organic ones) I think the type of spring onions we get here is exception.

Above is what we get in India(in left)  compared to what we get in USA (on right)

Here are few pointers for picking and storing spring onion. It is easier than one would think. I was immature at picking right veggies too but slowly with some experience I started discovering what is right for my dish and for storing for long time and here it is:

To pick best of Spring onions:
  • Go for the one with green leaves and firm onion bulbs. Do not choose those with limp onion yellowish leaves. 
  • The white onion part can vary in size. I personally think the bigger it is the more tasty it will cook. However thing onions as to what we get in USA market here is also right kind to cook and make salads with. 
  • I cook it fresh and usually cut and wash it just before cooking. For busy cooks, it can be washed , dried and then cut in to small round pieces to store in a zip-lock bag until you plan to use it. 
  • As spring onions are the immature onions , they are full of moist. After cutting even when kept in refrigerator it is advisable to use it in 1-2 days. 
If you have any ideas of storing, picking this tender veggie, keep sharing.

Here is mine - Ready to store or ready to cook ? 

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sra said...

Long onions! LOL! We get purple ones now, very pretty.

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