Monday, August 11, 2008

Mango pulp - Theme of the week Saffron white n Orange

Although I am not a sweet lover, I always loved sweet mangoes, specially the one which we get in season , ripe and firm , not too sweet (yeah you heard it correct- not too sweet ) and full of flesh .

Ever since my childhood I like little sour and sweet mangoes. Ripe and firm , not too sweet and full of flesh . All sweet is somewhat detesting for me.

But the one with little sour along with its original sweetness is really my weakness.
While in India it was easy to get my choice of mangoes and enjoy it throughout the summer , its not possible here.Sometimes you get good mangoes and sometimes you don't.
But till then I never got my taste in Mangoes here :( . It was just a month ago that I happen to get mangoes which tasted just like the way I love them .I immediately went to the store next day and got another box to make pulp out of it and kept it frozen to enjoy any day :D .

I used to make pulp and keep it frozen when I was in India too, but here I literally took care to do not waste a single drop of pulp :O .

Wash the mangoes peel the skin of it and then roughly cut the mango into large pieces. Using mixture make the pulp of it without adding a single drop of water or anything else.
Pour it in a clean air tight container, tightly close the lid and keep it in freezer. I normally keep some of the curd container washed and dried -ready to store such things for frizzing . I find it best for this specially as its long enough to store pulp of more than 10 mangoes in it and do not occupy much space of freezer.

While using first keep the container out of freezer for 30 minutes, and scoop out the amount of the pulp you need in a separate vessel.
Close the lid of container and put the rest back to freezer .
Now you wont need to rely on those smelly ready made pulp available in market when you feel like eating mangoes. Do you also store mangoes the same way ? it would be interesting to know your way of storing Mango

This light Saffron colored mango pulp goes as my own entry to Theme of the week -Saffron, white and green.
(click on logo for more details, check for more ideas here and here )
stay tuned for Bhindi do Pyaaza and some more for theme of this week :) .

So what are you making with tri colors to celebrate our Independence day with ?


Anisheetu said...

Nice theme... great work... tagged u..

Priti said...

That's a nice pulp anyday to eat with roti ...

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow mango pulp looks yummy.

Alka said...

hey pooja ,this looks really good
And btw ,do u have any objections if i send my entry for Tricolour theme(nariayal mithai)to some other event too?if u permit i can re-edit the post and send it for another event too
bye dear

notyet100 said...


Subhash said...


I have a very good suggestion for the storing. Take the portions required for a single meal/serving and use double zipper ziploc bags. This way you might have many bags in the freezer.
Just take out a bag the day u want to consume and leave it to rest outside or simply shift the bag to the refrigerator a night before, it will come to normal temp.

Thawing frozen food and then putting back the container in freezer is not recommended.

Abhijit from Miraj said...

thats reminds me of my village. we have lots of mango trees and each tree with different taste.

I miss the childhood days and india and ofcourse the mangoes.

Paavan said...


Thank You Very Much for sharing this helpful informative article here.

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