Saturday, January 12, 2013

Salty Snack - Jeera Khari (Day 12/ 365)


"Easy as pie" gotta change its name to easy as Khai now ;-)  Making Pie is very tricky sometimes in my humble opinion hehe.. but you can't go wrong in making Khari - just because there is nothing to do at all.

All you will need is the following -

Frozen Puff Pastry dough ( I used Trader Joe  brand)
A spoonful of cumin seeds, Jeera ( optional)
Butter or Ghee to grease baking tray


I bought Frozen Puff Pastry dough from Trader's Joe. Put it in regular freeze section over night to thaw.

In the morning start oven, set the temp at 375 F and get  dough ready to go in oven.
I sprinkled some Cumin (Jeera) seeds  on the dough sheet,  Keeping dough on the wax paper that it was wrapped in, roll out the dough sheet with rolling pin a little , this will set cumin in dough nice and then cut in the desired size of pieces. After cutting, I turned them in the twist to make bow like shape just for some nice change to regular shape of  khari.

Grease baking tray with light layer of clarified butter ( ghee). Khari rectangles won't need ghee or anything   on top of it but if you like it more buttery you may lightly brush on some butter on top of it before you put in oven.

For the pic you see here, I have used none on the top of it.
Put cut dough rectangles on greased baking tray in the preheat oven. Check it after approximately 15 minutes as, without touching it let it cook until it is like pink light brown in color, the timings may vary upon oven size and capacity. It would not take more than 20 mins though.  Take the kharis out and let it cool down before you dive in to taste it as it may be bit soft from inside at this point. However after cooling down it will turn into more crunchy from inside and out too. Jeera Khari is ready to to munch on with hot cup of tea :-) Good Morning !

Some call it Khaari some call it Kharee too! How do YOU call it?

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