Thursday, November 9, 2006

Boondi Raita

Curd or yogurt is a lactic fermentation of milk. It is esteemed for its smoothness, its pleasant and refreshing taste. At our home we have some amount of it stored in refrigerator all the time and use it either by making buttermilk of it or directly. Sometimes we try it even different way,when it come to try it different way there are so amny options, may be some other time i ll discuss that too... here the way I tried it just yesterday ...

1 cup Yogurt or dahi
3/4 cup Boondi
Cumin( jeera) Powder 1 tsp,
Red chilli Powder 1 tsp,
Salt to taste,
Coriander leaved to Garnish.
Take yougurt in a bowl and shake it well to make smooth consistency of it without any lumps.
Mix all the above listed Ingredients in it ,and garnish it with coriander leaves.
Serve Chilled.

Its a perfect side dish to enjoy with your favourite dish (rice, chapti-bhaji,biryani, thepla..... )


vkn said...

Nice presentation Pooja - a masala wheel :-)


Vani said...

Love raithas of all kinds! :)
I love the garnish on this raitha.

Pooja said...

Vkn & Vani, thanks for appreciating. :)

Anonymous said...

oh poojaaaaaaa....
its my favouriteeeeeeeeeeeee:) yummmyyyyyyyyy
great picture:)

Pooja said...

how many common intrest you will have like mine ? this one ismy favorite too. not just tis any item made of curd.
come and share this with me :)
happy blogging.

Foodie's Hope said...

Wow! You have created an art here, wonderful and delicious!:))

Anonymous said...

hey pooja,
curd is my favourite... i cant finish my meal without atleast a spoon of curds:)
try making pinapple raita if u a fan of fruits. it tastes really good:)

Anonymous said...


I LOVE yogurt,anything with yogurt you name it, i'll eat it. I even eat dhokla,handvoh,thepla, roti with yogurt...and this boondi raita happens to be a fav. side dish for me!
really nice presentation, Pooja.


Pooja said...

Asha : thanks for your compliments, now i feel even more energetic to create more variety of dishes :)
Trupti & Supriya : Hey you curd lovers, I am also the same like you, I can eat it anytime with anything.... more on curd is coming up, keep blogging........

Anonymous said...

hi, Pooja!

Visiting you from Trupti's blog. I want to e-mail you to ask you something, but am unable to find an e-mail addy for you on your profile. If it is possible for you to e-mail me, would you do so at

Thank you so very much!

Pooja said...

Hi Lotus Reads,
As i dont know your name , i dont have any other way to call you :P , well, if you have any query regarding anything , you can ask me here, or you can write to me @ . I have provided this on my other posts too.
stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

hi pooja,

i found your blog through rooma's.

just wanted to say everything is beautifully presented and photographed.

boondi raita is one of my favourites. i can eat all the boondi i make before i even prepare the raita if i don't stop myself! they are very addictive.

your recipes look wonderful and has made me very hungry! i want to try several of them. the gharoda look especially good. thanks for all your work!

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