Monday, November 27, 2006

Entries for First day for Veg. Of the Week

First entry for this week I got from a Dear friend Viji, all the way from Kuwait, Who made this loving "Spinach Kootu "For all of US. She is so nice to email me this rather than posting this on her own post. Thank you Viji for being a part of this event.
Here is the whole recipe along with the pictures she sent in email to me , in her original words.

Spinach Kootu
Spinach 2 bundles
Boiled moong dhal ½ cup
Salt to taste
For grinding
Fresh coconut 3 tbsp
Jeera 1 tsp
Green chili 3 medium
Raw rice flour ½ tsp
For Tempering:
Coconut oil 2 tsp
Mustard seeds
Urud dhal 2 tsp
Red Chili 1 ,Hing powder ¼ tsp

Wash the spinach before cutting. Cut into small pieces; add salt and little water and MW for 3 – 4 minutes. This will retain its original color. Wash the moong dhal and soak in water for 30 minutes. Then cook it in pressure cooker. Grind the ingredients with little water and mix it well with moong dhal. Add this to spinach mixture and MW high for 2 more minutes. Temper as given. A simple, healthy kootu is ready for rice / chapatti. Adding green chili will give a different taste to this kootu.

Next was From Dear friend Trupti, Who made lovely “Spinach-Red Pepper pasta Bake with Home Made Pasta Sauce” . I Still wonder how one can get this much time with two little kids, study and Job duties. If anyone of you ever have time management problem, I think Trupti can surely help you, the way she manages her time for everything, is very hard to manage. At least if I come across any such situation, I will be counting on you Dear Trupti to get some really helpful advice!

This is a Busy world, who gets time for even own self? Isn’t it considerable if Supriya gets time for this vegetable of the week, when she is all busy with packing& shopping for her Visit to India? Well I must say thanks to Supriya with a warm hug! Appreciation for lovely Supriya to get time for making and posting this for me! Even she has got one other nice recipe with Spinach. Check it out for Dal Palak and Spinach with Aloo Kofta . And have fun with Spinach.

If you think making the same item twice is little boring, Laxmi has something to change your mind. Laxmi prepared SpinachDal which is different than how Supriya did. 2 version for the same name ! Great! Isn’t it? Thank you Laxmi for your effort and publishing it on your blog and informing with email about this, a day prior to the week starting.

Never ever in my craziest dream I ever thought that I will have friends from Kuwait to Australia, from Us of A to Singapore, and from Canda to U.K. This is what blog made possible for us,I have friends today from all over the world, different regions but by heart Indians. :) .All you friends made me feel touching by your efforts to make this idea lively and interactive. Sometimes words are certainly not sufficient to show appreciation, and that’s what I feel today. I can't find right words to show how gratifying I am feeling for all your efforts.

If you think you also have something to share with all our blog buddies for this vegetable of the week , you can do it upto this friday noon. Send me an email about your recipe & pics , or if you are going to post it, inform me about that , if possible mention it on your post , so that I would not be confused with which one to choose. Thanks for being there.


Trupti said...

So nice of you! The spread is so varied, and what creative ideas for Spinach. Thanks for adding my link,Pooja...glad to have met you too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pooja

My earlier message did not get posted. So sending it again. I made the spinach dish today. Will post it tomorrow on my blog and send you a mail.

Vcuisine said...

Thanks Pooja, It is my pleasure to contribute my recipe for your effort. Good Job. Viji

Pooja said...


Trupti : when you can take this much effort to publish a recipe for this week, it is must for me to publish them dear! Really a very nice recipe it was. Thanks for being with me.

LaxmiK: you are most welcome, I will wait for your email, and along with that will display your earlier post abt that too, which u mentioned in email. Thanks laxmi.

Viji : you are so sweet ! well, even I feel the pleasure to publish your recipe for this week of vegetable. : )


Anonymous said...

Hey Pooja

You did not get confused. You replied right. I blog as Lakshmik and the other Lakshmi from My Rasoi as Lakshmi. Anyway, I just posted my spinach recipe.

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