Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My entry to Spring Fling 2007.

Before I forget miss the last date to publish this, I think now is the time for this post :)

Hubby dear reminded me of Trupti's event and told me that he will make something before we left Pune( Perhaps he too loved our kitchen there and wanted to have some memories to carry along with :D ). Though it was not the first time when he entered kitchen, but yes, it was the first time when he entered Kitchen to be a part of Blogging event :).

Thought by himself what he is going to make and then did the preparations for Trupti's Event- Spring Fling :) , thinking for sometime finally he decided on making Dhokla for us. I just told him once about the event of Trupti, and he remembered it so well :) . He made some variations himself and took a trial before he allowed me to take these snaps. It was the second round of preparing Dhokla for him :D.

The variation is that he prepared it using idli stand, I remember , once while making idli , I told him the same way dhokla can be made, just the shape of it will be just like idlis :D , if we gonna use the same stand then ,and he remembered it perfectly , thus while he decided to make dhokla he choose this way :) .

Hence i think the name for this should be JhatPat Dhokla :D .
well, he has not used instant flour mix to prepare it , just the way it is cooked in idli steamer is really fast , it was a peaceful evening, i don't have to enter kitchen even, actually was busy packign all the stuffs there and wonderful Dhokla was ready for me, what else one want from life ? :)).

let us have quick look at how he prepared it .

Ingredients :

3/4 cup of rice +1/4 cup of chana dal (bengal gram ) - grind into semi coarse powder ( I normally keep it ready with me , so i can make dhokla anytime I feel like making it, this time it helped hubby :) )
3/4 cup of sour yogurt
Salt to taste
2 tsp garlic red chilli & garlic paste

½ tsp of soda bi-carbonate (baking soda)
1 tbsp of red chilli powder
seasame seeds and coriander leaves to garnish


Take dhokla flour in a large bowl, Put the powder in a bowl. Add yoghurt and little of warm water into the bowl. Mix thoroughly so that no lumps are formed and the batter is of pouring consistency not too thin, keep it thick, as in picture.
Llet it ferment for eight to ten hours- in hot days it takes lessto ferment, so keep it on look while u put it to ferment , if there is proper sunlight available , its recommended to put it in the sunlight that will greatly help it to ferment very well and quickly too , I used to do it as there is ample of sunlight always available in India, watching me alwasy to ferment dhokla flour this way , hubby too placed it in sunlighted area and kept a watch on it :D.

while making, prepare a paste of Red chilli and garlic. Once fermented, mix this paste with the batter, add pinch of baking soda to it and salt to taste. Hubby dear ,Greased the idli stand well and then pured the batter in it.and i was completely flattered to see him doing so, coz I thought he might forget this step , but he didn't :) . he filled it properly with batter and

next he boiled water in the idli steamer, and placed the stand in it, covered it and kept it in the steamer to steam for 5 to 7 minutes.
finally while it is done i asked him to check it with a knife. If the knife comes out clean, it is cooked, and he did it .
Serve hot with green chutney or anything you like( I once in a while like it with sweet yougurt chutney... the sour taste of dhokla goes well with sweet and sour chutney . will share it s recipe some other time here :D .)

It was a great experience to know that my hubby can do so well without any help of mine in kitchen that too with a pure gujarati dish. He made slight variation to this dish by adding a pinch of turmeric powder to it.

Thank you Trupti for this Event- "Spring Fling 2007-with Family and Friends in the Kitchen." , it was really fun participating in it .

Hubby is far away right now, and this too is a good memory of our staying of pune. Trupti, you added this to our one of the golden memories :), hugs to you.

Thank you Deepak, you make this post possible, I know it was much busy for you and me in our last days of staying at Pune , still you did it and added even more smiles to my life :D.
just a littel different angle and the whole picture is different- compare it with the picture in the starting of this post , needless to say this final pictures of Dhokla is taken by Deepak himself :) .

Answer to the guessing game :

there is actully total 13 (10 bird + 3 squrrels ) in the picture , check the picture below , the one rounded with yellow color is the mostly missed birds in the guessing I think :) . check out for it in a large view by clicking on it .
check out some of the famous recipe from this blog :

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Not only recipes , check my henna designing too ! :) ....

