Monday, November 13, 2006

Pretty Boy!

Few days ago I had a forwarded email from a friend. It had an attachment with it.
Luckily to share that with you , u don’t need to download anything , you are just a click away and that wonderful gift is here :)
I loved it, and I thought it is worth sharing to my dear friends there, who likes to listen music and good lyrics. I don't know exactly what attracted me this much to this song, it’s so effortless, innocent and cute, like no big words, nothing to pretend and nothing much to show off. Just like straight forward words from a heart full of Pure Love for someone...
You might be wondered what its here on this blog, but well, that's what I am, full of everything. When I do something, I do it with its fullest otherwise I simple do not do that :).
A part of my liking is here to share with you, just a single click away!


Anonymous said...

hey pooja, i too have it downloaded in my pc and also saved this forward in my mailbox..usually i delete all forwarded mails withot giving it a second thought, but this song is too cute to delete:)

Foodie's Hope said...

Enjoy Pooja! Great day to you!:))

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pooja! I am going to go and listen to it now!


Pooja said...

Hi there,
Supriya : true, its too cute to delete. i just love it. thanks for dropping by!
Asha: what can be more encouraging for me than to see u around me. thank you very much for being there!
Trupti: hope a music lover like you have liked it thoroughly .:)
Stay tuned

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