Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Second day entries for Veg. Of the Week

First entry for the second day of this week is from Adorable friend Asha, whose blog I just don’t like to read, I cherish each line of it. : ) . she made this on Halloween , and here it is for all of us. “Spinach-Cream Cheese Tortilla Snack” – name itself is enough for me to feel hungry again :P . thank you Asha for sharing this wonderful recipe with all of us. Here it is in her own words for all of us...

Spinach-Cream Cheese Tortilla Snack
To make the snack, you need:
1-2 Flour Tortillas or crisp Chapatis , cut into rectangles 3x7",
1 cup frozen or 2 cups fresh Spinach chopped fine,salt, pepper,
1 tbsp Parmesan cheese,any spices you like,
1/2 cup grated Mozzarella or cheddar cheese.
How To:
1. Grill Tortillas until golden brown and crispy,sprinkle some Mozzarella and cool.
2. Cook spinach in the microwave with salt, pepper and a tbsp water.Make sure spinach is completely dry.
3. Mix in all the spice and cheese. Spread it on the Tortilla to cover the rectangle. To make the Cream cheese spread, you need:1/2 a block of Cream cheese, 2 tsp milk. Mix cream cheese with 1-2 tsp milk,pinch of salt to make it thick enough to squeeze through the piping bag but not too thin. Using a ribbon nozzle, pipe on the spinach to make swirls.Delicious Spinach-cream cheese snacks which tastes like Spinach Alfredo pizza are ready to dig in .Kids will love these and healthy for them too. YUM!

Laxmi of Myrasoi is again here with us to share some of her recipes she has already posted. Have fun with Methi- paratha and Fenugreek Dal and enjoy the healthy Fenugreek . : ) thank you Laxmi , for sharing this delicious Dal and Yummy paratha with us.

One more recipe is here from Laxmik .She presented Green Puris made up of Spinach. She publish it today itself to be a part of this Veg. of the week event. It looks so crispy and yummy! Laxmi thanks for sharing such a fantastic recipe of Spinach. I loved it. I appreciate your timely effort and preparation for this.

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Anonymous said...

Wow,so many recipes!Now I don't have to rue the fact that I don;t get any other leafy veggie here(atleast indian varieties)in london,except spinach and methi!Thanks for hosting this event,pooja.


Vini K

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