More henna designing , some more yet to come soon....
So stay tuned to here and happy blogging ! :D
Have fun, keep enjoying whatever comes your way and spend the days such that they will be a good memory for you to cherish :D.


DEEPA said...

wow ...nice one ...I missed the game ..wish could have must have had a great time ....

Deepak Reddy said...

Things were not easy but you helped me to make it, as you always did for me.
To be frank I am not eligible for whole bunch of appreciation, you guidance was really helpful. Software professional who use to write or comment on technical things has posted something on food blog because, between these two extremes, you bridged the gap smoothly.
Your hands made it possible through my hands.
Thanks for such a beautiful posting, encouraging me to work more in kitchen with you 

Roopa said...

wow nice post. you have such a wonderfull hubby. wishing best of all to both of you!

Coffee said...

WAH!!! Thats nice training to you hubby!! US jayi ne bahu kaam aavse ;) Thats a very caring husband you have. :)

Have a nice trip to your new home. :)

Mehak said...

Ohh finally an update here...Now, this post has given me a brilliant idea...I'll ask hubs dear to prepare dhokla sometime...:p

Vcuisine said...

A nice touching post Pooja. The recipe is quite interesting and you made it very easy to try also. See the blogging makes our personal life also a memorable one. Nice to read Deepak's comment. Neenka rendu perum edeh mathiri eppavum irrukanum. (He can explain this to you :). Wishing you good luck. Take care pooja. Viji

trupti said...

Now that is a GREAT entry Pooja!!!!!

Thank you Deepakbhai, SO much!!! those look great, I bet they tasted great with some chutney and chai on the side too. :)


Asha said...

OOh! Pooja,Dhokla in Idli plate,I like it!:)) It was so nice of Deepak to help you with the event.I bet you will win it too!;D
I think I guessed 10,right?13 eh?:)
Two more days and you will be NJ!!YAY!!

Shri said...

Hello Pooja Bhabhi,
Initially I was arguing with him that its idly you(Deepak) is fooling us but I trust you, I wonder he made dhokla's here he is eating ready made stuff … Just kidding … :) good when you will be here we will tell him to make. The dhokla's look good, hope so its good for taste also kidding … :D
So see you soon in US ...

USHA said...

Hi Pooja,

Wonderful and very touching post dear..It was really a gr8, he helped you on the lastdays...i know it would be busy those late days...

Its really very cool to see your loving hubby's comment too...

Hey so you are gonna land here with in 2 days...Hurry!!!so our meeting dates are nearing:))

Mythreyee said...

OMG. Anyone can try this recipe. Well illustrated. I have not tried Doklas yet. Sure to follow your step by step procedure. Thanks.

sra said...

when i saw the picture without reading the post, i was reminded of cookies with some fruit in them!

swapna said...

Hi pooja
\what a great hubby!!!dhokla are looking good in the idli plate.
i guessed correctly pooja...i think u have miseed one bird which is between the rocks under the tank.have sneak peek at the picture..if i am wrong ...sorry..:-)

Vini K said...

Hi Pooja,how are you both?Well settled in your new home now?Your hubby's gesture was so nice!BTW,my mom used to make dhoklas in the shape of idlies too because we never had the dhokla stand.This time I am planning to get one for myself when I go for vacation to India..

Kajal said...

Hi Pooja,
WOW......Lovely post my dear. I am waiting for you for another good recipe.
I have no word to say about your hubby........great understanding person..........Enjoy the day with him.
I miss you.:)

Anonymous said...

great dhoklas ben...congrats to hubby....he is indeed a very talented cook...pass on my regards to him...thanks for sharing...

Seema said...

Lovely entry for Trupti's event. I am sure you must be missing hubby a lot. Keep in touch girl.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Pooja These mehendi designs are awesome.Love them all.The dishes are even good.But went crazy looking at those mehnadi designs

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Wonderful recipes....Great decoration on hands....Lovely....Nice job....



