Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Arusuvai has arrived - Thank you Meera :) .

Meera - A very enthusiastic and highly managed cook of Enjoy Indian food choose me to extend her Arusuvai friendship chain .

The Arusuvai friendship chain is brianchild of
Latha and Lakshmi of the Yum blog. This is the friendship chain where you send your surprise ingredient to two or more of your blogger buddies. The friends use the surprise ingredient in their cooking and blog about it. This chain was quite popular in India. and now Latha of Masala Magic started the chain in USA. Thanks to all for this wonderful concept. Thank you Latha & Latha and lakshmi for your wonderful thought :)

Meera sent me 3 secret ingredients and if know me you must be knowing how am I in guessing game :D .
Well not only "Secret Ingredients" she send along with that a lovely card , a big bar of dark chocolate(which I managed to finish withing half hour of arrival ;) ). Even the Green placemate you see in this picture is also her gift for me.
So many things :p .... I was happy as a little child who received many gifts on her birthday :z .

When I got it I smelled that red powder as many times until I started sneezing with the strong flavor of that. And after that too , I was not correct in guessing it :x. Well I didn't expected that too , coz now I have learnt to accept my guessing power limitations :O .

Any guesses you have for what this can be (click on image to see larger view) ? I know the first one is what real challenge is , other 2 are little simpler compared to that. Doesn't matter even if you guess only one of them correct , you are still better than me coz I guessed all of them incorrect :O .

So ladies keep on guessing and I will be back soon with these spices - with some ongoing event's cooking and some bitter gourds too :) .Have a good day ahead, see you all soon.


Medhaa said...

Looks like Paprika, Kalonji and poppey seeds.. I am just guessing them keeping the colors in mind.

SamCollins said...

Looks like Kashmiri Degi Mirch, black til and semolina. Although need to smell to be accurate.

Cham said...

The red one , red chilis, garlic, mix?? or pickle mix?
Kalonji seeds.
Last one would be dry ginger powder, or chai masala?

ranji said...

kashmiri chilli pdr,black sesamme seed and amchur??

Madhavi said...

Hi Pooja,
First one - South indian Red podi or spicy sesame powder
Second - Black Sesame Seeds
Last - White Pepper Powder

Nags said...

this is so nice. lovely pic of the powders :)

Dee said...

well, I dont even want to go close to guessing them, but im all eager to look at the recipes with the spices!

bhagyashri said...

Hi Pooja,
The first one actually looks like Pav Bhaji Masala to me :) the one I have with me looks exactly like this.
The sescond could be either black til or kalonji and the third one could be pepper powder

Meera said...

Having fun!!:-)

AnuZi said...

Hi Pooja,

First one looks like sambhar powder.
Second one is kalonji and the third one looks like rava. I could be totally wrong but I thought Id try a guess

Gattina said...

My guess, from the left: paprika, black sesame, the last one... white pepper or white sesame powder?
What I know for sure, you will whip up something super-wonderful with these ingredients :)

Sia said...

why dont u send them for close inspection and i will tell u what they r ;)

Pooja said...

Carry on girls... no one has guess it correct yet
@ Meera I have many companions now ;) , who guessed it incorrect and some who are guessing exactly as me :))

Keep it going you all , I will be back with answers soon .

Vani said...

You know how good(!) I'm with guessing so you know all three will be wrong too! :) Chutney powder, kalonji and sesame powder?

Vani said...

Hi Poo! The Pav Bhaji masala was awesome!! We thoroughly enjoyed the Pav BHaji! I managed to even post in over the weekend. Take a look when u get a chance! Thanks, again!

Sandeepa said...

Ok you cook and the I shall guess :)

Cynthia said...

I am so excited to read about the reveal and see what you make with the spices.

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