Monday, February 19, 2007

Valentine's Day Special Round Up!

Did I keep you waiting for this round up? Sorry  as our trip got little extended this round up got bit delayed too. Now with the round up....
We have many new and lovely participants this time , A warm welcome to our new participants here , who presented their recipe for the first time with the event here.

Manjushree Mukkala(non-blogger)
Aarti Mahajan- etkapure(non-blogger)
Jai and bee

Here you go with the round up.

Lovely Soumya of Home Spices reached to me First.
Pink Slush is her entry for the event . Check out her recipe for it here .

Maheswari is with us with her beyond the usual recipe – Strawberry Ginger lassi .
Sharing along with that some nice experience of her 5 years of togetherness with her hubby. :), check out her recipe and lovely words here .

Gattina from Kitchen Unplugged is sharing with all of us the favorite of her hubby - Cherry coconut chocolate .
Just a picture is enough to make mouth watering for a chocolate lovers. :D

Jyotsna Vasudevan from Currybazaar is sharing here with all of us Date flavoured Tiramisu .

Sri from Daavat is Sharing here with us – Rice Pudding. She also shared her nice experience with hubby, and I agree with her words, as far as it concerns to me, I also feel the same way. Sri : )) .

Asha from Foodieshope , or should I say from Aromahope(confused…!!! : )) ) , is sharing touching story from her past with all of us, along with the Vegetable pulao she made for her rice lover hubby. : ) . as usual she is making us all hungry with her nice picture of this vegetable pulao, when decorated in such a nice way, I think even non rice lover will fall in love with dish , Asha ! :D

Seema of Recipe Junction is sharing here with us Rose ice cream soda. Such a lovely idea and the color is perfect for the theme. I think if there is any prize for the theme then you muct have deserved one for bringing out the perfect color in it for the theme : ) .

Usha is sharing here with us Strawberry -french vanilla Cake along with some sweet memories of her first valentine’s day ! How sweet of her to share such nice memories with all of us : ) .

Jai and bee from Jugalbadi is sharing very creative Bouquets for valentine. See the picture below to sheck out the nice presentation with different food and chutneys. .

Jayashree of spice and curry , made her hubby’s favorite recipe - Bengali fish Curry , and shared with us along withsome nice facts of Allahabad. : ) .

Mishmash has taken a slight twist and sharing her memories of bachelorhood, the old ang old days with friends…. She is also sharing with us berry-grooms-and-berry-brides. What a lovely idea to participate with the theme , Mishmash ! : ) . Indeed lovely pictures too !

Jasmine from Spicetrail is sharing here with us here delicious way of making Creamy vegetable soup for her valentine. She asked me to put this lines on behalf of her to to share with all of us.
In her own words …

“Valentines day was a strict no-no for me and hubby ( ours was a chuppa-chuppi we used to be as far away from each other on that particluar day.. know how it is in India..when you walk with your brother on V-day you will be end up raising many eyebrows. ..
But now we are at peace after marriage after many years of courtship.we dont have to worry much...and just wonder about those loverlorn couples who maybe doing the same thing like us .and it just brings a smile on our face..hoping that they will be at peace someday like us..where everyday is Valentines day!”

Prema of my cook book is here with her unique way of making Strawberry cheese cups along with dosa and sambhar for her dosa lover hubby :D . do not forget to go through her nice words for her hubby dear… :) .

Beetroot Halwa from Coffee of My khazana of recipes… , what can be perfect than this for Vday ? its red, its sweet and it looks heart warming…. Such a lovely entry Coffee ! : ) . Along with this coffee has shared her experience of the dilemma before choosing a her hubby dear , and the past and loving experience of that too….

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A lovely entry from Trupti of the spice who loved me is Cinnamon streusels cake, made with the help of her 3 year old kid…. Such a lovely contribution from mom and sun to this event , I think this entry is really special in a way that it is accompanied by the help of little angle at home , a special hug to Sahil for this from me. :) .

Lakshmik of veggie cuisine ,has presented here lovely blueberry pecan coffee cake here to make this Valentine’s day real Sweet. :D . This is really a nice entry , Lakshmik, where have you been , I missed you with my roundup since last few weeks dear.