Pooja said...

yupe, i had a great time participating with hubby for the event.thanks for dropping by here :) . stay tuned .
thanks Deepak, have already much talked to u about all these :D.
thank you dear. hubby is supportive for all good coz and being with me, perhaps thats why i choose him ti marry :P , just kidding :) . thanks for your lovely comment.
true! US ma to aavi gayi pan e training haju bahu kai kam nathi aavi.... :)) , just kidding . thanks for your nice words :) . Keep in touch.
seeing your words here is always a fun, i love the way u write here. good idea! get your hubby too in kitchen :) . and let us see how its going ? :D .
Deepak has translated what you wrote for us. thanks for that too :). i have brought your gifts too along with me here, looking at them, i feel like being with you by some internal emotions. thanks for always being there. Haven been on any blog since along, just finished all unpacking and settled now , hope to get secure reliable connection within a week or so. so many pending tasks to do ! :))

Pooja said...

thanks a lot Trupti- from Deepak :) .
He told me to write this to you :D.
now drop here somtime to enjoy Dhokla made by Hubby :) .will soon write to you in email. actually haven't got the connection at this new place , so cant rely n internet for now, missed watching all yours and other buddies posts and commenting and answering too ! can't do anything :( . just stealing some time to write to you all, really missing you all buddies a lot !
Thanks Dear :D. atmosphere here is quite comfortable right now, and enjoying .:) . thanks for your nice words. Deepak has always make my life more comfortable and joyful with his support in each little matter of life :D.Misses being on blog since a long time, could get proper time to be on laptop and waiting still to get some reliable connection for internet. will be on blog after that. howsl ife going on that end? missing the post by all of you ...
now when planning to come to our place for that? when u come bring along with u idli steamer... havent got it here :) ... i m sure Deepak will make it good this time too....
i am in Nj now, time to email you all ,and get in touch with you, if u get the time mean while drop me an email with your contact number. take care , will talk to u soon :)
thank you . :) . if u try it this way i bet u will find it too easy and quick too. it hardly takes 4-5 mins to cook dhoklain idli steamer.
Sra ,
good that u reminded me of cookies, now is the time to try my hand on that too .... :))
you are correct dear , i missed one bird which isunder water tank, will correct tit soon thanks for mentioning it. thanks a lot !
no need ot be sorry for anything here, it s everything from you all i love to share here ...
true, i have seen it many times... my mom also used to cook it that way somwtimes as its quite a quick way to cook dhokla.... :)
how r u dear? haven heard from u since a long....
missing you a lot ! well as i have said planning to write a long email to you , but as the net here is not working properly yet. we will get our own withing a week or so.
talk to u soon. take care dear.

Pooja said...

Thank you DilipBhai, hubby is smiling by reading compliments from you ! :). its always nice to see your comments here :D .
thanks dear. now not missing hubby any more as i m here now with him , missing my mom, dad and sis a lot now .... , well drop me email if got some time and give me your number to reach to you ! i m in NJ now. :) .
Thanks for your compliments for my henna designing... come here and i will make it on your hand too :) .
thanks for your nice words. its nice to see your words here again. stay tuned.
thanks for that .

Anonymous said...

Where have you disappered! Waiting for you to comeback everyday.

sra said...

Pooja, how's life in NJ? I've tagged you for a meme, do it if you like. Get back to the blog soon!

ramkumari said...

Hello Pooja ,
I'm ramkumari ,This is my first visit to ur blog ....was very very impressed with ur hubbys dokhla !!! Do husbands cook :)Ur mehandii designs are gr8 too .Thnx for ur posts .

krystyna said...

I wish you
A Very Happy Independence Day!

Pooja said...

life here is going on smooth. though missing our contry and ppl over there very much.
thanks for dropping by here. yeah, hubby can cook too :)) . thanks fro admiring my mahendi designs. stay tuned.
thanks for the wishes. :) . i am glad to see you here after a long time :).


Jeena said...

Hi there Pooja, I like your blog! Nice idli recipe it looks yummy :) Feel free to visit my blog too :)

Click here for jeenas food recipe blog :-)

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