Thursday, November 23, 2006

Roasted Suran with Tomato.

Here is one quick easy snack enriched with Vitamin B, for all my blog buddies on Thanks Giving Day. Thanks you all for your support , for being with me, for encouraging me and boosting my creativity with your loving words everyday !

Dedicating this dish to you all sweethearts !


Suran-250-300 gms,
2 ripe tomatoes,
2 red chillies, 2-3 garlic clove, ginger 1 inch
Salt to taste,
1tbsp Ghee
1 small onion to serve with .

Cut suran into 1 inch square shape .Roast suran on tawa with low flame. Roast it from all sides till brown and crispy (as shown in the third picture below).
Cut tomatoes into small pieces. Make a paste of red chillies,ginger,garlic.

In a kadhai take 1 tsp ghee, and put the ground paste & stir. When done put the tomatoes &stir until it forms thick gravy of tomato. Now add roasted suran cubes to it & add salt. Let it cook for a while, stirring occasionally. Serve hot with chopped onion. Serve as it is or as a side dish accompanied by rice.
This is a slight twist with traditional dish – ‘Rogan Josh ‘ , enriched with Vitamin B. In addition to it`s nutritious values this dish also tastes excellent .


Anonymous said...

Delish! No doubt abt it, Pooja! Great twist to Rogan Josh!YUM!

Pooja said...

THanks Asha :).
Happy Thanks Giving ...

Anonymous said...

hi pooja,
not only ur mom but even my mom will be proud of u... my goodness... so many recipe of suran... amazing girl:) great going:)

Pooja said...

Dear Supriya,
thanks for such compliment, u make me feel emotional , would like to meeet u and your family some time, if i get a chance ever. Still one more is recipe left with suran for today, then from next week another veg. Btw, when r u leaving fro India? I will be missing you dear. :( .
thans for being around. dont let any one stupid make u feel sad , keep smiling :).
Stay tuned.
will email you today. can u provide me your Yahoo id ? so that i can catch u online sometime. :D


Mehak said...

hey Pooja...thanks for visiting my blog..u have a wonderful yummy blog !!!

Anonymous said...

He Pooja. So many yummy suran recipes. I am going to try out all of them I buy suran from the Indian store.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pooja,how many more suran recipes have you got up your sleeve,my dear?I like this recipe..Now I think I will start hunting for suran.OMG,I have so many dishes to try with suran now..:-)

And so sweet of you to dedicate it to all of us!

Anonymous said...

nice blog n wow recipies...great going

Anonymous said...'ve made me long for home, Pooja. I miss eating suran....I only get it in the frozen section here and I don't like it.

Pooja said...

Hi ,

Mehak : welcome to my blog :)

Laxmi K : Do let me know if you try any of this. Thanks for being around me.

Vini : Its over today dear! Though I have some more in my mind yet :P . It was vegetable of the week for my this week, so I was supposed to post all varities of food possible with Humble Suran. Next week is for Spinach & fenugreek. Even you can post your recipe here, by being a part of the next week. I am sure a person like you will have so many good ideas with spinach or fenugreek. 
Not only that dish I wish I could have all of you around to share each dish with me :D.
Stay Tuned

Jayashree : thanks for appreciating. May be this will not be your complain from next week, as spinach is a kinds veg , which is available everywhere , right?


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