Vini is here with all of us to spread her whirl of aroma among all of us… : ) , this time she is presenting Chocolate mousse for her little Ananya and Tiramisu for Hubby . such a lovely idea Vini. Thanks for participating inspite of ananya’s injury . A brave and very loving mom you are. Hugs to you !

Supriya of Spice corner is sharing with us Fresh Strawberries with Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce . A lovely entry for this Sweet event from lovely Supriya. :)
Yum of Spice of life is sharing her with us Moolangi ambat with kerala red rice. Yum is also sharing another entry for the event – Raspberry Scones .

Swapna of Swad is sharing – Tomato rice for this special day with all of us.

Mommyof2 from Mommy friendly recipe has made garlic chicken & thai green curry for her 2 little valentine and hubby dear. Such a lovely idea to make all happy around… : ) . this is her first food post , as she mentioned in her post, thank you very much for contributing here with your first post, G P.!

Now is the turn of our another 2 special participants of this Theme. They are non blogger and sent their entry to me by email along wiht the picture.

First is Manjushree Mukkala

She made beet root halwa
Rest here is a her email in her own words and recipe.

Our wedding anniversary falls just one week before the Valentine’s Day. This year we couldn’t celebrate as our son was sick. So, I decided to make up for it by celebrating the Valentine’s Day and surprising my husband. Beetroot is one of my husband’s favorite vegetable and hence came the thought of making beetroot halwa to my mind. I made the halwa the day before the Valentine’s Day and shaped it round so that it looks like a cakeJ.
At 12 in the night I took it upstairs and he was really surprised at my creative idea. Then we cut the halwa together pretending it to be a Valentine’s Day cake. It was a perfect starting for the Valentine’s Day. In turn he surprised me in the evening with roses.

The basic ingredients required for this recipe are beetroot, ghee, sugar and nuts. Some form of milk product, may be milk or condensed milk or ricotta cheese is optional.
Below is how this particular preparation is made:
Beet root grated - 2 cups
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Ghee - 1/2 cup
Milk - 1/2 cup

Preparation method:
1) In a frying pan, add, 1/4 cup of ghee
2) When the ghee is hot, add beetroot and fry till it is soft (<5min)

Second non blogger buddy we have with us is Aarti mahajan–etkapure
She made – strawberry lassi
In her own words...

I came acros your blog a few days back and am following most of your recipes from then on. :) Your recipes are really good and aptly named-- "creative". I read about the theme for this week and decided to contribute the easiest recipe availabe. I hope you will accept my recipe though I am not a blogger.

This was my first Valentine day with Hubby dear as we got married in June 2006. Both of us beleive that we dont need any "day" to celebrate/express our love.. So "Every day is a Valentine day for us" ;)

One fruit that you'll find in my house most of the times is Strawberry. My hubby, Rahul, loves strawberries. Another thing he is crazy about is Yogurt. None of his meal is complete without Yogurt. So I decided to try out something with his favorites. And Strawberry Lassi was the first thig that came to my mind. It was ready in 5 mins and resting in fridge for another 3 hrs waiting for compliments. Needless to say, Hubby dear loved it :) Here goes the recipe-


1/2 cup plain Yogurt
1/2 cup cold water
5-6 big fresh strawberries
4 tbspn sugar (amount may depend on strawberry taste and may vary according to desired taste- sweet/sweet n tangy- typical strawberry taste)

1) Wash and cut strawberries in big pieces. Grind them in a mixer with sugar.
2) Whip yogurt using a blender and add water.
3) Add the strawberry sugar mix to yogurt and mix well.
4) Best served chilled.

Here are Entries from me For the theme of the week -Valentine's Day.
Refreshing Drink - Black Grapes with Orange Juice(2:1 portions).

Brunch- Aloo Paratha with Spicy Tomato Chutney

Main course- Matar Paneer(Green Peas with Cottage cheese)

Dessert -Strawberry Icecream

Apetizer -Beat treat, check the recipe for it Here .(this is also my secind entry to AFAM- Strawberry)

I hope that I have not missed anyone of yours entry for this round up I checked it for 3 times ,still if I missed someone's please wihtout hesitation just write to me soon, I will update it .... Have fun and celebrate each day with love. Love is all around us.... :D


Mehak said...

WOW........Pooja........soooooo many recipes to catch up on.......lovely...wud like to try most of them!!!

