Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vegetable of the Week is -

Bottle Gourd.
Sadly no one guessed it correct and here I am to announce it.
Call it Dudhi(in Gujarati ) , dudhi bhopla(in Marathi ) , lauki( in Hindi) Sorakaya( in Telugu??? ) , or simply bottle gourd .
This light to digest veggie has many benefits to consume it . I am going to try making something this month which might help the haters of it to convert into its lover .

And if you already like/love it , then come on share your authentic / creative dishes with it.
If you hate it stay tuned to this blog and many others, coz if you really want to start eating it in a spicy/tasty dishes , there is something in store for you :D.

Cook anything vegetarian with Bottle gourd and keep on sharing . For rules to participate check Here. The last date to send entries is July 15,2008. Please do check the rules before you send your entries.

( P.S. - You can get regular updates of new posts of My creative Ideas, by adding your email to top left sidebar . Tastes of India is sometimes not showing up the new post of this blog , the last post of this blog is still not showing up there :( , so stay tuned and keep rocking. )


Revathi said...

I am cooking already....

Alka said...

Hey pooja count me in for sure...i already had a drafted recipe that fits the bill....
cya soon...

Sia said...

i love sorekai (in kannada) and already have 2 recipes in my draft. so stay tuned girl:)

Asha said...

Oh, couldn't guess!! Great choice, unfortunately don't have time, I have 2 posts to ready at Aroma and then will close the shop for a while!:)
Enjoy, will check in the round up.
I do have a whole post about Bottle Gourd at FH with 4-5 recipes.I could send it to you after linking but can't repost though, too big!:)

Meera said...

Great choice. Inspired by Asha, I planted bottle gourds this year!! I got loads of flowers. Let's see if I get any gourd.

Cham said...

Great choice of sorekai in tamil too :)

Asha said...

Hey Pooja, I got one dish with bottle gourd for you. I will post next week at FH!:))

KALVA said...

Yeah its telugu

FoodieFriend said...

Check out my entry for Bottle gourd recipes!

rekhas kitchen said...

I have posted my entry can you please check it out

rekhas kitchen said...

I have posted my entry can you please check it out that is SORAKAYA MASALA

Pooja said...

Revathi ,
And I am waiting to see what you are cooking :D.
thats great . i am all eager to see another winning recipe from you :) .

Sia ,
You bet , I am tuned in to your blog more than ever now :D.

Participation is for sun, do it only if you can easily . I know how much you care for me even without your recipe being a part of VoW :) . Hugs.

Don't wait till they became mature in your garden ha ha ha... cook something and send it across, can't wait to see your creation.

that is so sweet of you dear. I was really wondering what Tamil ppl call it. didn't had the thought that i can ask my sis in law directly :D .
So what you are cooking with Sorekai ???

Thank you buddy :) .

This is not the way I accept are supposed to write an email with all the details about your entry . check out the rules here. Second thing , the picture in your recipe is stolen from . so that is a complete No . This event is to share your original recipe with others, no place for stolen work . Please remove those images on your blog which are stolen from other blogs.

There is no URL to entry or other details provided in the email you sent. Follow the rules to send you entry properly.And do let me know if you are not able to understand any rule mentioned there to be a part of Vegetable of the Week.

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

hi pooja , though my son does not like it much as other children of their age, but its good contest..a bottle gourd recipe is worth keeping.

Bhawana said...

Hi Pooja,

a surprise awaits you in my blog.


Anisheetu said...

Hi pooja got something on my blog Award page plz collect it...

Pooja said...

the following is from Prathibha of , she had some trouble posting here .

Hi Pooja, Ever since Ramdev Baba has made bottlegourd the most important veggie for our health, my interest in this veggie has definitely escalated. In fact, it is now in my veggie box everyday. Will contribute a dish, Cheers.
-Pratibha ( ,http:// )

Degchi said...

Hi Pooja,
I must compliment you for organizing such contests.I have posted my entry.I am new to blogging but not new to cooking.Keep looking at my blog for new recipes.

purvasdaawat said...

hi pooja,

got to know about this event and really excited to participate. Will be posting my entry soon

Amitesh said...

just looked at this blog. luckily i am also cooking Bottle gourd :)

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