Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy 61st Independence day to my Indian Buddies...

Have a very Happy 61st Independence day to all my Indian buddies .

Take some time to respect the nation and culture we belongs to. From the bottom of my heart I salute those who took steps to bring freedom to India and helped it to preserve the rich culture we belongs to.

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Here are some more entry for Theme - Independence day.

Bhindi Do pyaaza is the a dish name which you may find in some Indian restaurants serving Punjabi food. Although , one of my Punjabi friend thinks that they don't make it at all :D . Well there are many confusions about Punjabi food we find in restaurant menu and the things they really eat in Punjab.
I dont know if its really "punjabi" dish or not, what I know is I just love the combo of Bhindi with Onion . And One such day I made it using my own Imagination with the ingredients I like. I used white onion to make this so that it can go prefect with the theme- Independence day . Here is how I make it .
Ingredients :
2 medioum sized onion
1 pound Okra (Bhindi) - the tender the better .
2 tsp oil,
1 tsp mustard seeds ,
1 tsp cumin seeds,
a pinch of asafoetida,
pinch of turmeric ,
1/2 tsp of red chilli powder.

salt to taste
Method :
Wash the okra , and cut in to 1 inch or little bigger size .
Cut the onion into long slices , not too thin.

Next in a pan heat the oil , add mustard seeds and cumin seeds, when they start spulttering add asafoetida powder and little bit of turmeric powder to it and then immediately add cut okra to it.
The purpose of adding turmeric powder to it first is to preserve the green color of okra, cooking it without adding turmeric powder will give dull green color to okra when you cook it. so rather than adding it after okra is cooked add it first.

cook okra on medium heat, and when it is half cooked (i.e - not sticky) add sliced onion to it. Mix it well and cookt it together on medium heat . cover it with lid, stir occasionally and cook till okra is fully cooked, by that time onion will be tender but not fully cooked. Giving very nice aroma of its cooking. add some red chilli powder n salt to it. Mix it together cook for one more minute and remove from heat serve hot.
Makes a wonderful and quick curry to enjoy any day.

Some more entry from me for this theme-

~A full fledge Indian thali~
Okra with Potato curry, Green peas pickle , Gujarati Kadhi with a pinch of turmeric added to it. With Gajar ka Halwa(carrot halwa), Phulka roti, Papad and beat root and white radish salad on side.
I made this dish without any idea for this event, later on find that it has all 3 colors suitable to event so just clicked it n thought to post it for the theme - I Day.
Also its very rare when I make such full fledge Dish for meal now a days :D .

Carrot and coriander Uttapam -another entry for I day.

P.S.- As my sister is visiting us (yet another excuse for lazy me :D ) , I am busy roaming around with them (and having a  wonderful time together with them and niece too :) ) .
It may take some time for me to post the round up.
If you have anything yet left to send for the theme- Independence day
you can send it by the end of 15th August 2008 . But no late than that.Please follow the rules carefully when you send it .


Cham said...

Happy Independence day Pooja! All ur dishes re colorful. Have a fun with ur niece!

Sonu said...

Happy Independence Day to you too...! wow...shu saras thali pirsi chhe...:)
Have a wonderful time with ur sis.
Jai Hind.

Mythreyee said...

That is one mouth watering utappam.

Ramya Bala said...

Hey pooja,
Happy independence day!,but I am really sorry,its our 62nd independence day and u can see it here

I thought i was only wrong as everywhere in the blog it is written as 61st...Chk it out dear

Suma Rajesh said...

happy independence r mouthnwatering and yummy

Yasmeen said...

Happy Indenpendence Day Pooja :)
your recipes very colorful and healthy.

Dershana said...

Happy Independence day to you pooja. a little something for you at my blog.

Kitchen Flavours said...

There is a suprise for you in my blog. Click here to know what the suprise is,

Curry Leaf said...

Hi Pooja,
Plese pick up an award from my site

Dershana said...

hey pooja, din't check out my surprise for you?

Meera said...

Hi Pooja,
Long time no news!! Hope you are doing great!

Gattina said...

what the great entries to I Day, Uttapam... wow! Got to try! Thanks with hugs!
Have a great time with your sister :D

Shillu said...

Hi Happy Ganesh Chaturdhi to you & your family.

Padma said...

I am still waiting for your ID event round-up... can't fins it on your site yet.... send me the link if I am missing your post on that...

Sia said...

where r u girl?????

Vani said...

Hey Poo! Not seen you around in a long time! Hope you are doing well!


Hi there

Nothing new ?

Cham said...

Hi Pooja,
What happened? Where r u?
Take care,

Yasmeen said...

kahan hai aap?

Quality Tale said...

मराठी साहित्याच्या या उपक्रमास माझ्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!
ही दिवाळी आपणास व आपल्या कुटुंबियांना सुख समाधानाची आणि भरभराटिची जावो!

दिवाळी निमित्य हार्दिक-हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!


अनिरुद्ध देवधर

Daily Meals said...

Happy Diwali Pooja!

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