Pooja said...

oh, you are so prompt, just posted the round up and here you are with a lovely compliments. thanks dear. :)

Swapna said...

A wonderful round-up and so many great recipes. Shud try them all:-)

Asha said...

You don't have to say sorry Pooja! Take your time and do it when you can darling.Wonderful entries!!Lot of them too this time,must have taken lot of your time.Thank you!:))
Aroma hope is great sounding name!!;P

You are a very lucky girl to have a hubby who can express like that!Arvind used to write poems for me too when we were in college,now a quick hug and off to work!:D

Mishmash ! said...

The round up was worth the wait :)Looks like it took lot of your time.Really appreciate the effort.


Vini K said...

Hi Pooja,wow..impressive roundup.Your dishes look great as well!

Jyothsna said...

Good round up Pooja! Was waiting to see the line up of desserts! Am not disappointed!!:) Now I've some sweet cravings!

bee ( said...

so many fabulous entries. thanks for organising this event.

jai and bee

TS said...


ema sorry su? sorry tareh na kehvanu hoy. Badhi entries ekdam "dum wali" che...ppl are so enthusiastic! I loved looking at them all....and taro pulao ane paneer toh bahuj saras lage che.

Sahil sends a hug back to you!


swapna said...

Wow pooja
u got a lovely post with al these love filled dishes for the v'day..!!!!!!!!!
it's lovely to watch each and every dish...:-)

Lakshmik said...

Hi Pooja

That's a nice roundup. I could not participate in the last couple of events as I was a bit busy. I will try and send a recipe regularly from now. So what is the next them?

Sia's corner said...

i loooooooooooved looking at all these entries pooja... gr8 job girl.. everything looks really delightful:) waiting for ur next theme;)

Jasmine said...

lovely round up Pooja !

Manjula said...

Nice entries. Beautiful and very romantic. Good job.

USHA said...

Hi Pooja,

Nice roundup,so many cool and colourful dishes isn't it?

You have done a wonderful job mydear

yum said...

Such a lovely roundup Pooja!

I really like all the drinks... many new recipes to try :)

Priya said...

I have been eagerly waiting for the round-up but it never struck me to send in my entry !!
The round-up is just wonderful and filled with sooo many great dishes. Thank you for the great choice of theme Pooja.

Sri said...

Wow wonderful roundup and so many new recipes ...Good job Pooja.

sra said...

Good round-up, Pooja!

Sandeepa said...

Good round up Pooja, great job.


I am going mad just looking at those lovely pictures, imagining the taste and flavour of those wonderful recipies.

My wife is bedridden, down with Slipdisk. On V Day, I took off and spend whole day with her. Atleast that much I could do to soothen the pain

Lakshmi said...

wonderful round-up Pooja

Nidhi said...

Hey Pooja, How are you doing? I wanted to appoloze to you for not sending the entry for V'day even after saying that I will. Was really busy and still very busy because we are looking for a house now.

BTW, all the entries are looking very romantic and your black grape juice is a great and very different entry for V'day! Good Job Pooja, you presented them nicely too.

Seema said...

Woooo Hooooo That was a real nice round up filled with love Pooja. Loved seeing all of them and I loved the way you put up all of them. And please don't be sorry gal. We are all friends here and take things easily. Hope you had a nice time outside and you are back with the bang as always.
Love ya

Pooja said...

Hi thanks for your nice words here. I am glad to see your comment.:) now we have 2 swapna in the the blog world here, your trmplate is wuite matchign with the template of that swapna too ! :)

Oh dear , I just felt that i might have make some buddies around here waiting, but you are correct, will not mention such things now on, al is fair between friends... right? :D .
this round up took much of time, but when i see the whole post i feel so happy that it feels worth to take such efforts, :)
One poem....hmmmm.... now what can be more romantic than that? :D even though Deepak is good at expressing his feelings towards me, he never wrote a poem for me or us :)) .

thanks. all of you are taking much efoort to make sometghing nice and then publish it on time to participate here, compared to that all these efforts are just an idea to appreciate your nice work, i love doing it. and i still have the picture of your berry grooms and berry brides in front of my eyes. i saw it too deepak too when i got your entry, he loved your creativity so much, thanks.

