Thursday, April 10, 2008

Arusuvai -Mystery revealed.....

Taaaa daaaa………

Mystery revealed ….

Na na … not this soon ….

Let me say first that just like me many of you guessed the same. And needless to say that you were wrong :O . Just like I was . Thank you all , you make me feel better that I am not the only person weak in this guessing games :D.

Here are the answers for Secret Ingredients . They are Dabeli Masala , Takamaria seeds(Sabja seeds) and Meera’s Homemade Indian tea masala.

Now somehow for me it happened to be the first time with all these ingredients… and I never tried or even saw any of these before . But the red masala seemed very much like pau bhaji masala to me. And I guessed all these as Paubhaji masala , Kalonji and Dry ginger powder . As I tried smelling it many times(each time a little nearer that earlier :D ) , I got my nose red and lost my sense of smelling for a day almost following sneezing every half an hour(well, you have all rights to think this as my excuse for guessing it wrong :D ). Well that proved the masala is really something very good and strong. I wrote to Meera with my guessing : ( and to reveal this mystery soon , as I didn’t wanted it to be my nightmare :O (In that case it surely might be the same for hubby too , as I don’t let anyone around me sleep when I am sleepless :D ) . Meera responded quickly and I felt relived. Aaahhhh…. Then only I could enjoy the joy of getting these many nice goodies from her.

Here is my Spiced up Indian tea As arusuvai Part –I , I really don’t know how many parts it will take to try different recipes to make with this lovely spices , but I am sure you will enjoy it :) .


To make 1 cup Indian Chai Take half cup of water in a tea pan ( tea pan is a - special copper bottomed steel pan with cervical handle to make tea specially or you don’t have any other little deep steel vessel ) . When its little hot add suger upto your taste and one spoon of Indian tea ( I use brooke bond red label chai . It normally don’t get much dark color but tastes too good. ) . let the water boil till it gets the nice color of tea and then add half cup ( or your desired quantity of ) of milk to it. Let it boil and when it start boiling slow down the heat add 1/8 tsp of Chai Masala ( and enjoy the fragrance :p ) and after a while turn of the heat , strain tea into a mug and enjoy hot :) . It’s a boon in winter mornings, specially on weekends, take this hot tea in mug , relax a bit and enjoy it with cookies reading newspaper and forget the worries of life and allow yourself to lost in its divine taste :) .

Meera sent me everything ,
spicy masala for cooking ,
something for summer drink
and chai masala for winter mornings :).Thank you dear Meera :)

I have little different idea to use Dabeli masala with, for that still I got to get something from store to try it with . By the time I get that I thought to post this Spiced Indian Chai (Masalawali Bharatiy Chai ) with Meera’s home made tea masala. I am not a regular tea taker, but you surely made me one Meera.

Also if you have any idea to use Takamaria seeds to let me know the recipe to use it , As I have it in fairly good amount and all I know is only how to use it in falooda . Poor me :( . I think hubby gonna have summer earlier this year otherwise: D .

I am extending this Arusuvai friendship chain by passing on some "Secret Ingredietns " to
Vani of Mysoorean and Indira Of Mahanandi .
Vani is a very active young mommy , and she already posted about this .
As the parcel to Indira is on her way still , be ready to check more on Mahanandi in coming days :) .

(P.S. – One of our close relative is visiting India right now, and Mom was asking me if I want some homemade tea masala . As I told Mom that one of my blog friend have sent this, she was happily surprised to hear this . Now when asking for other things she asks me playfully that “ if any of your blog friends has not sent XYZ , do you want it from India ??? “ )


Happy cook said...

I loved your moms commend about xyz....
I think i would have also been wrong in getting the spices correct

Meera said...

That was a fun read, Pooja! Glad you liked everything. Tea masala is homemade but not by me, but my mom-in-law. That's pretty strong, isn't it?:-)

Make yummy daabeli/double roti and invite me over. :-)

I too know only to make Falooda with falooda seeds. but also knew someone who used to soak takmaria every night and drink it every morning mixed with cold milk. supposed to be good for health in hot summer days. I sometimes mix the soaked takmaria with rooh afza milk (pink milk!) without the other falooda ingredients...It is also called subja seeds. someone told me it's seeds of tulsi. so i even planted them last year!! but it was a fiasco!! nothing came up!!:-)

Kalai said...

Wow! What an awesome set of ingredients Meera's sent you! Masala chai is always comforting, especially in the cold months. And your mom's comment was just too funny, Pooja! :)

musical said...

Lovely set of ingredients from Meera! Who doesn't love masala chai :). And your Mom is so sweet, totally love her comment :).

Looking forward to your posts with other special ingredients.

SMN said...

It was a fun read Pooja, and lovely gift from meera.. Pooja im not tea drinker so dont know the test but willl try it on my hubby

Saswati said...

pooja i love masala chai...and your cuppa looks inviting:)

Sia said...

i wouldn't have guessed it in 100 yrs ;) he he he... and ur mom's comment made me smile :)

AnuZi said...

lol your mom is sooo funny! and man that did not look like chai masala. did you trick us?? ;o)

Vani said...

I love dabeli! Never knew the name of the seeds before. Lovely surprise ingredients all. Nice post, Poo!

Siri said...

Those were some interesting secret ingredients Pooja. and Guess what, I am having a glass of hot, simmering masala chai (Tetley) while I am enjoing ur post!.. hehehe..:D


Dee said...

Hey Pooja!! love the picture. Lucky you, for having the homemade chai masala!!! I hate the store bought one's with a passion.

Pooja said...

My mom is really a very intelligent lady. I bet if I might have ben with her ,she might even recognize these spices too soon.

Takmariya - tulsi na maanjar chhe ? As a child I eat that many times , I think its different than that. Ke pachhi mare takmariya taste karva padse : )) .
Dabelo to hu banavish pan sathe sathe e masala ne kyak bije pan use karva vichar chhe . Just give me some time.

You ate correct. I slowly turning to be a great fan of tea now :D. I used to have it a lot in my college days. Almost 2 times a day at tapriwala chai ka place :D, then I left since a while now Meera turned me into a tea lover again.

Smn, trying it on hubby first - that’s all we food bloggers do first :D. to keep risk little far from us ha ha ha…

I just love that orange color init : ) . If you love it too, you are invited to tea party at my place : ).

Believe me , it was going ot be a nightmare for me , if meera didn’t choose to answer the same day :D.

There is no trick in that pic. This is what she sent me. If it was so obvious I might have guessed it correct :D .

I knew the name but never had seen those seeds before. Thinking to post Dabeli but unable to find pomegranate to make it perfect.

You too a tea lover : ) .

Dee ,
Yeah , I really feel lucky to have her sent me that. I never tried store bought though .

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