Pooja said...

thanks dear. hows Ananya now? I feel worried about her, hugs to her and a brave mom. :) .

thank you, I am glad that you liked it. :) go and pick up any dish you like from here :) .

thanks , I am happy to see you here. Stay tuned.

sachi vaat chhe. badha ekdum utsah thi participate kare chhe. ek break levanu vicharu chhu, thoda time mate, vicharu chhu aa event na hosting mate jem biji ghani events ma chale chhe em, kevo lagyo idea? ke pachhi fari thi hu ja aa chalu rakhu thoda time pachhi. mane kehje, tara response pachhi e vishe posting karish.

waiting to see round up of LCIK.thanks.

Swapna ,
thank you dear :). it seems like you are little away from events this days, is everything ok that end? take care and keep in touch. :)

oh, its ok dear, just i was thinking about you in earlier round ups , and I am glad to see your entry this time. take your time for anythign you do, you are always welcome :)

oh dear, thanks for lovely words ! will post about next theme as soon as i will decide on it, thanks. hows your preparation going on ? just now i realised that i havent replied to your last email to me, will do it soon.

Pooja said...

thanks , i am glad that you participated here with a lovely soup :) .

love is in the air still , so it feels romatic to me too ! thanks

thank you dear. everytime your cake makes my mouth water. do send some really.... , i am carving for it, just had a nice one brought by deepak on v'day, still looking at yours , i star carving for cakes... :))

I love fresh juices too much, try them anytimeyou got the ingredients, its too tasty when fresh.

where were you girl? was checking your blogs daily uptill sometime back, then as there were no postings from yourside, i thought you might be on break . is everything ok that end? nice to see you here. :) .

Sri & Sra,
thanks, It feels good whan frienda like you appreciate efforts. :)

Pooja said...

thanks dear. hope you had a great time on valentine's day!

Harekrishnaji ,
your words touched me, and I agree that waht you did is enough for a bedridden wife to soothen her pain. I always feel that couple should spend time with each other when one is not feeling good with health , that is the most efficient way for me atleast to feel pain free and recover soon.
thanks for your compliments too .
My best wishes to your wife to get well soon .

thank you. I always think of you too when i think of Lakshmik of veggie cuisine, having similar names , both ofyou come to my mind together :D , I am glad to see your comment here. thanks

oh dear, you dont need to apologize for anything here, do particiapte only if time permits you and you are able to do so. even with your house hunting going on, I am feeling happy that you spare time to visit here and drop nice lines... thanks .
hope you will get one good house soon .

thanks for your nice words. so lovely you are ! yes, i had a nice time outside , and we both enjoyed the trip a lot, thanks .


I must confess. Half of the time I spend on blogging

Gattina said...

Pooja, thanks for the wonderful round-up, and your sweet words in introducing our entries! Don't worry about the delay, I visit your blog as regular as usual anyway =)

Prema Sundar said...

WOW That's a great roundup and u really have done a wonderful job... Iam really happy that I participated in this event and thanks for giving this oppurtunity.

TS said...


na,na...tu tareh chalu rakh...badhane gamey che! I know I do!
Hope all's well otherwise...kyarey malti nathi YMGR paar!

Chal toh,

Vani said...

Very nice round-up, Poo! Colorful and "love"ly! :) Your entries are great too!
BTW< I finally took up your tag of 5 things. Do read when u get some time! Thnx for tagging me, Pooja!

Pooja said...

Good that you confessed it :)) . why dont make your wife active with blogging ! then she will be able to join you in that half of the time too, and that way you ahve 100 % tome together always...

thanks dear. I felt like saying so, only because I knew that friends like you might be visting the blog and waiting for round up .
you are so kind.
thanks for appreciating my work, have been busy these days , dont get much time to visit all blogs...:( . take care.

thanks. I am glad that you liked it and participated here . I feel like it is fun for all thats why i think to organize such events/themes. its jsut fun for all, isn't it?

ok. hu ja chalu rakhish,pan hamana thodo break lau chhu. post karish e mate. just lefta comment on your post. check it out. hu tara response ni rah joti hati, thanks for that. :)

thanks Vani, I already left comment on your post. tagging and to take up tag is really fun sometimes. I love readin your meme . nice things to know about you. :)

ugyen said...

WOW!! Pooja!! i missed your recipe a lot!! Lovely one!!!All yummys!


yes I will do that.


no new post ? not hangover I presume

Vini K said...

Pooja.what happenned?No new posts?

sra said...

Pooja, what's up? No posts from you for a while!

swapna said...

Hi pooja
what happened after v'day?hope u and ur hubby are doing good!!

Sandeepa said...

Hi Pooja
Haven't seen you for a while and you were so regular, so just checking. Assuming you got caught up in work

Mythreyee said...

Pooja, You are fine? Long time no post. This long post on Valentine's day special is wonderful. Fills my house with Love and Aroma.

Pooja said...

thanks for your compliments, its nice to see you here again. :)
Harekrishnaji ,
just an unofficial break you can say :) , busy in some pending works around andnow free to spend some time with loved ones here... shifting to USA after somet time so took a break and thought ot give time to my family and relatives here.
VIni & Sra,
thanks for your concerns,
will be back after souple of weeks or soon , i also miss you guys... :)

Pooja said...

Swapna , Sandeepa & Mythreyee,
its so kind of you all, I am all fine here, just was busy in wrapping up from Pune, Hubby reached to USA just yesterday was busy with hid preparations, i have spared some time for relatives here , and will shift after 1.5 moths or so. until then i am not planning to atleast start any weekly event but for sure iwill be on blog with some regular recipes but that too after some time, currently surrounded by all loved ones here coming to meet me and i am having nice time justa short break from blogging yu can say.

My Special thanks to Supriya,Sangeeta,Vini,Viji & Usha for their emails and concerns for me. its your lovely side i come to know, i am all fine girls, just was busy , hope all of you a re also doing well. missing all of you a lot.
take care and stay tuned.

indosungod said...

Pooja glad to hear you are doing alright and Welcome to the USA.
I was worried if all the Valentine roundup tired you out.

Pooja said...

Hi Indosungod,
Its really nice to hear from you :) .thanks for your nice wrds a nd kindness too, I am all righ here just enjoying very much with all my family around. thats why not blogging these days , hope to post something soon.

Vani said...

Hey Poo, I was about to ask where you were and got the answer from the comments! I hope your move to US will go smoothly and waiting to hear more from you! Take care and enjoy your time in India with relatives and friends!

Sia's corner said...

missing u girl:(

krystyna said...

Hi Poja!
Thank you very, very much for your beautiful blogs and amazing recipies; and soo beautiful and helpful pics.
Could I take one of this beauty? (sorry, I did it). Please, say me if you don't agree.
Peace and Happiness to you!

CyberGuru said...

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Pooja said...

So sweet of you. I am all fine here, still some time I have to enjoy around here. where in US you are ? Soon plannign to post some pics of my trip to forests of Junagadh and hills of Mahabaleshwar . Nice to hear from you as always. Hope you all are doing well . take care
Missing you too. you won't believe but i really do. just thought to kept myself bit away from blogging for a while now when i am mostly free, i plan to post a bit about my trips with hubby before he went to US.

Thanks for your nice words for this blog and pictures around here. I am glad that you liked it sooo much. :D . Just checked your blog and left a comment there. It's perfectly Ok if you wish to grab some pics from here to make your post more live, at least as far as you give credit to the source :) . I am honored . thanks and keep the good work going on.
Stay tuned.


hope you must be settled now waiting for the new post

Nidhi said...

Hey Pooja, missing you and your posts a lot... Hope you are doing fine.

Shri said...

Hi Pooja,

I am seeing your blog for the first time today and it is very nice, especially the round-up for Vday is great. Wish I had participated in it, as I got married on VDay. Maybe next time.

Pooja said...

coming back to blogging soon with my new post. thanks for your words here, it makes me feel that all my buddies are around me still.
that's so sweet of you nidhi. I am thinking to post some good snaps of our trips last month.

Welcome to my Blog World :).
nice to see your comment here. I also would have liked if you might have participated. may be next time. i am bit away from blog since last month , going to get active by this weekend. then after you can check for some weekly event i am handling here :) .
thanks for sropping by,
stay tuned.

Divya Vikram said...

Hi Pooja..ur roundup is really cool..dominated by refreshing drinks..all worth trying..Thanks Pooja!!

vidyuth sharma said...

hey pooja.. you are an awesome cook :)

so many recipes to catch up on this valentine. btw, planning to cook them by self n surprise my gal ;)


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